Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Victory

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Inspiration was elusive.

It inadvertently came and inadvertently passed.

Lu Zhou didnt want to waste a second.

He walked to the nearest library and sat down. He placed the pen and paper he bought from the convenience store on the table.

This library was one of the 20 libraries at Columbia University, and it was open 24 hours and sold delicious sandwiches and coffee in the lounge area.

He could stay here for as long as he wanted, and he wouldnt have to worry about his ideas getting interrupted.

Lu Zhou closed his eyes and imagined the equations he had previously written.

Even though he didnt have the information at hand, he would never forget something he had researched himself.

It didnt take long to recall all of the information.

Lu Zhou took this chance to incorporate new ideas into his theory

In a system with N electrons, the total wave function can be written as the product of all single-electron wave functions

Lu Zhou wrote down the first equation on the blank paper.

[(r1,r2,,rn)= t(rt).]

He didnt stop; he continued to write the next line.

Then, use the Hartree equation!

Lu Zhou was gradually getting excited.

However, this was only the first step.

But he could see the light in front of the tunnel.



The inspiration came like a tsunami, completely unstoppable.

His pen danced on the page, writing faster and faster.

Lines of formula appeared on the page, gradually building a theoretical model.

This theory included all of the cumbersome and complicated equations as well as the collision between particles, the interaction between electrons, and even the microscopic interactions.

This should work!

We dont need to explain and describe the system wave function of each particle motion. We just need to find a spatial wave function that only has the particle density of three variables

All of the particles can be calculated, and we can use this to predict the physical properties of the material!

Even if the prediction is within a range!

Lu Zhous eyes lit up as he talked to himself.

The pen in his hand was like a sword, cutting through the unknown.

Lu Zhou was immersed in research; he completely forgot about time and everything around him.

He didnt know how much time had passed.

When he finally stopped writing, he saw the dark night had turned into the light yellow of dawn.

The rays of morning sunlight shone on the antique bookshelves.

Lu Zhou looked at the draft paper. He then relaxed and finally smiled.

Several months of effort was for this moment.

He finally found the answer to a problem that had no answer.

Especially writing the last equation, it was like putting down the last brick in the wall of a building. He felt like the happiest man on earth.

That happiness was far greater than any material object could provide

Maybe this is what heaven feels like.

Lu Zhou put away the pen.

Lu Zhous concentration attracted a red-haired man sitting next to him.

There were many people writing theses in the library, but few had a sense of purpose.

Hey, dude, writing a thesis?

Lu Zhou didnt answer as he tidied up the stack of draft papers.

Although the theory was recorded in his mind, these were the precious manuscripts.

Maybe one day, he would donate them to a library or a museum.

But right now, he had to keep these things to himself.

Theoretical chemistry? The man didnt care that Lu Zhou ignored him as he continued to ask, What a coincidence, Im also studying theoretical chemistry, who is your supervisor?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, I dont have a chemistry supervisor.

Lu Zhou actually wanted a chemistry supervisor to mentor him.

However, given that his theory was completely self-made, who could mentor him?

The red-haired man looked at him with disbelief as he said, Youre an autodidact? Unbelievable There are people that learn this stuff by themselves? What major are you in?

Lu Zhou said, I guess you can say its mathematics.

Lu Zhou didnt stay at the library for long. He took his manuscripts and went to the D.E Shaw Research Institute.

Although the sun was already up, the research institute was still brightly lit.

Anton sat in the middle of the room like a tall goddess.

The engineers at the research institute were busy working in front of the chassis.

They had to have been here all night.

It wasnt just the researchers, even David Shaw himself was the same.

David Shaw stood in his usual spot as he stared at Anton from behind a glass panel.

Suddenly, David heard footsteps.

He turned around and saw Lu Zhou at the entrance of the laboratory.

David noticed his dark circles and the manuscript in his hand. You stayed up all night? You should take a break, well need your help in three days.

Lu Zhou placed the manuscript on the desk as he said, Or do we?

The two locked eyes and laughed at the same time.

The researchers turned their attention and wondered what the two guys were laughing about.

However, neither David nor Lu Zhou explained anything.

Because there was no need for any explanation.

David said in a joking tone, Im guessing that we are very close to the finishing line.

Yes, Lu Zhou smiled and said, I can promise you that it is right in front of us.