Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Christmas Eve

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The breakthrough of lithium batteries continued to impact the stock market.

The worlds largest producers of lithium materials were SQM in Chile, Albemarle in the United States, and Chemetter in Germany. These three companies had control over 80% of the worlds lithium salt.

The last trading day before Christmas, the second the bell rung, the three lithium mining giants received an amazing Christmas gift.

The shareholders of the three companies were overwhelmed by this sudden surprise. When the highlights from Nature and Science were released, there was no movement in the stock market. No one thought that one MRS conference could bring this result.

However, as the development of lithium-ion products fulfilled peoples expectations, the capital gains brought by technological breakthroughs had finally come to an end.

After all, once the primary industry felt the heat, there was no doubt that the secondary industry would begin to calm down.

Lu Zhou was not interested in the changes in Wall Street capital market. He did not pay attention to them at all.

Firstly, he had no knowledge in the finance market. Secondly, he did not have to worry about money for a while.

His financial freedom would allow him to purely dive into scientific research. He did not have to worry about funding, market value, and any life problems.

Honestly, Lu Zhou finally knew how David Shaw felt.

Although Wall Street gave him beautiful women and mansions, it did not give him any satisfaction.

Although the trillion dollar stock market was stimulating, this type of stimulation would only last for a few years. Eventually, the numbers would become meaningless, like a loveless marriage.

Especially for a parallel computing expert, the numbers had just become a digital game. David did not get any excitement from it.

However, science was different.

The joy that science brought was more than any money, woman, or car could bring.

Imagine that the whole world changed because of your research. You knew that the world was revolving around you.

Feeling empty?



The universe was like a Mobius ring. It would never end.

Science was the same.

The entire town of Princeton was filled with a Christmas festive atmosphere.

On the contrast, Princeton campus was deserted.

Winter vacation had begun two weeks before Christmas and it would last until the second week after Christmas.

Other than some international students, most mathematics students chose this time to go on a holiday or to go back to their home town.

Lu Zhou planned to have a Christmas housewarming party. However, none of his friends were available.

Luo Wenxuan and his new girlfriend went back to China. He was a hoes before bros type of guy.

David Lawrence returned to his hometown Boston for a vacation. The second Lu Zhou came back from Boston, David took a flight to Boston.

As for his old friend in Philadelphia, even though she wanted to come, she was too busy with school.

According to her, her supervisor had just received a large outsourcing project from a client. The project was about planning a cooperate organizational structure for a nine-figure company. The deadline for the project was the end of January.

Chen Yushans supervisor left a ton of work for her. Her excuse was that since Chen Yushan was not a Christian, she did not need a holiday.

While Chen Yushan was on the phone with Lu Zhou, she could not help but roll her eyes.

Lu Zhou expressed sympathy for Chen Yushan. However, her situation was beyond the scope of his abilities so he could only comfort her.

Three of Lu Zhous close friends could not come. He suddenly realized that there was no one else he could invite.

These three were the only friends he had that lived close to Princeton.

As for those old professors from the Institute for Advanced Study, although Lu Zhou was close to them, their age difference was too big.

Thankfully Lu Zhous three students decided to stay on campus, so Lu Zhou was not completely alone.

It was soon Christmas day.

The fireplace was burning with flames, and the streets were filled with snow.

Lu Zhou sat on the long dining table in front of the fireplace. He opened a bottle of champagne and slowly said to his three students.

Next year is a new year.

Hardy raised his hand and said, Professor, thats a useless statement. Thats like using an equivalence proof on the same thing.

Lu Zhou:

Shut up!

Lu Zhou ignored him and continued to recite his Christmas speech, he then expressed his vision for the new year.

From next year spring onwards, some newcomers will be enrolled. I hope that as experienced students, you will set a role model for them.

Vera nodded seriously, remembering the words of her professor.

Qin Yue was more rigid. He did not change his expression.

As always, Hardy was obnoxious and he said, Professor, dont worry about it, I will set an example!

Lu Zhou said, Especially Hardy. I hope you can keep up the progress and keep up with your schoolmates. Otherwise, I might forget your name when new students come.

Qin Yue nearly choked on the champagne and he quickly hid his laughter.

Hardy said with a painful face, Oh, Professor, please, not like this!

Laughter was heard around the living room. The atmosphere gradually became warmer.

Lu Zhou looked at his student and could not help but smile.

Then you have to try your best.

He was obviously joking. He would never forget the name of his own students.

Since they chose to hand their future to him, as long as they did not disappoint him, he would be responsible for them until the end.

However, if someone had made an academic misconduct, Lu Zhou would be disappointed with their character.

Lu Zhou raised his champagne glass, looked at the burning fire and said a final message to his students.

I wish you the best for the new year, I also wish our research project a success. Toast!

Hardy, Qin Yue, and Vera also raised their glasses, Toast!

The group continued to chat and drink.

Although the church bell rings were not heard, the laughter was filled with warmth.

Hardy, who was bragging about his alcohol tolerance, was defeated by Qin Yue in a few rounds.

Then after another few rounds, Qin Yue also passed out.

No one expected that in the hail research project team, Vera was the one that could handle her alcohol.

A row of empty bottles sat on the table. Veras white cheeks were only slightly blushing. No one knew where the alcohol in her body went.

Lu Zhou did not believe in the Slavics tolerance, but now as a mathematician, he did not even know what drink he was on.

Lu Zhou gazed at the dimly lit fireplace and started to think.

What if Santa suddenly climbs down that chimney?

Would he and his reindeers be burned to death?

Gradually, his consciousness drifted and slowly passed out.

Lu Zhou who had not been drunk in this foreign country for a long time finally collapsed