Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 315

Chapter 315 First Lesson As A Professor

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Lu Zhou spent a long time looking at the data from Sarrot, but he couldnt find anything of value. He decided to tackle this problem again after the samples had arrived.

As for now, he had something important to deal with.

And that was to prepare for his class.

After all, he was a professor

Time quickly passed by.

On Wednesday, Lu Zhous finally began his first number theory lecture at Princeton.

The classroom was already fully packed five minutes before the class began.

It wasnt that these people were all enrolled in the number theory class. In fact, many of them who were not enrolled in this class chose to attend it.

It was almost like this stage was made for Lu Zhou. Ever since his first Princeton report, he had become a legend on the Princeton campus.

Even now, graduate students were still talking about that legendary report.

A class taught by the professor who solved the Goldbachs conjecture and twin prime conjecture? Of course everyone would be interested in what this class would be like.

In order to live up to the expectations, Lu Zhou heavily prepared for this class.

In order to look more like a professor, he even wore a suit and tie to the lecture.

Since Lu Zhou had a decent figure, he looked quite sharp after cleaning himself up.

As he walked into the classroom, many female students looked at him with interest.

Just like how a young female teacher attracted the attention of the boys, a handsome male teacher was equally attractive to girls.

Vera sat at the back of the classroom. She covered her blushing face with a textbook.

However, most people didnt notice Vera at all. They didnt associate this petite girl with Lu Zhou at all. Instead, they thought that she was a first-year student and didnt realize that she was an assistant lecturer.

Lu Zhou stood on the podium and looked at the students. He then smiled and said, Let me introduce myself. I am Lu Zhou, and Im from Jiangling, China.

Lu Zhou wrote down his introduction on the blackboard before looking back at the students. He said with a relaxed tone, This is our first time meeting. In order to deepen our understanding of each other, you guys can ask me three questions before the lecture starts.

The students didnt think that the legendary God Lu would be so approachable; they were all surprised at this gesture.

A male with darker skin and glasses raised his hand.

Professor, can we ask any question?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Sure.

The student with glasses then asked, The Lu Zhou who published the chemistry paper on Nature, is that you?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, If youre talking about the modified PDMS film thesis, then yes, I was the one that wrote that.

The people in the classroom gasped.

Although there had been rumors of this before, most people didnt believe it.

In Western countries, having the same name with someone else was a common occurrence. In fact, many Westerners would often name their sons after their fathers.

It wasnt uncommon for scholars to be proficient in both mathematics and physics, but it was extremely rare for a scholar to be proficient in both mathematics and chemistry.

This rumor was finally confirmed.

Not only that, it was confirmed by the legendary God Lu himself.

A white girl with long hair who sat next to the guy with glasses spoke in astonishment, Which is saying, that patent fee

Lu Zhou coughed and said, I will not answer any personal questions regarding the patent.

An Asian student cleverly changed the words and asked, Then, can I ask what was the first thing you bought after receiving the patent money?

The crowd was waiting for Lu Zhou to answer.

Obviously, they didnt expect Lu Zhous answer.

Lu Zhou thought for a moment before he answered, Strictly speaking, it was a research institute. I need experimental data in order to perfect my computational materials science theory.

The crowd was in disbelief.

A chubby guy sitting next to the window said, A laboratory? If it were me, I would definitely buy a Porsche.

Another person said, Im guessing the professor is lying. If it were me, I would rent a mansion and hire a dozen girls

Hey, Monroe, youre way too perverted! Maybe this is why you cant get a girlfriend.

Lu Zhou looked at the noisy classroom, clapped his hand, and said, Okay, enough nonsense, lets begin. Turn the textbook to the introduction page. Although I know that many of you have already read this part, we will still start from here.

A student raised his hand and asked, Professor, theres still one more question left.

Lu Zhou replied mercilessly, Well leave it to after class. I am disappointed at you guys.

Of course, Lu Zhou was only disappointed at the pointless questions.

Because after the class started, Lu Zhou was quite surprised at the performance of these students.

No wonder this was the smartest place in the world. Princeton students left a deep impression on Lu Zhou. Lu Zhou was impressed not at their talent, but their ability to concentrate as well as their pre-class preparations.

They were able to quickly absorb every topic that Lu Zhou taught.

Although Lu Zhou didnt deliberately speed up the lecture, he was already on page 30 after half an hour, and no one was falling behind.

At the very least, he didnt feel like anyone was lost.

Lu Zhou was gaining experience by teaching to these students.

Even though this experience might not be of any use right now, but it could come in handy one day.

The lecture gradually came to an end.

Lu Zhou closed the textbook and announced the homework assignment.

The students started to applaud.

Lu Zhou smiled and nodded at his students. He then walked out of the classroom.

He was walking in the hallway and about to go downstairs. Suddenly, Professor Fefferman popped out and said, It seems that youre quite popular among the students, how do you feel?

Professor Fefferman was the head of the mathematics department at Princeton University. Even though he had won a Fields Medal, he was still a humble person. Because of this, he had a good relationship with many people, and this included Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, I feel pretty good. The students here are all talented, and I feel a sense of accomplishment when teaching them. Also, its useful to occasionally think about simpler, basic problems.

Fefferman was surprised at Lu Zhous statement, and he said, Im glad to hear this. I hope this job will bring inspiration to your research.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, It definitely will.

Vera sat in her chair inside Lu Zhous office as she quietly sorted out her lecture notes.

When Lu Zhou walked in, she placed her pen down. She took her notebook and walked up to Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou smiled and asked, How do you feel?

Vera was a little puzzled, and she said, I feel so difficult Teaching and researching are two completely different things.

Youre right, but the two can be combined, said Lu Zhou as he took her notebook and flipped through the pages. He nodded his head and said, It seems that your understanding is pretty good. How about you teach the next class?

The next class? Vera was flustered, and she whispered, But I havent finished preparing yet.

You have a week to prepare, so this shouldnt be difficult. Lu Zhou gave Vera her notebook back as he said, You can do it.

Vera took a deep breath and said, I can do it!

Yeah, do your best.

Lu Zhou returned to his office desk and opened up his email.

There was an unread email, lying in his inbox.

It was from the Frick Chemistry Laboratory.

The package that Sarrot sent over had apparently been delivered