Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 341

Chapter 341 Great Achievements

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After Professor Stanley obtained the patent number, he submitted the thesis to JACS.

To celebrate this victory, ExxonMobil organized a banquet. Not only was Professor Stanley and his research team invited, but Woods also invited the companys shareholders.

Of course, Professor Stanley also invited Lu Zhou.

He decided to show respect to his opponent who had lost the race.

However, it seemed that the kid didnt have a lot of respect for him.

[Not coming!]


Short and concise reply.

When Stanley saw the line of text, his eyebrow twitched.

What the hell is this?

He calmed himself down and deleted the email.

You dont have to let a loser affect your mood.

Stanley took a deep breath and tried to relax his mind.

He reached out to fix his tie before he went back into the party with a smile on his face

In order to build momentum, ever since the beginning of the year, ExxonMobil had kept their involvement in the battery industry a secret.

Professor Stanley making a breakthrough in lithium-sulfur batteries was undoubtedly a shocking piece of news for the entire industry.

Because this meant that Mobil Chemical, who had an advantage in raw chemical materials, had first dibs on the patent.

During the party, Professor Stanley naturally became the center of attention.

Whether it was business people or scholars, they all didnt want to miss the opportunity to make friends with this lithium-sulfur battery expert.

Woods stood in the middle of the banquet hall and raised his glass to Professor Stanley before he said, Congratulations, Professor Stanley, your status in the lithium field has strengthened once again.

Professor Stanley gracefully sipped some wine before he said, Thank you, congratulations to you too, I heard ExxonMobils shares are booming.

Woods had a bright smile on. Of course.

A Broadway singer played a melodious song for the banquet.

The guests attending the banquet gradually stepped onto the dance floor.

People outside the dance floor formed into circles as they enjoyed the party in their own ways.

Professor Stanley was standing with his research team, and he had a glass of champagne in his hand as he spoke loudly.

Everyone, quiet please, I have something to say!

People around him stopped talking and focused their attention onto this big man.

Stanley enjoyed the attention. He coughed and said solemnly, This is without a doubt a great moment! We should thank those who silently contributed to a great cause.

He raised his glass and smirked.

Cheers to Professor Lu!


Hahaha! Thank you, Professor Lu, for your thesis!

The researchers knew the inside story; they started to laugh and some even whistled.

Professor Lu undoubtedly helped them greatly.

However, history didnt remember people that helped, only people that created.

No matter how close someone was to the results, coming second meant nothing.

Ricardo waited until no one was around Stanley before he walked up to him to ask, Congratulations, Professor Stanley, have you submitted your thesis yet?

Stanley nodded and said, Yes, Mr. Ricardo, your data came in handy.

Ricardo said, According to our agreement, you will add my name on the thesis, right?

Stanley had a sudden flash on disdain in his eyes, but he managed to conceal it well.

He nodded. Of course, you are our hero.

According to the contract, his name would be on the thesis, and he would remain in the research team.

Of course, he could forget about being involved in important research.

No matter how talented he was, Stanley would never allow him in the core research team or to touch any sensitive data.

A researcher without integrity was worthless.

Ricardo was immersed in joy; he obviously didnt realize Professor Stanleys plan. He really thought he was a hero.

In a sense, he did make a great contribution.

A contribution that was so great that Lu Zhou was willing to sue this guy

But neither he nor Professor Stanley noticed any weird signs.

Until halfway through the banquet when Professor Stanley suddenly received a call

What did you say? The inhibitory effect of the carbon molecule on the shuttle effect isnt as ideal as we thought?

Professor Stanley stood on the balcony with his cell phone; he was in disbelief.

Just now, he had received a piece of bad news from his research assistant who was still in the laboratory.

Really bad news

He made sure that no one was around before he lowered his voice and asked, Are you sure you experimented with all of the ratios?

The research assistant said, I have increased the carbon mass ratio to 50%. Although there is some effect on polysulfide compounds, the effects are far below our expectations.

Professor Stanley turned red and suddenly found it hard to breathe.

This is impossible! Continue the experiments and increase the carbon mass ratio to over 50%!

The assistant said, Professor! Were making a battery! Battery!

Professor Stanley suddenly realized what he had said.

His face turned white.

Yeah, they were making a battery.

The carbon nanomaterials werent part of the electrochemical reaction.

Normally, the ratio of carbon in carbon-sulfur composites was within 30%. If it were increased to 50%, then there would be no point for the material to exist. This was because the real reaction didnt involve carbon, it involved sulfur!

Even if the producers could accept this cost, the market would never accept a battery so unnecessarily large

The old professor took two steps back and leaned against the balcony railings. He looked as if he had aged 20 years instantly.

It was like he was just standing on a cloud before he got hit by lightning.

Right now, he didnt know why this was happening.

Suddenly, Professor Stanley remembered that email.

He calmed down and thought about it from a different perspective.

If he were the one that got poached and his researcher leaked important experiment data, he would be furious. Even if he could contain his anger, he would never be able to write such a calm email.


He had a scary thought.

This thought sent chills down Stanleys spine.

Maybe he was played