Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Worship Among Geniuses

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On April 11th, the American Chemical Society held an international organic chemistry seminar in San Francisco and unveiled the winner of the Adams Chemistry Prize.

The award was established to commemorate the famous chemist, Roger Adams. Since 1995, the American Chemical Society has been giving this award every two years to outstanding scholars in the field of organic chemistry. Among the 29 winners, 11 of them were also winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

The winner of this years Adams Chemistry Prize is Professor Lu Zhou from Princeton University. He won this award due to his research on the modified PDMS film material which has solved a 30-year-old problem

The news was playing on a TV in a cafeteria within the compound of Jin Ling University.

Meng Qi had a pair of chopsticks in her hand as she stared at Lu Zhou receiving the medal from an old man.

Her three roommates also noticed the news, but their reactions werent as big as Meng Qi. They started to discuss among themselves.

Li Fang looked at the TV and said, Amazing What an impressive alumnus.

Luo Meng asked, Speaking of which, hes the director of the computational materials research institute?

Su Jiawen: Thats him. I heard from the leaders of the student union that he is very good. Every time he comes back to our school, the academicians would welcome him with open arms. Oh yeah, Meng Qi is an intern at the computational materials research institute, right?

Li Fang looked at Meng Qi and said, Meng Qi, have you seen Lu Zhou in person before?

Two months ago, the Jinling Institute of Computational Materials recruited interns based on their academic grades.

There werent many opportunities for undergrad students to be exposed to scientific research, so this was a good opportunity for students that wanted to stay in academia.

Meng Qi was one of the three students that got this internship opportunity.

Han Mengqi nodded subconsciously.

Oh Yeah, Ive seen him before.

Not at the computational materials research institute though

Li Fang asked curiously, Then tell us, is he the same person in real life?

Han Mengqi thought for a moment before she said, Around the same Hes a bit more handsome than on TV.

Speaking of which, doesnt he do mathematics? Luo Meng asked while eating, When did he start doing chemistry?

Li Fang said, Yeah I really dont understand these geniuses. Hes basically a legend.

Su Jiawen said, Only a pretty girl like Mengqi can date a guy as talented as God Lu.

Su Jiawen was only just joking; she didnt expect Meng Qi to take it seriously.

Meng Qi instantly blushed.

What are you talking about

Meng Qi became quiet.

She suddenly noticed that her three friends were all staring at her.

Han Mengqi asked nervously, What are you guys doing?

Su Jiawen rubbed her chin and said, I dont know if you guys noticed, but this is the first time that Meng Qi has blushed over a guy.

Luo Meng nodded and said, Maybe

Li Fang said, Did you

Han Mengqi was being questioned by her three roommates, and she panicked.

No, its not what you guys think!

Theres nothing wrong with it, its just an idol. Li Fang smiled and said, Even a genius would admire other geniuses. I support you!

Han Mengqi smiled unnaturally.


Meng Qi sighed in relief but couldnt help but feel a little sad.

Is he an idol?

It seemed that in other peoples eyes, Lu Zhou had reached an unattainable level.

However, it wasnt like she had those dirty thoughts

Li Fang patted her shoulder and said, Which part of God Lu do you like?

Li Fang wasnt the only one curious, even Luo Meng and Su Jiawen were curious as well.

Dont get me wrong, its not that kind of like Meng Qi said, Its more like a brother kind of like.

Luo Meng said, Brother? He is older than you.

Su Jiawen said, Meng Qi is an only child, right? Siblings are annoying.

Han Mengqi smiled and said, No way, I think siblings cant be that annoying

I dont really feel like I have a family, so maybe it would be better with a brother?

Ever since Han Mengqi met Xiao Tong in Philadelphia, she had been thinking about how nice her life would be if she switched places with Xiao Tong.

Deep down, Han Mengqi wished that Lu Zhou would date Chen Yushan. She had even tried on numerous occasions to set them up.

Through this way, she could call Lu Zhou her brother

Girls always changed their topic of conversation quickly, and they soon started to talk about Su Jiawens brother instead.

Normally, Han Mengqi would chime in.

However, the little girl was thinking about something else today.

Just now, Li Fang reminded her of something.

Is it a bad thing if Lu Zhou is my idol?

If hes my idol, I can fantasize about him.

Maybe I should say it

Bro, brothe

Han Mengqi shook her head and clenched her teeth as she stopped herself from saying those shameful words.

In the end, she gave up, and she slammed her forehead on the table.

As expected, this was too difficult for her

After eating, Han Mengqi parted ways with her three roommates and went to the computational materials research institute.

Even though her work up until now was trivial, as she merely did stuff like sorting out documents, she had learned a lot of useful things from this job.

Han Mengqi worked hard every day.

Suddenly, someone stopped her.

Hey, where is the Jinling Institute of Computational Materials?

Han Mengqi paused for a second as she looked at this person.

She saw a guy in a plaid shirt and black glasses. There was nothing special about his appearance. He looked like a typical engineer. Although he didnt look like a bad person, he looked a little dodgy.

Youre not from here?

Who doesnt know where the Jinling Institute of Computational Materials is?

The news spread on campus when the chemistry department decided to loan the entire building to God Lu.

The guy panicked and said, The thing is Im here to find Dr. Yang, I have some things to ask him. Can you please tell me where it is, thanks!

His acting was very poor.

Han Mengqi became even more suspicious of him.

Who cares what youre here to do, why are you telling me

Han Mengqi pointed in a general direction.

Just go down the road from here

Han Mengqi was going the same direction, but this guy was too suspicious, so she didnt want to walk with him.

The guy thanked her and went on his way.

Han Mengqi looked at him and frowned.

Why do I

Why do I feel like

This person is a bit strange?