Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Brother Zhou Something Bad Happened

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It was six oclock at night when Lu Zhou went into the kitchen and put on an apron before he started to cook. This was part of their agreement. The chick also followed him into the kitchen and watched him as she was very interested.

The kitchen was stock with fresh food that Mrs. Yang probably bought.

There was tofu, pork tenderloin, and some fresh vegetables. Not only that, the almost used up salt and herbs were also replenished.

It seemed that Mrs. Yang acquiesced him using her kitchen. After all, she did not want her daughter to eat junk food and takeout every day.


Why doesnt she hire a maid?

It did not bother Lu Zhou. He was happy to eat dinner at his customers house because he did not have to spend money. He asked if Han Mengqi could eat spicy food before he started to cook.

Han Mengqi asked, Have you been a tutor before?

Lu Zhou replied while pouring the oil into the pot, This is my first time.

Han Mengqis eyes widened. She had not expected his answer and said, Really? I think youre pretty good at teaching.

You think so? Probably because I used to occasionally tutor my little sister, said Lu Zhou. He stir-fried the mincemeat, put in the tofu, added water, and covered the pot with a lid. He then turned the fire to a simmer and went to chop tomatoes.

He was making mapo tofu. As for the tomatoes, he was preparing it for fried eggs with tomatoes.

You have a little sister? asked Han Mengqi in surprise. She then added, How old is she?

Same age as you. Grade 10 now and shell be Grade 11 after this summer.

Han Mengqi twitched her nose. She was envious and sighed.

Im so jealous

What are you jealous for? A little sister is very annoying.

Han Mengqi tilted her head and asked, Do you hate your sister?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and shook his head, Of course not, shes my family. Why would I hate her?

He did not mention that one should love your family no matter what.

Im still jealous said Han Mengqi. She pouted, I wish I have a brother.

What? Maybe she wants to be the troublesome sibling?

Lu Zhou rolled his eyes.

Han Mengqi stood next to him as she looked at the boiling pot and did not say anything. Suddenly she asked curiously, Would my parents still make me a brother if they divorced?

Lu Zhou thought and replied, I dont know Even if they did, itd be a younger brother.

Speaking of which, why are you so looking forward to your parents divorce?


Han Mengqi blushed and realized that she had asked a stupid question. She stuck her tongue out and did not say anything.

Lu Zhou placed the rice on the table. This time, he cooked three cups so that they did not have to worry about running out of rice to eat.

Han Mengqi sat on the dining table and started to eat the mapo tofu. Her fair forehead was full of sweat and her neck was moist from the steam but she did not complain as she ate happily.

Lu Zhou looked at this chick. He smiled and said, Youre like your cousin. You guys both like spicy food.

Han Mengqi opened her mouth and was about to eat when she put down the spoon and tilted her head, What? My cousin doesnt like spicy food.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Han Mengqi tilted her head and confused, she asked Lu Zhou, What?

Nothing? replied Lu Zhou with an awkward expression.

Ill apologize to her the next time I buy her food

They finished eating and Lu Zhou tidied up the table. He warned Han Mengqi to stay safe when she was alone at home and left.

He called a DiDi cab outside the apartment and went back to school.

Just as Lu Zhou was getting off the car in front of the school, he received a WeChat message from Mrs. Yang.

[Transfer: 1000]


[Yang Danqi: Thank you.]

Lu Zhou saw the thank you message and paused. He smiled and typed, [Youre welcome.]

He was going to put his phone back into his pocket when a call came through.

He saw that Liu Rui was calling. Lu Zhou laughed. He thought that Liu Rui must have forgotten his keys and picked up the call.

However, just as he was about to tease the kid, an eager voice came through.

Brother Zhou, something bad happened!

Liu Rui immediately notified Lu Zhou.

Liu Rui was pretty arrogant sometimes, but he was not malevolent. Therefore, Lu Zhou decided to put up with him.

The important thing was, what exactly happened?

Lu Zhou went back to the dorm, picked up Liu Ruis phone, and started to read the article.

[On the topic of modern Chinese university academics: Starting from an undergraduate students thesis]

The article discussed the overall situation of Chinese academics, from mathematics to physics, from computer science to philosophy. The last sentence talked about why China did not produce great scientists like Einstein and Newton.

Anyone that had written an article would know that the broader a question was, the more one could bullsh*t about it. One did not even have to be an expert to answer the question.

Then the article criticized the academic value of posting nine SCI theses into one journal. It portrayed this undergraduate student as an academic cancer that did not know anything.

Correct, they actually used the word academic cancer.

Finally, it said that this undergraduate student came from the University of Jin Ling and the first name was Zhou.

The author was a scholar, commentator, scientific writer and a well known intellectual. He even had a verified check mark next to his profile picture.

This guy has millions of followers.


Lu Zhou was muddled.

Who is this guy?

I dont even know you. What the hell are you doing?

I wrote the theses with my own abilities so why shouldnt I publish them? How did it affect you?

Liu Rui did not realize the seriousness of the situation and he laughed as he said, When did you learn computer science? When did you submit to SCI?

He had a thought but did not say it. It was: Ill try submitting as well.

I learned it while watching a movie! Why? answered Lu Zhou angrily as he stared at him.

Liu Rui saw that Lu Zhou was angry so he shut his mouth up.

Lu Zhou took in a deep breath and once he calmed down, he asked, Where did you see this?

He did not believe that this kid would be bored enough to follow some so-called education commentator.

A computer science student from my mathematical modeling training group posted it and I saw it But I didnt post it to my news feed! clarified Liu Rui.

Jealousy was still jealousy. Just because he was competitive did not mean that he was malevolent. Lu Zhou knew that his own roommate would not stab him in the back.

Lu Zhou did not respond and continued to read Weibo.

Liu Rui saw that Liu Rui did not speak so he asked, What are we going to do?

Lu Zhou did not know either. He did not even have a Weibo account. He had heard of Weibo before but never signed up.

Lu Zhou, Insult him for me.

Liu Rui, Insult for what? Wait, why dont you insult him yourself?

Lu Zhou, I dont have a Weibo account.

Liu Rui:

Finally, Liu Rui and Lu Zhou decided not to bother with this scum.

Who cares if you criticize me?

Little boy, I wont even respond to you. Go and play with yourself! Who cares about you!

Then, Lu Zhou carried his computer bag and went to the library.

However, his analysis of the situation was oversimplified.

He was not just Lu Zhou, but he was also a University of Jin Ling student