Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 340

Chapter 340 Submission

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The 32nd experiment finally began.

The original plan for the experiment was to be three days after the previous experiment, but it had only been one day since then.

The results of the experiment were gratifying for Lu Zhou.

During the ninth hour of the experiment, a loud cheer was heard in the laboratory.

People were clapping and bumping their fists.


God Its incredible!

We did it! We did it!

Lu Zhou heard the cheers from the researchers, and as he looked at the data of the experiment that was reflected on the screen, the knot in his heart finally unraveled itself.

I guess the problem was my mathematical model after all.

Just now, the researchers used the computational power of Anton to test Lu Zhous new theoretical model of Li electrolyte solution interface.

The experiment results were perfect.

With Antons help, Lu Zhous mathematical model produced perfect digital simulations.

The establishment of this theory would have a meaningful and far-reaching impact on the entire electrochemical field and computational materials field. Prior to this, people could only study the physical and chemical properties of electrochemical interface structures through trial and error.

But now, the establishment of the theoretical model of the electrochemical interface structure would provide a theoretical basis for scholars who studied theoretical chemistry.

Undoubtedly, this was groundbreaking work.

I have to thank you, my machine here made a new breakthrough thanks to your mathematical model, David said with a smile. Maybe soon you will see a third-generation Anton.

Lu Zhou was surprised by it as he replied, I look forward to that day.

There wasnt a good reason why the powerful Anton still needed upgrades as it was future-proof for computational chemistry for at least a few years.

The entire computational chemistry industry would be thrilled to see Anton3.

The need for supercomputers was an advantage for both the computer science industry and the chemistry industry.

Since the experiment phase was over, it was time to write the thesis.

Lu Zhou left the D.E Shaw Research Institute and instantly went back to his apartment to sleep.

He slept until 9 a.m. the next day before he crawled out of bed. He then went to his computer desk and sat down.

Lu Zhou consulted Davids opinion and decided to submit the thesis toJACS1.

Compared to other journals, the impact factor of JACS wasnt high, but it was well respected in the chemistry community.

After all, the impact factor was not the only factor that measured the influence of a journal. The total number of citations and references also mattered. Combining all of these factors, JACS ranked first in the field of materials and chemistry.

Lu Zhou opened the unfinished document on his laptop and placed his hands on the keyboard. He then began to fill in the contents for his thesis.

He already wrote the outline of the thesis a month ago.

Right now, he only had to modify the mathematical model and fill in the new content.

This work was boring compared to the simulating research work.

If it wasnt so difficult, he would have asked his student to write it for him.

If only I had an assistant

Lu Zhou spent the entire morning writing ten pages before he leaned back on his chair and stretched his shoulders.

He was about to make a cup of coffee when he suddenly received a notification.

Xiao Ai: [Master, you have mail!]


Lu Zhou opened his email.

When he saw the title, he was intrigued.

He didnt expect to receive an email from Professor Stanley.


Dear Professor Lu, how are you?

The last time I chatted with you at the Organic Chemistry Conference, I was quite inspired by your research.

Thanks to you, we were able to make a major breakthrough in the field of the lithium-sulfur batteries. You will soon see our thesis on JACS

To celebrate this great moment, this evening, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Manhattan, New York, there will a banquet hosted by ExxonMobil. Many well-known scholars and entrepreneurs in the industry will attend this party.

We will show our new technology at the end of the banquet.

If you are interested, you are welcome to come.

I will introduce you to some interesting people who might be useful for your next research project.


Once Lu Zhou had read the email, he shook his head.

He could smell the humble bragging coming through the screen.

Maybe Professor Stanley hoped that he would lash out at the banquet and embarrass himself?

Obviously, Professor Stanley was wrong.

A good idea was only 1% of the product.

The other 99% was in patents

Lu Zhou deleted the email and closed the browser.

Although he would be happy to congratulate Professor Stanley, he had another party waiting for him.

To celebrate this hard-won victory, David Shaw decided to invite all the engineers and researchers at the institute to the Hilton Hotel.

Lu Zhou would much rather celebrate with his comrades.

Xiao Ai, help me reply to the email, just refuse the invitation, Lu Zhou said while he continued to type out his thesis.

Xiao Ai: [Okay, master, I got this!]


There are improvements, it knows how to write emails now.

Lu Zhou was surprised at Xiao Ais reply.

He clearly remembered that this thing couldnt even write his award-winning speech.

Lu Zhou decided to give Xiao Ai a chance.

Okay then, take care of it.