Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 253

Chapter 253 Logical Handsomeness

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Within three minutes of the Weibo post, the comment section was flooded.


[Crafoord Prize, the legendary mini Nobel Prize! It’s issued by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and mainly awarded to subjects not covered by the Nobel Prize. Not a single Chinese scholar has ever received this award before Pray to God Lu.]

[I’m still doing my mathematical analysis assignment, I want to cry.]

[God Lu! Are you still doing a giveaway? Can you help with my thesis? Can I write your name as a co-author for my PhD thesis? Please!]

[The person that said Lu Zhou wasn’t humble bragging Come out! I’ll knock you out!]

[The saddest thing is that I’m your age and I’m still in my undergrad.]

Lu Zhou looked at his fans’ comments and smiled.

As expected, sharing the joy with other people was a wonderful thing.

Lu Zhou was satisfied. He placed his phone on the bedside table and buried his head in the pillow.

The next morning, flags of Sweden, China, the United States, and New Zealand were fluttering on the doorsteps of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

A long queue had already formed two hours before the report began. The moment the door to the venue was opened, the auditorium was packed with thousands of people in less than ten minutes.

Lu Zhou, who was in a suit, was the first to get on the stage. He started a one-hour report of his Goldbach’s conjecture proof.

The content of the report was similar to what he did in Princeton. The only difference was that the number of viewers was on another level.

After all, Lecture Hall 1 of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study was no comparison to the auditorium that could be filled by thousands of people.

Lu Zhou scanned the venue. Not only were there thousands of people sitting here, but many were standing in the first row.

He cleared his throat and grabbed the microphone before he said, “I will try to keep this short and leave more time for the Q&A session.”

“With regards to Goldbach’s conjecture, I have to start from the Group Structure Method”

After the reports and academic exchanges, the third day of the report came to an end. The final part of the Crafoord Prize celebration ceremony came to an end.

However, Lu Zhou’s participation in this report was not high.

Other than his own presentation and two mathematics reports, he listened to two astronomy and astrophysics reports.

Lu Zhou was not knowledgeable in astronomy at all. He could only understand the theoretical physics parts.

However, Professor Roger Branford, the winner of the astronomy award, also knew that his research field was esoteric. He elaborated his ideas in a plain and simple language for the audience to understand.

Lu Zhou spent the rest of the time visiting various tourist attractions in Stockholm.

He had hardly rested over the past six months. Now that he finally had a vacation, it would be a waste not to use it.

Not to mention, with the free five-star hotel to stay in, his trip to Stockholm was almost perfect.

Three days after the report conference, the organizer would choose the Best Report Award and Best Thesis Award.

Without a question, the report on Goldbach’s conjecture was the most eye-catching and most prominent.

However, this type of award would not be given to Lu Zhou and nor would it be given to other invited scholars.

After all, other people should be given a chance.

Therefore, when Lu Zhou stood on stage, it was not to receive a prize.

Lu Zhou held a certificate and a $100,000 krona (around $10,000 USD) check. He then handed them over to a mathematician from Brazil in recognition of his outstanding report on the Shevale Single.

Although Lu Zhou felt like this scholar was not much older than him, Lu Zhou felt weird giving him this honor. He then remembered that all mathematicians under the age of 40 were classified as young mathematicians, so he ignored this weird situation.

Not to mention that the award winner did not care about this at all.

The young Brazilian was not dissatisfied to receive an award from a guy younger than him. He shook Lu Zhou’s hands with excitement and only released it after a long time.

Time of joy was always short.

The report conference ended on the fourth day of Lu Zhou’s trip, and it was time to say goodbye to this beautiful city.

At night, Academician Staffan personally drove him to Stockholm Airport.

“You still have your room for two more days. Don’t you want to stay for a bit longer?”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Maybe next time. I still have people waiting for me in my home country.”

Staffan smiled and said, “If you come back next time, make sure to give me a call.”

Lu Zhou: “”

Lu Zhou carried his luggage into the airport and looked at his flight information. There was still another hour until the plane takes off, so he found a place to sit down.

Sitting across from him was a Chinese woman in her thirties, and she was holding a squealing child.

The little kid in her arms looked around and suddenly made eye contact with Lu Zhou.

“Mom, this guy looks like the guy on the book!”

This child is cute.

Lu Zhou smiled and reached into his backpack. He then pulled out a piece of gold coin made from chocolate.

The chocolate gold coins at the Nobel Prize dinner were used by the physicists as “chips” for bets.

The Crafoord Prize was similar to the Nobel Prize, and there were also gold coins available. The packaging was different but Lu Zhou could not tell a difference in taste.

He did not immediately give the chocolate away.

The mother patted the back of the little girl and said, “He’s a lot older, so call him uncle!”

The little girl tilted her head, “Uncle?”

“Nice, good girl!”

Lu Zhou’s smile gradually faded, and he stuffed the chocolate back into his bag.

F*ck sake!

I’m not giving it anymore!

However, the child’s unintentional words caught his intention.

After the mother left, Lu Zhou walked up and picked up a magazine from the shop nearby.

He did not expect to see his photo on the cover. It was a good photo.

The photo seemed to be taken at the report However, he did not remember when he took the photo.


Lu Zhou was interested. He then flipped through the magazine.

Wiles was also in mathematics before. Although this magazine had little to do with mathematics, he was curious about how the public saw him.

When Lu Zhou read the lines of words, he suddenly smiled.

This is too

[25 most attractive people of 2016]

Among the 25 people, there were athletes, singers, doctors, policemen, and even princesses There was only one professor, which was him.

He knew that the public thought he was handsome!

Otherwise, why would he be on the cover and not someone else!

Without a doubt, this was logical!