Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 361

Chapter 361 A New Letter

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Lu Zhou shook his head at the muddled students before he announced the end of his lecture.

He didnt stay for a second. Instead, he just turned around and left the classroom.

However, Lu Zhou didnt go far before someone shouted at him.

Please wait for a second, Professor Lu!

Lu Zhou stopped walking and turned around. He saw a well-dressed lady rushing out of the classroom.

Lu Zhou looked at the girl and asked, Who are you?

The girl took a few breaths and brushed her hair, she smiled and spoke.

Im Hu Ying, a second-year student at Humboldt University!

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Nice to meet you, Hu Ying, what do you want?

Nothing. Hu Ying looked around and smiled before she said, Um Professor Lu sounds weird, can I call you God Lu?


Lu Zhou didnt understand why Professor Lu sounded weird.

However, he didnt really care what other people called him.

A name was a name. Besides, his roommates at Dorm 201 gave him countless nicknames, so he was used to it.

Therefore, Lu Zhou nodded and said, Okay, I dont care.

Hu Ying smiled and said, God Lu, can you please tell me how can I be as excellent as you?

An academics problem, I see.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, What is your major?

Hu Ying replied immediately, Applied mathematics and international trade!

Double degree?

Lu Zhou raised his eyebrows.

He didnt understand much about international trade, but applied mathematics was his cup of tea.

Do you have a pen and paper?

Is he giving me his phone number?

I do! Hu Yings eyes lit up as she grabbed a pen and notebook from her purse. She then smiled and said, Thank you, God Lu, for mentoring me!

Not quite mentoring, but I can teach you a little about applied mathematics.

Lu Zhou took the pen and paper from her and immediately started writing.

Time quickly passed by.

Lu Zhou finished writing another page, and Hu Ying started to get suspicious.

Just as she was wondering what kind of contact information wouldnt fit on a page, Lu Zhou stopped writing and handed her back her notebook.

This is a book list. Ive read these books at Humboldt University when I was bored, and they should be helpful for applied mathematics.

Hu Ying: ???

Hu Ying was rooted to the spot. Lu Zhou thought that she went into deep thought and nodded with satisfaction.

The rest is up to you, there is no technique other than hard work.

That is all I can do for you.

Before Hu Ying could say anything, Lu Zhou turned around and left.

Lu Zhou walked outside the school gate and went to the supermarket. He then bought some letters and envelopes.

He didnt want to forget anything, so he decided to send Principal Xu the letter in the afternoon.

Lu Zhou walked out of the supermarket with a plastic bag and was about to go back to his hotel when he saw the girl running toward him again.

Wait a minute

Hu Ying stopped running and panted while holding her kneecaps. Lu Zhou was stunned.

Do you need anything else?

I forgot to give you something.



Hu Ying took out a letter from her purse and shoved it into Lu Zhous hands.

Lu Zhou took the letter and looked at her in confusion.

Why do I feel like

She looks resentful?

Lu Zhou couldnt think of anything that might have pissed her off so he placed the thought aside.

Lu Zhou turned the letter.

He saw the address of the sender and was stunned.

The German embassy?

Lu Zhou opened the letter and read the words.

[ Hello, Professor Lu, I am Hu Mingde, the ambassador to Germany. I would like to express my congratulations for your Hoffman Prize]

Lu Zhou skipped the political part and read the last paragraph.

[ My wife and I are very interested in your story. I am very thankful for your achievements in mathematics, theoretical chemistry, and physics. Would you like to have dinner with us?

[Ambassador Hu Mingde]

Lu Zhou looked at Hu Ying with suspicion.

This letter seemed legit, it didnt seem like a joke.

However, Lu Zhou was confused.

Why did a letter from an ambassador come from a student?

Lu Zhou asked the question.

After some explanation, he found out that this girl wasnt just a student at Humboldt University.

In addition to serving as an assistant for the embassy, she was also the president of the Humboldt University Chinese Society, and also the Director of the Berlin University Student Union

Of course, this didnt matter that much.

What mattered was that she had a diplomat as a father

He had to give some respect to the ambassadors invitation.

Lu Zhou told Hu Ying that he would accept the invitation and agreed to a time and place.

Lu Zhou had plans tomorrow.

He might not be in Berlin for long, so he wanted to complete this matter as soon as possible.

Lu Zhou returned to his hotel and placed the invitation letter aside. He took out the letter and envelope he bought from the supermarket and began writing Principal Xus letter.

He didnt think this would be that difficult to write. However, once he began writing it, he ran into some obstacles.

He had never been good at politics, and he had never even read an official political letter before.

He found out that his letter started to look like an exposition.

Lu Zhou shook his head and leaned back against his chair.

If Ive known that it would so difficult, I would have just signed an empty letter and give it to Principal Xu.

This was a good idea, but he would never do it.

After all, he was a disciplined scholar, so he had to keep his word.

Lu Zhou finally gave up. He crunched the paper into a ball and started all over again on a blank piece of paper.

He was a scholar; he should just speak what was on his mind.

Lu Zhou wrote a new headline.

[The application prospects of computational science in research and development of chemistry and materials science.]