Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Offshore Company

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In the past, Lu Zhou had had similar plans, but he never got to it.

Davids words gave him a reminder. The taxman would take at least $100 million USD from his $400 million USD income.

Lu Zhou would die if someone took $100 million USD for no reason.

The Cayman Islands was undoubtedly the perfect choice for this situation.

On the islands, there were only a few simple taxes such as import tax, industrial tax, and commercial registration tax. For companies registered on the islands, not only that the company officials did not have to pay business tax, but the islands would not even audit the companys accounts. Other than the yearly licensing fee, the company did not have to pay anything else.

There were many companies set up in the Cayman Islands; Microsoft, Google, BAT the big three. Even though the licensing fee was not high, this had become the main income for the government of the Cayman Islands.

According to David, New York had a special office that could handle the registration of an offshore company as well as handling the series of auditing services.

Lu Zhou could have a multinational company without ever having to step foot on that small Caribbean island.

After the MRS dinner party ended, Lu Zhou returned to his hotel room.

Can I outsource opening companies these days? Lu Zhou looked at the business card that David gave him. He took out his phone and dialed the number.

According to David, this AM company was famous in the materials science field. It mainly served major universities and tech companies. It also helped with offshore company registration and IP related services.

Basically, they could solve Lu Zhous problems perfectly.

The phone quickly connected, and a female voice traveled through the phone.

Hello sir, this is AM office. What business are you planning to do today?

Lu Zhou stated that he needed an offshore patent management company to cooperate with overseas companies on intellectual property rights and to make certain tax planning requests.

The lady instantly knew what Lu Zhou meant. After hearing that Lu Zhou was serious, her voice became serious.

Can I ask what is your expected business range? For example, is the yearly profit less or more than one million USD?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit.

Like more than $100 million USD.

The phone went silent for three seconds.


Lu Zhou, What?

Sorry, I didnt hear you properly, did you say

Lu Zhou, Like more than $100 million USD. Is there a problem?

There was a small commotion on the phone, followed by footsteps, and the sound of documents flipping.

Then the call was transferred to someone else.

Hello sir, Im Woolf Witt. Ill provide full consultation for you here. Please, may I ask whats your name?

This voice was obviously more enthusiastic.

Lu Zhou.

Okay, Mr. Lu Zhou, said Woolf as he quickly filled in the customer information form. He then said, Heres the deal. If you want to set up a patent management company with a large amount of money, even though the Cayman Islands does no personally audit corporate accounts, the banks will require you to provide a company business statement.

Lu Zhou frowned and asked, Is it complicated?

No, not complicated at all. We can offer you three options.

He started to explain the three options and Lu Zhou was starting to get a headache.

Sent the three options to my email and attach a price. Ill contact you myself. I dont want to talk about it on the phone.

Woolf quickly said, Okay sir, your email is

Lu Zhou gave him his email and hung up the call.

The company that David Shaw recommended was very efficient.

Except for the blabbering agent named Woolf, there was nothing to complain about.

Since their business was centered on intellectual property, their customer base was mainly universities and research institutes. After AM got Lu Zhous name, they quickly found his background information.

After Woolf found out that Lu Zhou was a big name, he instantly gave Lu Zhou his full attention. Woolf spent the entire night writing out the three options and sent them to Lu Zhous email.

When Lu Zhou woke up the next morning, he found the mail sitting in his inbox.

It was 12 pages in total. It had the three proposals and a quotation for the price of each proposal. In addition, it also had a model agency contract.

According to the solutions provided by AM, Lu Zhou only had to pay $500,000 USD in service fees to get a well-structured patent company. AM would also provide two years of legal support.

In America, as long as one had money, one could do anything.

Woolf considered all of the problems that Lu Zhou had not even thought of.

Lu Zhou did not hesitate, and he chose the least troublesome option three.

Since he still had not used his Crafoord Prize money, and that he had the Princeton salary money, he was more than able to afford the $500,000 USD.

Not to mention that he did not have to pay it all at once. He could pay the rest after the project was completed.

By that time, a couple hundred thousand would be nothing for him.

After AM received a $200,000 USD deposit, Woolf immediately set foot to Boston.

Although the contract did not have to be signed in person, Woolf wanted to show his sincerity to his customer. He brought the contract and his assistant along.

Lu Zhou saw Woolf outside the hotel. Woolf walked over and gave him a warm handshake.

You must be Lu Zhou, Im the agent responsible for your case This is my business card.

After shaking hands with Lu Zhou, Woolf continued to speak, If you havent eaten yet, we can chat while eating. I know a good cafe nearby. Their tuna sandwich is the best.

Lu Zhou took the business card and said, You come here often?

Woolf said, Of course, I have many customers in Boston. Ive been here over a dozen times.

After some small talk, the two didnt hang around the hotel for long. They found a quiet cafe nearby and began to talk about the specific details of the patent management company.

According to the contents of the contract

AM would help him set up the patent management company in two weeks.

Then Lu Zhou would pay the rest of the balance before January next year.

There was no room for sneaky moves in a contract like this, and a formal office would not want to hurt its credibility. Lu Zhou briefly went over the cooperation rules and signed the contract.

Woolf spoke in a professional manner.

Oh yeah, we noticed that your cooperation with the Belgium Umicore company is still in the stage of letter of intent. We must tell you that for a giant chemical company like this, they have a team of sneaky lawyers, so they might hide traps in the contact

Woolf cleared his throat and continued, In order to eliminate all dangers, I sincerely recommend you to choose our team of lawyers to help you with the signing of the contracts. Our lawyers are experts in intellectual property

Lu Zhou put down the pen and said, One thing after another, Jesus. Help me with the patent management company first, then we can talk about other stuff.

Woolf smiled confidently.

Rest assured sir, AMs business ability will definitely satisfy you. Whether it is legal or accounting services!