Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 297

Chapter 297 I Need Your Help

Chapter 297: I Need Your Help
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Lu Zhou rested at home until the fifteenth day. He then accompanied Xiao Tong back to school.

Several hours of journey later, the train finally arrived at Jinling station.

Lu Zhou got off the high-speed train. He originally planned on taking the subway to school, so he didnt expect Old Tang to call him.

Where are you now?

Lu Zhou: At the station. Im about to go on the subway, why?

Old Tang smiled and said, Dont bother, just come out.

Lu Zhou said, Dont tell me youre picking me up? The subway is so close, youre making me ashamed.

Haha, you feel ashamed? Old Tang smiled and said, Okay, no more goofing around. Go tell Academician Xu this, I dont have time to deal with your shamefulness.

When Lu Zhou heard him mentioned Academician Xu, he was a little surprised.

There was only one Academician Xu in Jin Ling University, and that person was Principal Xu. Although he wasnt shocked by the fact that Principal Xu was picking him up, he was still a little surprised.

Lu Zhou thought for a long time; he couldnt remember making any headlines recently.

That lithium dendrites thesis published in Nature was six months ago.

It seemed that he really had to find something to do.

Lu Zhou didnt want the two professors to wait for long, so he walked with Xiao Tong out of the train station.

Lu Zhou saw two black sedans parked outside the main entrance. He knew this was his ride.

Xiao Tong was a little muddled by this situation, so she nervously grabbed her brothers arm and asked in a low voice, Bro, who are these people?

Lu Zhou said, Its your principal, you wont know the other people.

Xiao Tong: Oh What?!

While the two were talking, the car door opened. Academician Xu and Professor Tang got out of the car and waved at Lu Zhou.

Professor Lu, you have finally arrived.

Lu Zhou shook Academician Xus hand, smiled, and said, Sorry to keep you waiting.

Academician Xu smiled and looked at Xiao Tong, who was standing behind Lu Zhou. He then said with a welcoming tone, Student Lu Xiaotong, I have some things to discuss with your brother, how about you let Teacher Hou send you back to school first?

Teacher Hou was probably the driver in the other car.

It was obvious that the school knew that Lu Zhou would come back with his sister, that was why they sent two cars. This confirmed Lu Zhous suspicion that Jin Ling University had something cumbersome planned for him.

As for Xiao Tong, she was completely dumbfounded.

She knew her brother was nutty, but she didnt expect the principal to know her name.

She looked at Lu Zhou. When he nodded at her, she dragged her luggage and walked to the other car.

Once Lu Zhou and Academician Xu sat in the backseat, the car started to move and Lu Zhou asked, Academician Xu, can you give me a clue? What is going on?

Its actually not a big deal. Academician Xu paused for a second before he said, A month ago, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China joined forces with several other ministries to research and introduce a new energy technology development program. They decided to develop in the direction of photovoltaic technology. Due to the 13th Five-Year Plan, the Jin Ling University is also participating in this program.

The city bureau also supports Beijings decision. They plan on building a high-tech development area along the Jin Ling University to Jin Ling Citys subway line. This is to integrate talents from various universities in Jinling. The leadership team from Beijing took this matter seriously and sent a team down here.

The teams leader is the leader of the Energy Bureau. He heard that you are going back to Princeton soon, so he assigned you to work on the first part of this plan.

Academician Xu looked at Lu Zhou and smiled.

Lu Zhou had one reaction.

Youre telling me this isnt a big deal?

Lu Zhou gulped and said, Did he say why he wanted me here?

Academician Xu smiled and said, I dont know the specifics, but I promise you it is a good thing.

Lu Zhou certainly believed Academician Xus words.

The squad returned to school and went to an office in the chemistry research building. Lu Zhou saw Academician Li and someone he knew.

He met him at Boston before.

Professor Lu, we meet again, Lu Kaimin smiled at Lu Zhou and reached out his right hand.

Lu Zhou smiled and shook his hand as he said, Director Lu, hello.

Lu Kaimin visited Lu Zhou in Boston and asked his opinions on the development of lithium battery technology.

Although this time Lu Kaimin was here as a government official, he didnt look high and mighty at all.

He was an internationally renowned scholar, therefore he was amiable enough to treat a young man with great respect.

Dont refer to me as director, just call me Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu released his hands and said, I originally planned to visit you in Jiangling, but I still had some things to do here. Thanks for coming here, Professor Lu.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, All good, I wanted to visit my old school anyway.

Old Lu nodded and put on a serious expression as he said, After talking to you in Boston last time, I went to Beijing and gave your opinions to the higher-ups. After consulting an expert team, our final conclusion is that lithium-sulfur batteries are the most suitable choice.

Lu Zhou wasnt surprised by this decision.

Compared to lithium-air batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries were undoubtedly more realistic. The country was willing to invest in this area as it was more applicable and could be implemented in the battery industry. The country didnt want to waste money on theoretical Science and Nature publications.

Of course, Lu Zhou didnt believe that his opinion actually influenced the countrys choice. At most, he probably slightly impacted the final outcome. After all, his vote was only one vote among many.

However, he was happy to see his vote came into effect.

Lu Zhou said, Lithium-sulfur battery has great potential, I am happy to see the country make the right decision.

This is all thanks to Professor Lus advice. Old Lu smiled and revealed his true intention when he said, Actually, the reason why I wanted to meet with you was to ask for your help.

Lu Zhou: Help?

Yes. Old Lu nodded seriously and said, Energy development is the top priority in our country. In order to accomplish the 2025 plan, we need batteries with higher energy storage performance. The batteries have to be low cost, high production, and recyclable.

However, the general feedback from the industry is that many theoretical problems have to be solved in order to produce such batteries. Otherwise, safety and recyclability cannot be guaranteed.

Although we dont seek hegemony, we also cannot allow anyone to set up international patent barriers that would attack our energy strategy.

You are an expert in this field. Old Lu said sincerely, We need your help!