Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Teaching Assistants Job

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It had been a while since Lu Zhou step foot into his office at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study.

Vera could still contact him through email a few days ago, but now Lu Zhou didnt even reply to her anymore.

Professor Pierre Deligne, who once served as a tutor for Professor Lu, said that this kind of closed-door research where one was completely isolated from the outside world was a unique way for Professor Lu to think. Not replying to emails meant that Lu Zhou was getting closer to the solution

However, as Lu Zhous assistant and student, Vera was worried.

Actually, it wasnt only Vera that was worried; Qin Yue and all of the students were also worried about what happened to him.

Therefore, Hardy proposed for the group to take some time out on the weekends to visit Professor Lu.

At the very least, they could confirm whether their professor was still alive

Jesus Theres dust on the door handle. When was the last time our professor left the house? Hardy looked at the dust on his hand and said, Ill definitely die if I stay in the house for a month.

He was a member of the Princeton Football Club and played football every evening. If he couldnt play for some reason, he would feel uncomfortable the next day.

Is there really someone that can lock themselves inside their house for over a month, away from society?

Hardy would die if it were him.

Qin Yue said, This is the difference between our professor and you. If you spent less time playing football and more time on research, I bet we would progress much faster.

The two guys were getting beaten by the little girl. Even Qin Yue, who was usually quite reserved, couldnt help but criticize his teammate.

Nope, Hardy shook his head and said, the reason is the difference in IQ.


Qin Yue:


Wei Wen:

The Brazilian guy saw that his friends were not speaking, and he scratched his head as he asked, Why are you guys looking at me?

Im embarrassed

Jerick smiled and said, Nothing I just think that it takes courage to admit this. I admire you!

Hardy smiled and patted his friends shoulder as he said, Youre right, were the same.

Vera, Qin Yue, Wei Wen, and Jerick:

F*ck sake!

However, it made sense, and they couldnt refute this.

Wei Wen coughed and said, Dont forget what were here to do. Qin Yue, go ring the doorbell.

Qin Yue said, But You do it.