Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 348

Chapter 348 A Genius Student

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Mission 1: Genius Student Development plan

Description: A super genius cultivates a genius student and receives a cohort of genius students tomorrow. What a great deal.

Requirements: Help a student to complete their thesis.

Rewards: 1 ??? Subject experience points. (Value correlated to the academic value of the research project and negatively correlated to users participation in the thesis.). 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket. (50% garbage, 25% samples, 15% blueprints, 10% special).


Lu Zhou looked at this first mission and complained.

What does this system think of genius students?

Does it think that teaching genius students is like planting trees?

The super genius student must be a compliment.

Lu Zhou received recognition from the high tech system, but he wasnt sure if this was a good thing or not.


Mission 2: King of the football field

Description: Football is the American national sport. The Super Bowl is a national-level event. The Super Bowl seems a bit too difficult, but the Ivy League fall championship should be fine?

Requirements: Participate in any of Princetons rugby clubs and place third place in the league.

Rewards: 10,000 to 50,000 experience points. 500 General points. One lucky draw ticket (80% garbage, 10% sample, 6% blueprints, 4% special).


Lu Zhou:

What do you mean it should be fine?

This is not fine.

Lu Zhou remembered that Connie was built like the hulk, and he decided to stay away from the dangerous sport of football.

If he got hurt, it would be a loss to all of mankind

Lu Zhou continued to look at the mission panel.


Mission 3: Lithium-air battery is the future!

Description: Lithium-sulfur batteries will eventually be eliminated, lithium-air batteries are the future!

Requirements: Solve a series of lithium-air battery problems and make lithium-air batteries occupy 5% of the global battery market.

Reward: 0-??? subject experience points. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket (50% garbage, 30% sample, 10% blueprints, 10% special).


There was nothing wrong with the mission itself, but the high tech systems logic was similar to Professor Sarrots.

Lu Zhou didnt know if the system overestimated the technological level of human civilization or if the system just didnt want him to earn experience points.

However, since the system was so confident in lithium-air batteries, Lu Zhou felt that he should consider it seriously. He might have to buy the caged carbon molecule from Professor Stanley.

Anyway, it shouldnt cost a lot.

Lu Zhou looked at the three missions and thought for a bit. In the end, he chose Mission 1 as his primary mission.

Mission 2 was too dangerous and Mission 3 was too difficult; Mission 1 was undoubtedly the best option.

However, the reward was negatively correlated with Lu Zhous participation in the thesis. The system wanted Lu Zhou to be more hands-off and let his student do the project.

Lu Zhou rubbed his chin and began to think.

Thats a bit difficult.

Institute of Materials Science at Binghamton University.

Ricardo! Come out! Damnit Where did that idiot go?

Professor Stanley was looking for Ricardo in the laboratory. He was so filled with rage to the point that even his beard was trembling.

Obviously, he was as furious as he could get.

Many laboratories had been questioning his thesis, asking him to do repeated experiments.

Professor Stanley replied to these suspicions with just because you cant do it, doesnt mean that other people cant as well.

This response sounded a bit unreasonable.

However, it was nothing unusual in the academic community.

Although the essence of scientific research was that it could be repeated, not every experiment could be copied perfectly.

After all, even if the experiment process was easy, a small change could lead to wildly different results.

In fact, the caged carbon molecules did have an effect on inhibiting the shuttle effect.

However, it was far less effective than what Professor Stanley had described.

The academic community gradually lost interest in his research and the market began to get annoyed. Especially ExxonMobil, they were becoming impatient at their stock price.

In order to fix this situation, a month ago, Professor Stanley told ExxonMobil that he would do everything he could to make the caged carbon molecules useful.

However, unfortunately, no matter what mixing method he used for the positive sulfur material, he couldnt prevent the polysulfide compound from diffusing into the electrolyte. The positive electrode material would disappear after a hundred or two hundred cycles.

Professor Stanley was more and more suspicious of Ricardo being a double spy. He was about to confront Ricardo when Ricardo suddenly disappeared from his laboratory.

He asked his assistant what had happened.

Since two days ago, Ricardo hadnt been coming to the laboratory.

Suddenly, Professor Stanley understood what had happened.

His worst fear was realizing itself.

He felt like an idiot for believing in that traitor!

The researchers in the laboratory feared Professor Stanleys temper.

No one knew why but ever since that Manhattan banquet, Professor Stanley, who was at the peak of his career, suddenly developed a temper.

Even though they were in the same laboratory and working on the same experiment, no one knew the specifics of the entire experiment.

Other than the core researchers whose name appeared in the thesis, most researchers of the institute knew nothing about the specifics of the caged carbon molecule.

Most researchers thought that they had solved the lithium-sulfur battery shuttle effect and defeated the world-class problem

Damn, f*ck! Professor Stanley couldnt stop swearing as he sat in his office desk and breathed heavily.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

Professor Stanley checked the phone number and took a deep breath to calm down. He then picked up the phone.

Woods voice could be heard from the other side of the telephone.

My engineer told me what you cant create the battery at all! Stop giving me boring reasons, I need an explanation.

This was his fifth call to Professor Stanley since the Manhattan banquet. His voice had gotten less and less polite each time he called.

Professor Stanley went silent for a while.

He was about to tell the CEO the whole truth when he suddenly had another thought.

ExxonMobil didnt know that Ricardo was missing from the laboratory.

This might not be a bad thing.

He could throw Ricardo under the bus

Professor Stanley lowered his voice and said, We were played.

Woods was stunned at this answer. He then asked, What do you mean?

Professor Stanley said, The data was fake, Ricardo was a double-spy! Dont you understand! We were played right from the beginning!

Woods immediately said, Impossible! Where can he go? There is a lawsuit on his a*s, he cant run far.

In America, corporate espionage was a very serious crime. Especially when it came to intellectual property theft

Ricardos entry out of the country could be under heavy restrictions.

As long as Ricardo was in America, it would be easy to find him.

Professor Stanley said, Hes a double-spy, do you think that Star Sky Technology will still sue him? They probably have already withdrawn their lawsuit

Woods began to think.

He was angry that Professor Stanley had hidden this from him for over a month.

But his anger was now on Ricardo.

If what Professor Stanley said was true, then it wasnt all his fault.

After all, poaching from Lu Zhou was Woods idea as well.

However, this wasnt the time to argue about whose fault it was

Woods took a deep breath and spoke slowly, I will talk to the legal department about the lawsuit. As for now

An energy giant like ExxonMobil faced lawsuits every day; a small lawsuit on one of the members of their staff wouldnt attract their attention.

Woods wasnt up to date with the progress of the lawsuit.

Of course, if what Stanley said was true, Woods would make Ricardo pay the price.

As for now

Woods paused for a moment before he said, As for now, we must stabilize our position! The new material is not ideal, this information cannot be leaked! Our investors trust us, we cannot let them down.

Also, I learned that Lu Zhou has been researching new theory recently; lithium-sulfur batteries is not his focus anymore. Although we went on the wrong track, we are not too far behind.

I need you to do more experiments.

We have invested a lot of resources, I dont want to see nothing come of it! I dont think you want to fail either!

When Professor Stanley heard this, he sighed in relief.

Obviously, ExxonMobil wouldnt admit defeat so easily. Woods still chose Stanley to fight on the front line.

Professor Stanley spoke in a gentle tone, I have been doing experiments already.

He had never intended to admit defeat.

He would fight until the day he received the results.