Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 311

Chapter 311 Two More Students

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After the last batch of equipment was shipped off, Qian Zhongming and Liu Bo left Belgium and went back to China.

Including Dr. Yang, Lu Zhou had three official researchers in his research institute.

This number of employees was low for a research institute. However, with the help from PhD and masters student interns, they were still able to undergo experiments.

Lu Zhou arranged for Yang Xu to design experiments regarding the specific surface area of the hollow carbon sphere, the effect of pore size on the sulfur loading, and the mass fraction of polysulfide in the electrolyte.

Lu Zhou would then use mathematical techniques to analyze the experiment data and design new experiments regarding the polysulfide compounds.

Technically speaking, this was Lu Zhous first-ever research experiment in materials technology. It was also his first time applying his computational materials knowledge to practical experiments.

After all, the modified PDMS film technology from the Debris No. 1 was obtained from the powerful scanner gun. The mathematical model that Lu Zhou built was only to give a reasonable theoretical explanation to the scanned image.

Therefore, if this experiment was successful, it would provide objective proof for his theory.

Because of this, Lu Zhou was full of expectations.

Although solving the lithium dendrites problem changed the energy industry, this experiment could build the bridge between mathematics and chemistry.

From the perspective of both mathematicians and chemists, it was an exciting thing.

After the experiment had begun, Lu Zhous duties in China were finally finished. It was time for him to go back to Princeton.

Academician Xu heard Lu Zhou was leaving and drove him to the airport.

During the car ride, the old man had a disappointing expression. They were close to the airport when the old man asked, How was your time here?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Its been pretty good.

Academician Xu: How about you just stay here? You dont have to borrow the laboratory building anymore. Its yours as long as you stay here!

Lu Zhou knew the old man would say this, so he lightly shook his head.

Its not time yet.

Academician Xu couldnt help but say, But receiving a Fields Medal at Jin Ling University is the same as Princeton?

Its completely different. Lu Zhou was brutally honest when he said, A native-trained Nobel Prize winner and an overseas-trained Nobel Prize winner might look the same on the outside, but their status is completely different. As an academician, you should know this.

Lu Zhous statement was straightforward.

However, since his relationship with Jin Ling University was good, Academician Xu didnt take offense to it.

Also, Lu Zhou had more reasons. For his system missions, he needed a higher stage to perform.

Academician Xu went silent for a while. He then sighed and said, Youre right Have a safe flight.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Take care.

At the end of February, Lu Zhous flight arrived in Philadelphia.

At the airport entrance, he saw Qin Yue driving his Ford Explorer to pick him up.

Before Lu Zhou left Princeton, he placed his car keys in his office drawer. He told Qin Yue to get his keys and pick up him in his own car.

Lu Zhou placed his luggage in the trunk and got in the car. Qin Yue started the car and chatted with Lu Zhou while driving.

Professor, youre finally back.

Lu Zhou: There was some stuff I had to take care of in Jinling. Are you guys doing well?

Very well. Qin Yue nodded and said, I just feel a lot of pressure as there are geniuses everywhere. It wasnt like this in Kai University.

Princeton was like other American universities; there were countless clubs and societies to join. Princeton students were just like any other students; they didnt study in their room all day.

However, Princeton students worked hard and played hard. A lot of Princeton students took second-year classes in their first year. Most of them completed all of their undergraduate classes by the second year.

This was especially so in the mathematics and physics departments. If a student couldnt keep up, they would have to switch majors to maybe history.

This was the Princeton model.

Of course, most of Qin Yues pressure came from Vera.

He had to put in twice the effort to keep up with her on the Collatz conjecture.

Even among the geniuses, there was still a difference in skill level.

You should learn from Hardy. Hard work is the key to success, but dont let study and work affect other areas of your life, Lu Zhou said with a relaxed tone. My suggestion is to find a hobby, a girlfriend, or something.

Qin Yue coughed and said, Professor, I already have a girlfriend.

Lu Zhou was stunned as he looked at Qin Yue with disbelief. You do? When?

Qin Yue said awkwardly, Yeah, shes in China. We started dating in my third year.

Lu Zhou:

Lu Zhou decided to go to the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study before he went home.

Qin Yue parked the car in the building for Institute for Advanced Study and gave Lu Zhou the keys. Qin Yue then quickly went into the building.

Lu Zhou was confused. He didnt know why Qin Yue didnt wait for him to walk inside together. Lu Zhou didnt think much of it and went inside.

Lu Zhou was confused about why his office door was closed.

He pushed the door open, and suddenly, he heard a confetti gun went off, and the office was soon filled with colorful small pieces of paper.

The five people inside the office building chanted, Welcome back, professor!

Lu Zhou looked at Hardy and immediately knew that this was Hardys idea.

Vera had a confetti gun in her hand as she blushed and said, This was Hardys idea, I tried to persuade him not to do it.

Hardy had a smug look as he said, I originally planned to get champagne, but I heard you cant have alcohol here, so I had to drink it myself.

Thank you for your gesture. Lu Zhou patted a piece of confetti off his ear and said, Also, please clean this place up.

Although he was touched by his students gesture, his office was a mess.

Hardy grudgingly picked up the broom and said, Oh, Professor Lu, cant you make the newcomers do this job?

A young man with freckles said, How about I help you?

Dont. This person is full of energy; he needs something to do, said Lu Zhou. He walked to his office desk and looked through the pile of documents as he tried to find the resumes. However, he couldnt find it.

Lu Zhou turned around and looked at the two newcomers in the office. He then cleared his throat and said, You guys Introduce yourselves.

They were the two new masters students.

One was from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, while the other was from Yan University.

Lu Zhou only planned to recruit three number theory students, but these two students applied for the field of functional analysis. Compared to number theory, functional analysis was more related to applied mathematics.

Although Lu Zhou wanted to recruit a student from Jin Ling University, no one from Jin Ling University was able to pass Princetons interview.

Lu Zhou had to admit that Yan University had a stronger mathematics department than Jin Ling University.

The freckled boy immediately said, Im Jerick.

The other boy looked more serious as he said, Im Wei Wen.

Lu Zhou looked at Wei Wen for a while. He then suddenly asked, Have we met before?