Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Please Tell Me

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It had been a month since Lu Zhous thesis was published in JACS; the debate about the theoretical model of the electrochemical interface had become more and more intense.

Because of this controversy, this thesis had been receiving more and more attention.

Although he didnt choose to submit to the popular journal Science, Science still made a highlight for his thesis.

Not only that, the famous theoretical chemist and the 2013 Nobel Prize laureate, Professor Martin Karplus of Harvard University, was invited to write a scientific review and comment on the research results.

Ive been paying attention to his theses, and I didnt expect his results to come out so soon. This is without a doubt a great achievement. I am quite optimistic at the correctness of the research. However, it answers many problems regarding the electrochemical interface, thus I have some unresolved questions.

So far, the Nobel Prize has only been given to the computational chemistry field twice. I believe that the Nobel Prize will visit this field again in the near future.

Prior to this, Martin Karplus made an outstanding contribution to the multi-scale simulation of complex molecular system design by proposing the Karplus equation for the relationship between the coupling constant and the dihedral angle. This was the reason he received the 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

He was a theoretical chemist that was also proficient in mathematics. Karplus made many outstanding contributions in fields such as quantum chemistry, biomacromolecules, and molecular dynamics model.

Because of this, his review of Lu Zhous thesis received widespread attention.

Especially because Science was one of the top two journals in the world, many scholars outside of the chemistry field were able to read a summary of the thesis.

At the same time, a photo had been circling on Twitter among the Columbia University students.

It was a photo of a man standing in front of the Thinker statue.

The caption was in one line.

[A mortal man saw the universe through a bronze statue.]

This photo was taken a month ago.

Apparently, it was taken by a person with a PhD in philosophy who was walking back to his apartment.

This PhD holder thought it was interesting that someone was standing in front of the Thinker statue for so long, therefore he took a photo.

After returning home, the PhD holder drank some alcohol and came up with the caption for Twitter.

He didnt expect that his tweet would be discovered a month later.

Actually, this tweet didnt attract any special attention until the 2013 Nobel Prize winner gave this photo a very different meaning on Science.

It brought a sense of character and color.

Even though everyone knew that it was impossible for an apple to teach Newton the laws of gravity, a story gave a sense of scientific romance to the public. It was then easier for the public to spread the story.

Standing in front of a bronze Thinker statue while coming up with a new chemistry theory was exactly this type of story.

However, Lu Zhou didnt know that these things were happening on Twitter. He merely realized that he was being recognized more often on the Columbia campus; some people even took photos with him.

He was confused at the enthusiasm of these people, but since he was an easygoing person, he would often accept the requests of his fans.

As for those that were too enthusiastic and naughty

He obviously rejected them.

The interesting thing was that Lu Zhou wasnt the only popular person on the Columbia campus.

Even the bronze statue became the center of attention.

More and more people began to stand in front of it, both professors and students.

It was difficult to say whether this was a good thing for the statue or not

Times of joy were always short-lived.

It was time for Lu Zhou to say goodbye to this university.

Before leaving, the president of the Columbia University, Professor Lee Carroll Bollinger, personally sent Lu Zhou to the school entrance.

I can tell that Columbia students like you a lot. Are you sure you dont want to stay?

Lu Zhou smiled and joked, I dont think Mr. Eisgruber would like that very much.

Eisgruber was the president of Princeton University. Although Lu Zhou wasnt close to him, he still knew of him.

Oh, dont do this, I was only thinking for my students. Bollinger smiled and said, If you can, tell Eisgruber I said hi. Also, the doors of Columbia University are always open for you.

Lu Zhou smiled. Thank you.

Professor Bollinger said with a heavy tone, Actually we prepared a gift for you. But this gift is a little special, it requires your opinion

Lu Zhou asked, Can I ask what this gift is?

An honorary professor title at Columbia University. Since this gift is nothing useful to you, Bollinger smiled and said, I dont know if youre willing to accept this gift?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Its my honor.

Professor Bollinger smiled. This is also the honor of Columbia University.

A person could have many honorary professor tittles. Prior to this, Lu Zhou was only an honorary professor for Jin Ling University.

This title represented Columbia Universitys recognition of his academic ability and his friendship with Columbia University.

Any scholar would be happy to receive as many honorary professor titles as possible.

Lu Zhou walked outside of Columbia campus and sat in his Ford Explorer.

Jerick was sitting in the drivers seat. When he heard that his professor was coming back, he volunteered to pick Lu Zhou up.

Even though Lu Zhou planned to take the train back, he didnt reject Jericks proposal.

Professor, are we going back to school?

Lu Zhou put on his seat belt and said, Of course, we can still get some lunch if we get there fast.

Jerick nodded. Okay, professor.

He was about to start driving, but suddenly, a man in a suit fell in front of his car.

Lu Zhou was muddled.

Is this

The legendary insurance fraud?

Ive never even seen this in Jinling, why is it happening here?

Jerick was also muddled; he had never seen anything like this. He removed his feet from the gas pedal and turned the engine off.

The man in the suit climbed up and walked to the side of the car. When he saw Lu Zhou, he screamed tearfully.

Please, in gods name, forgive me.

Lu Zhou was confused; he didnt know what was happening.

Speak slowly, who are you?

Honest to god, Lu Zhou had never seen this dude before.

It was almost like Lu Zhou had bullied this guy before.

This isnt a good look for me

Lu Zhou looked around and saw many students staring at the commotion.

The security guard at the entrance of the Columbia campus touched his baton as he stared at them.

There had been an increase in school shootings in recent years. Although New York had the strictest gun laws in America, they still took security very seriously.

This could be seen from the protective gear the security guards had.

I The man in the suit awkwardly hesitated and said, Im Ricardo I used to work at your research institute.

When Lu Zhou heard this name, he finally knew what was going on.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Dont worry, I have already withdrawn your lawsuit.

Although Lu Zhou was angry when he was poached

But it had been so long Furthermore, since this dude had been a great help to him, Lu Zhou had let this matter go a long time ago.

However, Lu Zhou didnt expect Ricardo to be even more miserable.

No, please dont do this! Sue me! I beg you!

Lu Zhou: ?