Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 362

Chapter 362 Ambassadors Invitation

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Lu Zhou wrote countless words and read the letter from beginning to end. He made sure that he didnt make any mistakes before he stuffed the letter into the envelope.

Lu Zhou didnt expect that a letter could help Jin Ling University get a supercomputer.

However, he wrote down his detailed views on computational chemistry, materials science, and the practical significance of computational materials.

Antons strengths were obvious; a supercomputer was needed for any kind of molecular dynamics simulation.

Although there werent much short term gains, this was definitely a worthwhile long-term investment.

Lu Zhou looked at the clock on the wall; it was getting late. He changed into formal clothes and went downstairs to take a taxi.

When he got to the entrance of the hotel, he saw a black Mercedes-Benz parked there. A man in a gray suit was standing next to the car.

The moment he saw Lu Zhou, he immediately greeted him.

The guy reached out with his right hand and said, Hello, Professor Lu, I am the driver from the embassy, here to pick you up.

Lu Zhou shook his hand and asked, What should I call you?

Just call me Sun Hong.

This man definitely wasnt just a driver; he looked like a bodyguard from the embassy.

However, this had nothing to do with Lu Zhou. He looked at Sun Hongs identity document and sat in the car.

The car quickly drove to the Spree River in the heart of Berlin and stopped in front of the embassy in Germany.

Lu Zhou saw Hu Mingde and his wife waiting in front of the magnificent building.

Welcome, Professor Lu!

Nice to meet you! Lu Zhou shook hands with the ambassador and politely said, Theres no need to be so kind. Humboldt University isnt far from here, I couldve taken a taxi.

No way! This is the least we can do, Ambassador Hu said.

He then smiled and said, This is my wife, Wang Dexin.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Dexin, what a nice name, it means simple yet elegant, right?

Mrs. Wang smiled as she replied, I didnt know that Professor Lu is also a man of culture.

Lu Zhou was a little embarrassed.

He actually didnt know anything about culture.

Everything he knew was from high school

Lets go inside, Ambassador Hu made a gesture and said, Professor Lu, please.

Ambassador Hu, his wife, and Lu Zhou ate dinner together at the restaurant in the embassy.

The food was nothing special. However, it was traditional-style Chinese food that was difficult to find overseas.

Lu Zhou looked at the crystal clear pork buns and couldnt help but speak.

Its been so many years since I left, I miss this thing the most.

After he went to Princeton, he found out that he missed the pork buns and beef noodles the most.

He couldnt get pork buns in Princeton, but he could still find beef noodles.

However, the beef noodles were sweet!

Instead of chili peppers, they put sugar in the noodles!

There was no way Lu Zhou could accept this.

Ambassador Hu smiled as he asked, How is the food?

Its delicious, Lu Zhou replied. He then smiled and said, You must have invited great chefs, tell them I said thanks.

Ambassador Hu laughed.

The chef is sitting right in front of you.

Lu Zhou looked at Mrs. Wang with surprise.

Did you make this?

Mrs. Wang smiled as she replied humbly, Im no great chef. I made the pork buns, but the other dishes are made by the real chefs of the embassy.

Being an ambassador is an interesting job. However, I do miss home after being away for a long time. My wife and I love to study our traditional culture, and food is one of them. Ambassador Hu laughed and said, Im mainly responsible for the eating part.

The dinner wasnt serious at all; it was almost like a family dinner, relaxed and friendly.

Lu Zhou talked about his research and teaching at Princeton, while Ambassador Hu talked about his experiences working in Germany.

The three ate while chatting.

When everyone was almost finished with their meal, Ambassador Hu wiped his mouth with a paper towel before he looked at Lu Zhou with a smile.

Professor Lu, youve been single for so many years, havent you thought about finding a partner?

Lu Zhou sighed. Busy with career, I dont have time for that.

It was true.

Before this, he couldnt find a suitable one, but now, he didnt even have the time to find one.

Lu Zhou felt like with his looks and career, he could easily find a partner.

Haha, youre right, your time must be precious. However, although scientific research is important, you have to take other aspects of your life seriously. How about I introduce one to you? Ambassador Hu said in a half-joking tone, What do you think of Hu Ying?

Lu Zhou coughed and said, Um Marriage is an important event, I wont trouble you with it.

Arranged marriage is a horrible backward tradition

However, if the state wants to solve my marriage situation

I can consider it!

Ambassador Hu saw that Lu Zhou wasnt interested in his daughter, but he didnt seem to care. He merely said, Haha, Im just saying, dont take it seriously.

However, Ambassador Hu didnt look like he was joking at all.

Ambassador Hu coughed and spoke in a more serious tone.

Have you been paying attention to this years National Science and Technology Award Conference?

Lu Zhou looked at him suspiciously. He didnt know why Ambassador Hu suddenly brought this topic up.

I havent Why?

You can expect some great things.

Ambassador Hu laughed.

He then laid out a piece of news.

I heard from my friend that your name might be in the January conference next year.