Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Science Is Endless

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Founded in 1923, Times Magazine was one of the most influential media outlets in the world.

Times wrote reports on many different industries and fields. However, they weren’t for industry experts to read. Rather, they were for normal people who wanted to understand the world through the window of Times.

Lu Zhou took the business card from this lady and turned the card over.

Under the iconic logo “Times” was a name: Julia Drake.

Lu Zhou thought for a moment before he said, “I don’t have a lot of time.”

Julia smiled and said, “Don’t worry, this won’t take long.”

The interview quickly began.

Julia turned on the recorder and asked the first question.

“Most people know you from the Goldbach’s conjecture and Crafoord Prize, and they think of you as a mathematician. Can I ask what made you interested in the chemistry industry?”

The first question was very interesting. Lu Zhou thought about it seriously for a moment before he came up with an answer.

“The public likes to label a person based on their limited knowledge. In fact, this labeling is often biased and one-sided. The more cutting-edge the research is, the more difficult it is to classify a problem.

“For example, my research on modified PDMS film was undoubtedly a materials science problem, but it was also an organic chemistry problem. It involved the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the material, so it was also related to condensed matter physics. Personally, I used a computational model myself, so it could also be classified as a mathematics problem.”

Julia asked, “Why battery then?”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Probably because my phone is often out of battery at important times, so I want the battery to last longer?”

Julia was unsatisfied at this answer.

She asked, “Is this the real reason?”

Lu Zhou said, “If I have to give a reason, this is the only one I can think of. In fact, most of my colleagues at the Institute of Advanced Study are engaging in research work with no specific motivation behind the research. Just like me, they are just curious and interested.”

Julia’s eyes lit up as she asked, “So, do you think interest is the best supervisor?”

Lu Zhou nodded and said, “You could say that.”

Julia looked at her notes and asked, “The next question might be a bit offensive, but do you want to talk about personal assets?”

Lu Zhou said, “It depends on the question. I hope it doesn’t involve me talking about any specific numbers”

He wasn’t sure how much money Star Sky Technology had made for him.

After all, the string of numbers in his bank account was only a tool to help him achieve his purpose, not the purpose itself. Unless the research required a lot of investment, Lu Zhou wouldn’t pay attention to the finances.

Julia smiled and said, “No worries, I won’t ask about that.”

She continued to speak, “Star Sky Technology has made hundreds of millions off your modified PDMS patent. Lithium-sulfur batteries could also be hugely profitable for you.

“There is no doubt that you are living a life that all researchers are envious of. You can research any topic you wish without constraints. Most people describe your career as successful, but what do you think of your career?”

This question wasn’t easy to answer, and Lu Zhou had to think for a long time.

After a while, he finally answered.

“I enjoy the fun that science brings me more than the money. As for the numbers in the bank account They are useful of course. As per what you said, I can research anything I want without having to think of the economic, culture, and politics.”

“As for the success,” Lu Zhou smiled and said, “I think science is endless. But I don’t think I deserve this evaluation.”

The interview took about 20 minutes. Julia asked him other questions about life, research, and working as a professor. Lu Zhou responded selectively.

At the end of the interview, Julia asked one last question, “Can I ask about your future plans?”

“Future” Lu Zhou looked up and thought for a bit before he said, “Maybe physics.”

Julia asked, “Physics?”

“That’s right,” Lu Zhou said with a nod. He then continued, “Theoretical physics has always been an area of interest for me. I think this field is closely related to mathematics. In fact, I have done quite a lot of research in this area, and most importantly, there is still a physics problem that troubles me.”

It was about the 750 GeV signal.

Although the mainstream opinion was that this was just a coincidence, Lu Zhou believed that mathematics wouldn’t lie.

There was an amazing secret behind the signal.

Julia smiled and said, “This is a bold decision. I wish you success. Also, there is one more favor I have to ask.”

Lu Zhou said, “What?”

“If you don’t mind, I want to take a photo of you for the next cover of Times Magazine. But not here. Do you have time tomorrow?”

Oh, this is what you want?


Lu Zhou smiled and nodded.


Lu Zhou had always been confident about his looks.

He agreed to a time and place for the photoshoot before Julia left with her assistant and photographer.

As per what she said, this interview didn’t take long.

The club members saw that the interviewer had left, and they came over.

Jimmy was the first to speak and this freckled boy asked, “Coach who were those people?”

Lu Zhou said, “Reporters.”

A Mexican guy asked, “Are you going on the news?”

“I guess.” Lu Zhou looked at the club members who were worshiping him and said, “Work hard, if you win the championship, I’m sure a lot of people will want to interview you.”

The Mexican dude asked, “Can I ask which TV station those reporters were from?”

“Not a TV station” Lu Zhou said. In fact, he was also surprised why there was a photographer.

Was it for capturing photos?

The crowd quieted down after hearing it wasn’t a TV station.

They lost their interest.

It turned out that Lu Zhou wasn’t going on TV.

Lu Zhou added another sentence.

“It’s just Times Magazine.”

Everyone: “”

People were speechless at how nonchalantly Lu Zhou spoke.

Finally, Jimmy was the one to speak first.

The kid quietly whispered, “ Times Magazine would never interview a drone competition winner.”

Everyone in the Princeton Drone Club agreed.

Their consultant was great; the only downside was that Lu Zhou humble bragged too much.

They were muddled.

Lu Zhou smiled and didn’t reply to Jimmy. Instead, he clapped his hands and changed the topic.

“Stop wasting time, hurry up and train. This is probably my last session with you guys before the competition.”

Jimmy asked, “Coach, are you busy next week?”

Lu Zhou nodded.

“I will go to Germany for a while next week. It might take a week or two, or it might take a month. If you need to use the equipment in the laboratory, you can ask Connie.”

Lu Zhou patted the young man on the shoulder as he said, “I hope that the next time I come back, I will be standing among winners.”