Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 331 1

Chapter 331 Helper Part Time Bodyguard?

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Although Sarrot was angry that his laboratory was infiltrated, it was only a small setback for Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou tried to calm Professor Sarrot down. He then returned to the organic chemistry conference and focused on his own matters.

Actually, if Professor Stanley could really complete the research using his model, he might even give Stanley a little reward for completing his system mission.

After all, the system mission only required the technology to be researched; it didnt matter who conducted the research.

Is spending money in helping others to complete the missions a patriotic act?

Lu Zhou didnt know.

He hoped that good things would come to good people.

He also hoped that Professor Stanley wouldnt take the final exam answers and copied it onto the midterm exam.

Around half a week later, the Organic Chemistry Conference finally came to an end.

Lu Zhou didnt change his itinerary; he flew back to the East Coast.

After arriving at Philadelphia, Lu Zhou went to the Star Sky Technology office and met with his manager, White Sheridan.

Lu Zhou gave a copy of the relevant contracts to White and gave a brief overview of the lawsuit. He told White to hire the most capable team of lawyers and prepare for war.

If everything went as expected, Mobil Chemical would definitely try to delay and drag this for as long as possible.

However, Lu Zhou didnt care.

He was able to afford the litigation and attorney fees

After the Adams Chemistry Prize, Lu Zhou placed all his energy back into research.

Sarrots laboratory ran into problems with the carbon molecules and was stagnated.

On the side of the Jinling Institute of Computational Materials, they continued to study a stable preparation method for HCS-1 materials while attempting to improve the HCS-1 material to be ready for the industry.

As for Lu Zhou, he was working on the mathematical model for the positive electrode material of the lithium-sulfur battery and was improving his computational materials science theory by doing experiments.

All of this had to be done step by step.

The day before the end of spring break, Connie returned to Frick Chemistry Laboratory and began the next set of experiments with Lu Zhou.

Connie put on a white coat and was about to prepare for the upcoming experiment when he suddenly remembered something and said, Professor Chiric said that I can graduate soon.

Lu Zhou was checking the instrument, and he gently lifted a test tube and made a toasting gesture with the test tube.


Obviously, this was only a gesture.

Lu Zhou couldnt actually drink the organic electrolyte solution in the test tube.

Thanks to your thesis. Connie looked at Lu Zhou and said, Because of you, I can now graduate.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Youre welcome, you deserve it.

The thesis about HCS-1 on Science naturally had Lu Zhou as its first author.

As for the second, third, and fourth author, it was ranked by contribution. There were researchers from Sarrots research institute, and Connie was also on the list.

Finally, after adding the two Science theses to Connies previous work, Connie would be able to receive his PhD by the middle of this year.

Lu Zhou asked, Do you have any plans for your future?

I originally planned to go to MIT to do two years of postdoc research, then become a formal researcher. Connie looked at Lu Zhou and said, But now, I think staying in Princeton is pretty good.

Lu Zhou looked at him and said, Have you thought about it carefully? Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the paradise for engineering majors; you might be better suited there.

Princeton was more of a theory-based university, and its chemistry department wasnt particularly impressive.

Doing a nanomaterials postdoc here wouldnt be as helpful as doing one in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Connie nodded seriously and said, Ive thought about it. The people you do experiments with is more important than where you do the experiments at.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Im happy you can think this way. If you want, you can join my research team!

Connie smiled and said, Of course I want to, thank you so much!

A postdoctoral degree wasnt a degree. It referred to scholars that had recently obtained a doctoral degree but hadnt become a full-time researcher yet.

Generally speaking, postdocs would have supervisors as well.

However, their supervisors were different as their supervisors would be more cooperative than authoritative.

Especially in foreign countries, the relationship between the supervisor and the postdoctoral researcher was almost colleague-like.

Connies professional knowledge was impressive, but it still depended on how he used it.

Although this guy seemed to be a hunk and didnt look like a researcher at all, Lu Zhou didnt care about this stuff. Lu Zhou only cared about his abilities in conducting experiments.

Also, Connie could also be a part-time bodyguard

After all, places like the MRS Conference werent peaceful at all.

After completing the experiment, Lu Zhou registered the data on the computer.

Suddenly, Xiao Ais notification popped up on his laptop screen.

[Master! Someone is video calling!]

Lu Zhou closed the pop-up and said, I know, open it for me.


Lu Zhou:

After more than a year of upgrading, Xiao Ai could now accurately identify Lu Zhous voice, and Xiao Ai could even understand Lu Zhous emotions.

This was undoubtedly a great improvement.

However, Lu Zhou felt like Xiao Ai could do more

Lu Zhou looked at Yang Xu through the screen and asked, Whats up?

Good things! Yang Xu smiled and said, The idea of synthesizing the HCS-1 material through glucose as a precursor is working! Our experiment is a success!

Lu Zhou heard this news and smiled.

A stable synthesis of HCS-1 material was the first step to HCS-2 material, and the only way to solve this problem was to create more HCS-1 samples. Also, the experimental data it created could be used to analyze the reason why it could inhibit the diffusion of polysulfide compounds.

Lu Zhou could further improve his theory by using this data.

This is a piece of good news. Remember to send the experimental data to my email.

Yang Xu nodded and said, Of course, I already told Qian Zhongming to send it. You will receive the experiment report soon!

The main reason for the call was to tell Lu Zhou the good news.

However, before ending the call, Yang Xu suddenly remembered something else that happened.

Oh wait, one more thing.

Lu Zhou: Say it.

Yang Xu hesitated for a moment before he said, Heres the thing, there was a researcher that applied to our institute

Lu Zhou said, Do you really need to report this small matter to me? Just make a judgment yourself.

Yang Xu was helpless.

The problem isnt his professional abilities. Ive looked at his resume, and its pretty good. In fact, it was even better than most PhD holders. He also has experience in thesis writing.

Lu Zhou looked confused. His salary requirement is too high?

Not that. Yang Xu coughed and said, Its just that he has a unique background