Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 360

Chapter 360 These Students Are Not Good Enough

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[God Lu is insane!]

[I thought that once I go into university, I would be able to touch God Lus trophy, but now, I dont even understand what God Lus trophy is]

[It doesnt matter if you understand it or not, geniuses doing scientific research is different than normal people doing scientific research]

[Im staying up all night reading theses, so sad]

[Can this guy humble brag any more?]

[Lu Zhou, please teach me]

[God Lu, are you still writing other peoples theses?]


Overnight, Lu Zhous inbox had 99+ notifications.

The comment section was blowing up.

Lu Zhou sat in the hotel restaurant and was eating breakfast. As he scrolled through his phone while looking at his fan messages, it made his breakfast even more delicious.

Suddenly, he received a call.

Lu Zhou picked up the phone and heard Principal Xus voice.

How is it, is there hope for a Nobel Prize?

Lu Zhou nearly choked on his food.

How would I know?

Even Einstein didnt receive the Nobel Prize immediately after explaining the photoelectric effect.

The more original a theory was, the more time it would take to test its importance and value. After all, not everything was as simple as the existence of gravitational waves.

Principal Xu realized that he had asked a nonsense question. He smiled as he said, This I dont know anything about chemistry. However, the professors from the chemistry department have a high opinion of you. They said your theory laid the foundation for computational chemistry. A few academicians agree that it is no exaggeration to say that your research deserves a Nobel Prize.

This is not a f*cking exaggeration?

Lu Zhou replied humbly, Thats a bit optimistic.

Haha, its not optimistic at all, congratulations on your Hoffman Prize! Principal Xu smiled and changed into a more serious tone as he asked, Also, I have something to ask you, what do you think about computational chemistry?

Lu Zhou was stunned. He thought about it for a few seconds before he replied.

I think it is a good field, it can increase our research efficiency and decrease research costs. This is all thanks to the breakthrough in computer technology. I think that chemistry will go in the direction of physics, it will change from a purely experimental discipline to a discipline based on experiment, theory, and calculation.

Actually, this wasnt Lu Zhous own idea. The potential of computational chemistry was mentioned at the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awards ceremony.

But now, the idea became a reality. Until now, computational chemistry hadnt received any attention.

Lu Zhou always felt like it was only a matter of time until the rise of computational chemistry.

Principal Xu smiled after hearing Lu Zhous answer.

I think so too.

Principal Xu was in computer science. He was an academician in the Ministry of Information Technology, and he had always valued Jin Ling Universitys computer science department.

Now that the international theoretical chemistry community had recognized Lu Zhous theoretical model, the domestic debate had ended. Particularly, the success of the HCS-2 material shone a light on the future of computational chemistry. This was one of the reasons why Principal Xu wanted to develop in the area of computational chemistry.

Actually, Jin Ling University had a theoretical and computational chemistry research institute. However, it mainly did theoretical research and lacked special equipment.

Principal Xu Jian paused for a second before he said, We plan on building a computational chemistry supercomputer center near Jin Ling University campus, what do you think?

Lu Zhou was stunned.

I think its good

Does Jin Ling University have this much money?

A supercomputer center wouldnt be cheap.

When Principal Xu heard Lu Zhous answer, he smiled and said, Then, can you please help us write a letter?

Lu Zhou: Letter?

Principal Xu: Yes, just talk about the application potential of computational chemistry After all, Jin Ling University cant afford to buy a supercomputer; we need support from the state.

Lu Zhou suddenly realized what was happening.

So, youre asking me for this favor?

Oh, just this? Okay, Lu Zhou said. He didnt know if he would be of any use, but he still agreed quickly. Give me a week, Ill write a letter to you.

Principal Xu smiled and said, Thank you so much.

If Jin Ling University built a computational chemistry supercomputer, it would be helpful for Lu Zhous computational materials research institute. He could easily borrow the equipment.

Therefore, Lu Zhou was also helping himself.

Lu Zhou finished his breakfast and returned to his room to change his outfit.

At the party yesterday, President Hendrik Olbertz of Humboldt University gave him an invitation to give a lecture to the science students at Humboldt University.

Although he said it was a lecture for undergraduate students, before the lecture even began, a few Humboldt University professors walked into the lecture hall and sat at the back of the classroom.

They were engineering professors, which was in a different field than Lu Zhous. They didnt expect to learn any new theory from Lu Zhou; they only wanted to learn how Princeton professors lectured.

Because of this, the professors were even prepared to take notes.

Lu Zhou looked at the crowded classroom and adjusted the microphone on the podium. He made sure everything was working normally before he looked at the clock on the wall.

It was about time, so he cleared his throat and began his speech.

This was an unexpected lecture, so Lu Zhou didnt have much time to prepare. However, that was not a big deal for him.

The lecture was about general scientific knowledge, it didnt dive deep into any specific area.

His lecture was about the connections between physics, mathematics, and chemistry. He also talked about the problems he encountered in scientific research as well as some of the research experiences he acquired.

He didnt even use a PowerPoint. With just a blackboard and chalk, Lu Zhou managed to portray his thoughts vividly.

However, there was a difference between plans and reality.

The first half of the hour was fine, but when the second half of the hour came, Lu Zhou wanted to make his theory more convincing and obvious, so he couldnt help but write a few lines of equations on the blackboard.

After that, it was like a tsunami.

The entire blackboard was soon filled with equations.

The students sitting in the classroom were fascinated by the first half of the lecture, but they were soon muddled when the second half came along.

Thats the gist of it.

Lu Zhou threw the chalk on the podium and patted the dust off his arms.

Ive finished my lecture. Did you understand everything?

Everyone, including the professors, looked at him silently; no one dared to speak.

Lu Zhou gradually lost his smile.

F*ck sake!

These students are not good enough!