Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Invitation

Chapter 245: Invitation
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I cant believe it Youre already a professor, said Molina as she stared at Lu Zhou for a long time.

It had been a long time since the report, but this was her first time seeing him because Lu Zhou was too busy.

Molina paused for a second before she asked, When do you plan on moving out?

Lu Zhou said, Maybe around this time period. I heard its not too expensive to rent a one-bedroom place around here. But I dont like moving, its too much of a hassle. Ill wait till I go back to China, and move all my stuff at once.

Lu Zhou was going back to Jin Ling in a month.

Although he had not received the confirmation call from the University of Jin Ling, he guessed that the call would come in a few days.

Also, even if the University of Jin Ling did not call him, he still had to return to his hometown and visit his little sister, who was about to take the college entrance exam.

After all, this exam determined her future.

Although he could not help her with liberal arts subjects, he could still cheer her on.

Not only did Princeton Institute for Advanced Study gave Lu Zhou a fat salary, but they also gave him a bright office.

Lu Zhou was organizing his office when he suddenly realized something.

What a minute, arent these things done by students?

Im a boss now. Its embarrassing to clean my office myself.

Lu Zhou suddenly remembered that he was a one-man army.

Although Princeton officially hired him as a full professor, it was currently May, the time period between the spring enrollment and fall enrollment.

Which meant that he had to wait two months before he could review students CV, and to decide on interviews.

Maybe he could ask Edward Witten and borrow Luo Wenxuan?

Thats not good.

Lu Zhou smiled embarrassedly.

Then, he called Edward Witten and quickly got the OK.

Soon after, Luo Wenxuan appeared in his doorway while panting.

However, when he heard that Lu Zhou only needed him to clean up the office instead of doing research, he was dumbfounded.

Wait a minute, you asked me to come here to clean up your office?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Ill buy you food later I really cant finish cleaning this up.

Bro, please. Just let me gloat as a professor for a bit.

Once isnt enough, youre buying me two meals! shouted Luo Wenxuan. He then went to pick up the broom.

Lu Zhou placed the textbooks on the table and smiled, Sure, three meals are fine too.

The two worked together, and Lu Zhou doubled his efficiency.

Lu Zhou did not want to admit it, but Luo Wenxuans cleaning speed was much faster. Lu Zhou remembered that Luo Wenxuan was heavily involved in club activities, so it was not unusual for him to help out around the clubs.

Speaking of which, Lu Zhou had not done any physical activities in a while. The last time he exercised was back at the University of Jin Ling with Brother Fei.

Luo Wenxuan suddenly spoke.

Washington Times? What is this?

When Luo Wenxuan picked up the piece of newspaper, he frowned.

He flipped to the first page and was stunned.
Lu Zhou noticed Luo Wenxuan, and he could not help but ask, Whats that?

Nothing, Korean media. Dont pay attention to it. Its just trying to frame you, said Luo Wenxuan casually. He threw it in the trash but Lu Zhou picked it up out of curiosity.

When Lu Zhou read the title, he was stunned.

[The Neglected Group Of Nigerian Mathematics Professors]

The article told Professor Enochs story on Riemanns conjecture, and how he published his thesis onto arXiv but received no results.

At last, Enoch wrote to Clay Institute.

However, the Clay Institute did not respond.

According to Professor Enoch, he did not solve the conjecture for the money, but that he solved it for his own students. This was because his students believed in him, and therefore, he tried to solve this mathematics problem. The money would be used for education.

Lu Zhou kept reading, and he felt something was wrong.

In the article, the interview of Professor Enoch was posted.

[Professor Enoch: Any prime number is under the prime distribution of the Riemann function. You might not know what Im talking about, but I can tell you its like Usain Bolt. It doesnt lose.

Larter: Which is saying you can easily use your method to solve Goldbachs conjecture.

Professor Enoch: Yes, youre right.

Larter: If the Clay Institute didnt ignore your work, based on your prime distribution function, how long will it take you to prove Goldbachs conjecture?

Professor Enoch: Actually I already proved it last year. If I recall correctly, it only took me three hours. Proving Polignacs conjecture, Goldbachs conjecture, twin prime conjecture Theyre nothing special, even my students can do it.

Larter: I think youve been treated unfairly.

Professor Enoch: Yeah, Im very angry.


Lu Zhou nearly laughed out loud.

Western journalism was a joke. Daily Mail fell into the pit of Nigeria, and now, Washington Times jumped in as well.

Honestly speaking, this Nigerian professor might not even know the difference between the Riemann function and the Dirichlet function.

However, this did not concern Lu Zhou.

It did not affect him at all.

Suddenly, he noticed that there was a piece of letter attached to the newspaper.

[Dear Lu Zhou, I am an editor for the Washington Times, Keane Larter. The day after tomorrow at 3 pm, there will be a report at the Princeton Hotel. The speaker is Professor Enoch from the University of Ekiti. The report is on the proof of Goldbachs conjecture, using a method based on Riemanns conjecture. Of course, I know that you are a Cole Prize winner, you must disdain to have to listen to a third world country speaker, just like how the American academic community is.

[However, I can testify that Professor Enoch solved the Goldbachs conjecture in just three hours by using his prime distribution system established in Riemanns conjecture. If he does this, then there is no doubt that he is the one that proved Goldbachs conjecture, not you.]

[Of course, in order to be fair, we have arranged one hour for you to speak in the report. You can defend your thesis during this time.]

[Its worth mentioning that there will be a total of 21 legal representatives from the Black Rights Organization and the Anti-Racism Alliance. At the same time, we invited reporters from the New York Times and Philadelphia Daily to report on this news.]

Lu Zhou threw the trash newspaper in the garbage can. However, he kept the letter.

Luo Wenxuan noticed Lu Zhous movements and said, Honestly, this is a waste of time. The person obviously doesnt know the difference between the Riemann function and the Dirichlet function. Your time would be better spent on preparing for your first lecture.

The Americans used the E8 system to unify the four interactions. Garrett Lisi had been adamant about this theory for many years. Frank Wilczek, a notorious gambler, challenged his theory.

Why shouldnt I go? They already sent the invitation, said Lu Zhou as he laughed coldly. He then added, As a Chinese person, Ill not stand this ignorance and insult.

Luo Wenxuan, Insult?

Yes, the outstanding contributions from Hua Luogeng, Wang Yuan, and many others on the Goldbachs conjecture can be said to be one of the most brilliant mathematics collaboration in the world. I will not allow this type of slander.

Lu Zhou shrugged and said, Actually, Im going to China soon, so it doesnt concern me. But look at what that Nigerian professor said. It only took him three hours to solve a century-long problem.

People that insult respectable people are absolute trash.