Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 342

Chapter 342 Not Everyone Can Laugh Until The End

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While ExxonMobil was celebrating their victory, another victory celebration was going on nearby at the Hilton Hotel.

In order to celebrate Antons great victory in the field of computational chemistry and the creation of the model for the electrochemical interface structure, David rented a luxurious ballroom at the Hilton Hotel to host the party.

They spent a month working overtime on this project; everyone was dead tired.

Party was the best way to relax.

What surprised Lu Zhou was that these formal PhD researchers took off their white coats and put on their most expensive tuxedo to this party, completely going against the stereotype of a science bro.

What surprised him the most was the ladies that attended the party.

Where there that many female researchers at the D.E Shaw Research Institute?

He was at Columbia University for over a month, he had been going to the research institute every single day, and still, he could only count a handful of female researchers.

However, those young and beautiful ladies they didnt look like researchers

The party hadnt begun yet but the guests had already arrived.

David, who was wearing a suit, stood at the entrance of the ballroom. He poured himself a glass of champagne and raised his glass.

This is a moment worth celebrating, let us toast to Anton and Professor Lu!

This lighted the atmosphere of the party.

The guests smiled and raised their glasses.


The champagne popped and foam burst into the air.

The party had finally begun.

The waiters in uniform walked into the ballroom with plates and dining carts; the food was stacked on long tables on both sides of the dance floor.

A melodious jazz song started to play while the young woman and men gradually stepped onto the dance floor.

Most people were willing to dance with their favorite person before eating

However, Lu Zhou obviously didnt want to do that.

He was more attracted to the food than dancing.

Especially after eating a month of bacon sandwiches, the salads, chicken legs, and foie gras looked exceptionally appetizing.

He was adding more delicious food onto his plate when David came over.

How do you feel? David smiled at Lu Zhou and said, This party is for you.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Its very New York style.

Princeton is different?

Princeton is mostly about barbecue on lawns; its another type of enjoyment.

Lu Zhou then said with a relaxed tone, Speaking of which, I never noticed so many female researchers at the institute before.

Of course theyre not all my researchers, there are also girls from Columbias Manhattan sisters sorority. David looked at Lu Zhou and joked, You know, 90% of researchers at research institutes are male, so this gives them a chance to socialize. This is one of the responsibilities of being a boss.

Lu Zhou asked, Kind of like a group dating club?

David smiled and said, Haha, I guess so.

In American universities, clubs, fraternities, and sororities were extremely common. Almost half of the students participated in some kind of club.

There were basketball, football, and even dance clubs. The social clubs allowed young people to interact with one another.

However, all of the clubs had a common theme an endless amount of partying.

In some sense, Lu Zhous food club was an elite club. It rarely hosted any kind of party events.

But how did David connect with Manhattan Sisters?

Actually, it was easy.

This was the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan; there were very few people that could host a party here.

There were tons of young and beautiful girls who were willing to dress to impress the D.E Shaw Research Institute.

They enjoyed partying and posting photos on Instagram.

Speaking of which, youre still single, right? Actually, theres nothing wrong with being single, David said. He shook the glass of champagne in his hand as he added, Feel free to ask anyone to dance.

Lu Zhou said, But I dont know how to dance.

Its fine, people dont care if you dance horribly, David said. He then smiled and continued, I bet that many girls are willing to dance with you.

Is he calling me handsome?

Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly.

This Im embarrassed.

Even though Lu Zhou thought of himself as handsome as well

David opened a new bottle of champagne and as he filled his glass, he asked, What is your next step? How about you just become a professor at Columbia University? I can convince the principal to open a computational materials department.

Lu Zhou looked at the lights of Manhattan outside the window and said, Columbia is a beautiful place, so is Manhattan. But I think Princeton is more of my kind of place.

David sighed and said, Really? Okay then, everyone has their preferences.

He poured the remaining alcohol into Lu Zhous glass and said, If you have time, remember to come and visit me here.

Sure, its close by anyway.

Lu Zhou suddenly remembered something when he said, Oh yeah, I have something to ask you before I go back to Princeton.

David: What?

The theoretical model of the electrochemical interface structure has already been completed, but the new theory is often ignored. In order to enhance its credibility, I intend to use our theoretical tools to try to solve more specific problems. I need the power of Anton for this. Lu Zhou paused for a second before he said, I wont need it for too long, I only need it before I return to Princeton.

His visit to Columbia University would last until June, which meant that he still had a month to go before leaving for Princeton.

This experiment wouldnt take a month. Optimistically, it would only take two weeks.

Also, this experiment was related to the Jinling Institute of Computational Materials.

Therefore, whether David wanted or not, Lu Zhou planned to pay him equipment rental fees.

David was interested, so he asked, What kind of problem?

Lu Zhou smirked.

Its a molecular dynamics simulation of the interface between carbon-sulfur composites and organic electrolytic solutions!