Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 328

Chapter 328 Spying On The Enemy

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Liu Hong was helpless.

He knew how to do experiments, and he knew how to kiss a*s, but his emotional intelligence wasnt high enough to spy on the enemy.

However, he had no other options; he had to follow his boss orders.

If the supervisor asked him to clean the toilet, he would have to do it.

However, Wang Haifeng was still generous as he paid for Liu Hongs train ticket to Jinling.

There were many ways to explore the research progress of a research institute. For example, the simplest and most barbaric way was to poach the enemys employees by offering to triple their salary. Although this sounded unethical, it was the most efficient way.

However, this method was obviously expensive.

Although research funding could be used to pay researchers, having high salaries would be alarming to investors. Research funding was no joke.

No investor would want their money wasted on employees that were overpaid.

Also, it wasnt like anyone would be dumb enough to ditch Lu Zhou.

A scholar at the international Nobel Prize level was more attractive than Wang Haifeng. Therefore, Wang Haifeng didnt even consider this method at all. Instead, he asked Liu Hong to investigate.

Honestly, this was the most ineffective and dumb method.

Liu Hong was at the computational materials research institute. He was just thinking about how he would complete this impossible task when someone suddenly shouted at him.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Liu Hong was shocked by this voice, he turned around and saw a worker here.


Liu Hong was trying to come up with an excuse when the worker asked, Youre here for recruitment?

Liu Hong immediately nodded and replied, Yeah, yeah! Im here to apply for a researcher role.

The worker smiled and asked, Youre actually here for a job? This place is not easy to get in, what are your qualifications? Did you bring your resume?

Liu Hong smiled and made up an excuse. Ive got a PhD from Zhi University I didnt bring my resume. Im only looking around, and I havent decided yet.

Zhi University, not bad, not bad. Zhi Universitys material department is quite strong, the worker nodded and said, but still not as strong as ours.

Liu Hong wanted to curse at the worker, but he remembered his mission, so he swallowed his words.

He quickly changed the topic.

How are the benefits here?

The worker looked at Liu Hong suspiciously and thought why didnt Liu Hong look at the recruitment guide; the benefits were all written there.

However, the worker still answered the question.

Different positions have different salaries. A PhD from Zhi University probably 12,000 yuan per month, and as for research funding and patent rewards, that depends on your abilities.

12,000 yuan?!

When Liu Hong heard this number, he cursed in his heart.

100,000 yuan per year wasnt high for programmers, but materials science was different.

Materials science students were always being told stuff like Materials science graduates cant find a job or How about going into sales instead?

Are the benefits that good? Liu Hong was intrigued.

Its okay, but the benefits arent the main part, said the worker. The worker then added, Us researchers have to look away from money. Our boss is God Lu, the guy that won the Adams Chemistry Prize. Our second in command is also nutty, he has a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Who wouldnt want to work for this lineup?

This lineup really was nutty.

Liu Hong would be willing to work here for half the salary Right now, his salary was only at 3,000 yuan per month.

Liu Hong gulped. He was suddenly envious as hell.

People loved to compare themselves to others.

He remembered that he was still a PhD student, so he had to provide cheap labor for his supervisor.

Liu Hong suddenly had a crazy thought.

He was still young; he should make some risky choices.

He said, I have a question.


Liu Hong asked, Do you guys hire people with masters degrees?

The worker looked at him.

I thought this guy had a PhD?

Three days after the award ceremony, Lu Zhou was being tagged all over on Weibo.

His fans werent happy that Lu Zhou didnt share his joy on Weibo. Therefore, they were all tagging him in related blogs.

Those titles of the blog posts were spicy.

[The First Chinese Adams Chemistry Prize Winner?!]

[Shocking! Top Award In Organic Chemistry Was Given To a Mathematician!]

[From 1+1 To Li+S, Look At This Guy!]

Lu Zhou looked at his notifications and was dumbfounded.

He was being tagged left and right.

[God Lu, youve changed, youve stopped bragging.]

[Ive waited for two days for God Lus Weibo post, I am disappointed.]

[I have been reading about God Lu on Weibo all night.]

[God Lu, you are amazing!]


Lu Zhou looked at these comments and was confused.

Honestly speaking, he didnt want to brag.

However, his fans were giving him a hard time.

Lu Zhou finally smiled and took a photo of his gold medal and watch. He wrote a caption and posted the photo, thus sharing his joy with his fans.

As usual, there was a prize for forwarding his post.

The prize was 10 Huawei phones; the brand was reliable and had good quality.

Even though he didnt care too much about other peoples opinions, he still liked the brand.

Lu Zhou clicked Send and put his phone down. He planned to check the post in a minute.

The comment section was slowly growing.

Professor Sarrot sat across from Lu Zhou, and he drank his coffee before he asked, Speaking of which, did you book your return flight?

Lu Zhou replied, Yeah, its in three days.

Sarrot asked, Do you not want to hang around in San Francisco? If I remember correctly, spring break isnt over yet.

Im a professor, not a student, what does spring break have to do with me? Lu Zhou paused for a second before he said, If I recall correctly, youre a Cornell University professor, dont you have to teach classes?

I have other teachers helping me, I only have to occasionally give a few lectures. Its not uncommon for well-known professors to work in laboratories, and they dont have to stay on the Cornell University campus. Sarrot smiled and said, Besides, I prefer San Francisco!

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Really? I prefer the quietness of Princeton.

Sarrot heard his phone ringing.

I have to take this call.

Sarrot grabbed his phone from his pocket, stood up, and walked to the side.

He placed his phone to his ear and had a weird expression.

His veins were popping out of his face.

Five minutes after, Sarrot ended the call and came back.

Lu Zhou asked Sarrot, What happened?

Sarrot clenched his fists as he snapped, Those bastards! I will sue them!