Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 267

Chapter 267 Invitation

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After choosing Mission 2, Lu Zhou exited the system space and regained his consciousness.

He stood up from his desk and was about to make himself a cup of coffee when he heard Xiao Tong screaming from the living room.

Bro! Youre on TV!


Lu Zhou walked to the TV and looked at the screen.

The screen was showing Lu Zhou receiving the Crafoord Prize medal from the King of Sweden. The narration was his personal summary.

Then the screen changed to a university laboratory.

Professor Kerr, who was interviewed by a Colombian reporter, spoke in an excited tone.

In half a year, maybe a year, youll be able to use your phone for a week straight. In a few years, youll be able to drive a Tesla car thousands of miles Trust me, Im definitely a lot more reliable than the media.

The interview continued.

Two minutes passed before the channel went onto the next piece of news.

When Lu Zhou turned around, he saw his sister staring at him with shining eyes.


Xiao Tong asked excitedly, Bro! What is the patent about?

Oh, youre pretty smart.

So you know what a patent is?

Lu Zhou looked at his sister and said, Its related to lithium batteries, materials science. You wont understand the specifics.

Patent? Xiao Tongs eyes lit up as she said, Is it worth a lot?

Greedy girl!

All you think about is money when knowledge is real wealth!

Lu Zhou shook his head and smiled.

Honestly speaking, he did not know how much the patent was worth.

However, since the patent was the key to the technology, it should be worth a lot.

Do you want to know?

Xiao Tong nodded and said, Yes!

Go read some books if you want to know. In the future, you can manage my finances and youll know how much its worth.

Ill give you a nice salary.

Lu Zhou laughed as Xiao Tong protested. He then turned around and walked to his computer desk.

Humblebragging is addictive.

Originally Lu Zhou thought that one thesis would not change his life that much.

When he proved Goldbachs conjecture and won the Crafoord Prize, even though the media continuously reported his name, his personal life did not experience much change. At least there was no one shaking his hand in public.

This was also why Lu Zhou did not reject media interviews.

However, this thesis in Nature was different.

The general public did not even know the difference between lithium batteries and lithium ion batteries. Therefore, this thesis was not as sensational as the Goldbachs conjecture. Still, for the entire battery industry, this thesis had produced a crazy sensational effect

Although no one asked for his signature on the street, his phone was ringing non-stop.

Hello, Professor Lu Zhou. We are Jermason Nano Materials Co from Silicon Valley. Were very interested in the modified PDMS film technology you published in Nature Chemistry. Are you interested in collaborating with our laboratory?

Another collaboration offer

Lu Zhou was annoyed.

Sorry, Im busy. I still have to give tasks to my students. If its something important, try to say it a little more clearly. If not, Ill hang up.

When the other side heard that Lu Zhou was being impatient, they started to talk quickly.

The thing is that we have an R&D agreement with Umicore on electrode materials. If you want to sell your parents, you can get a higher price through our R&D agreement.

Lu Zhou hung up the phone and threw it on the sofa. He then walked to his kitchen and took out two eggs.

Since Nature and Science placed highlights on his thesis, this was the 16th call he received.

Honestly, if the industry recognized this technology, Lu Zhou was willing to license it to a reliable company for production and to receive a certain return from it.

After all, he could not do the production himself. Laboratory experiments and industrial production were two completely different things. Even if the patent could give him a certain cost advantage, Lu Zhou knew that his inexperience in raw material channels, product development, product marketing, and etc was unsolvable.

He would rather spend his time doing something else.

The best choice was to license the patent to a reputable company and then charge them a patent fee.

However, he could consider registering an offshore company in a place like the Caymans and hired some experts to manage his patent.

He should forget about factory production.

What bothered Lu Zhou the most was that most of the phone calls were from MIT XX Materials Science Lab, or Silicon Valley Materials Science Research, and most of them wanted to discuss patent cooperation.

Yet, when he asked about the contents of the cooperation, most of them wanted to be a middle man on his patent.

Lu Zhou was not dumb. He knew that the patent rights was in his hands.

He knew the value of his patent. When the time arrived, he would negotiate with an enterprise directly. He did not have to bother dealing with a laboratory.

Xiao Tong rubbed her eyes and walked out of the bedroom in her pajamas. She asked while yawning, Bro, who were you calling?

Nothing, insurance seller.

Lu Zhou made two bacon and egg sandwiches. He placed them on the table and poured Xiao Tong a glass of milk.

Xiao Tong sat down on the dining table, She tilted her head and said, But I heard the word patent.

This kid, youre not even fully awake yet, how did you hear that?

Lu Zhou:

Xiao Tong proposed, If you cant decide, why dont you ask Sister Shan Shan? Shes an MBA student at the University of Pennsylvania, this thing should be easy for her.

Lu Zhou looked at Xiao Tong and asked, How do you know about her major?

He remembered that he had never told Xiao Tong what Chen Yushan studied.

Xiao Tong rolled her eyes and said, I talk to her on WeChat. Didnt I tell you Im applying for a finance major? Sister Shan Shan even gave me some useful advice.

Lu Zhou, Ill ask her if its necessary.

Xiao Tong ate her delicious sandwich and sighed. She chewed and said, Thats why, a real man has to take lead, otherwise when the time comes Hey! What are you doing, it hurts!

Xiao Tong was knocked on the head. She looked up at Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou did not use any force at all, so he knew Xiao Tong was pretending.

What kind of pervert mind do you have?

Lu Zhou, who just made breakfast for Xiao Tong, left her alone and walked into the kitchen.

He took his sandwich and sat down at his computer desk. He would then routinely checked his email.

Coincidentally, there was one unread email in his inbox.

Lu Zhou guessed that it was probably from some random laboratory. He nearly deleted the email.

MRS meeting invitation

His eyebrows jumped, a look of interest appeared on his face.