Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 368

Chapter 368 Tasting The Salt

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Editor-in-chief office, Science Report editorial department.

Chief Editor Cai was sitting at his desk drinking tea while meticulously reviewing the draft article in his hand.

Although traditional media had become inferior to internet media, in the academic community, the Science Report journal still had its influence.

After all, they were directly affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Even though their newspaper wasnt read by most researchers, most research institute still mass-ordered their newspapers.

Because of this influence, Chief Editor Cai was extremely cautious when reviewing articles. Especially when it came to reports on controversial and trending figures.

After all, if he made a mistake, he would be personally responsible.

However, todays articles were all pretty good quality. That was until he came across an interview with Professor Wang Haifeng, a well-known academic scholar.

He slapped the printed article on the desk and looked at his secretary.

Get me Li Xuesong.


Secretary Zhou saw that Chief Editor Cai wasnt happy, so he didnt say anything else and quickly left the office.

Chief Editor Cai was the only person left in his office, and he tried to calm down by controlling his breathing.

However, when he looked at the article on the table, he became angry again.

During the meetings, he kept emphasizing to his journalists on how important politics was. However, this idiot obviously didnt hear what he said.

If he didnt review this article and the article got published, then he would be in trouble with the leadership team.

He was furious.

Secretary Zhou found Li Xuesong in the cubicles outside.

Chief Editor wants to see you, go now.

Li Xuesong asked nervously, Brother Zhou, Chief Cai What does he want?

I didnt offend anyone recently, right?

I dont know. Secretary Zhou frowned and looked serious as he said, Also, this is an office, stop calling me brother.

Li Xuesong was so anxious that he began to sweat. He then nodded and said, Yes, I was wrong.

Secretary Zhou said, Just go.

Li Xuesong was muddled, and he didnt say anything as he walked toward the editor-in-chief office.

The people in the cubicles watched Li Xuesong while they whispered about what had happened.

Li Xuesong wanted to know the answer the most; he had no idea how he offended Chief Editor Cai.

He knocked on the door and was met with a cold reply, Come in.

He shivered a little as he walked inside.

When Chief Editor Cai looked at Li Xuesong, Li Xuesong asked quietly, Chief Cai, are you looking for me?

Chief Editor Cai didnt say anything. Instead, he tapped his finger on the article.

Did you write this thing?

Li Xuesong immediately knew what was going on.

He guessed that the higher-ups werent happy with his interview, so he tried to explain.

Chief Cai, I know my report might cause controversy, but what does it have to do with us? Were in a neutral position, only objectively reporting on Professor Wang. Its Professor Wang that is in a controversy, this is the only way we can receive publicity

Publicity, my a*s! Chief Editor Cai threw the article at this idiots head as he snapped, When did I ask for publicity? If you understand the media so much, why dont you quit and start your own media company?

Li Xuesong was being scolded like a dog, but he didnt complain.

He was just a normal journalist; he wrote whatever was said by the interviewee.

However, he was still responsible.

After all, the reason he interviewed Wang Haifeng was to hear about his problems with Lu Zhou.

The controversy was good content.

Everyone was more willing to watch drama than serious reports.

Li Xuesong stopped talking.

After a few more insults, Chief Editor Cai picked up his vacuum flask and drank some water to moisturize his throat. He then waved his finger and snapped, F*ck off, change it!

Li Xuesong said, Change the whole thing? Including the interview part?

Chief Editor Cai said, No sh*t, are you dumb? The biggest problem is this part!

Li Xuesong was a little hesitant. But Professor Wang

I dont want to piss of Professor Wang, and I cant just change his words, right?

I dont care about that, Chief Editor Cai said. He then added, Change it. Once the interview gets published, hell thank us.

Yes Li Xuesong said quietly before he walked away holding the draft article.

After some changes, the final report finally came out.

Professor Wangs words were completely altered.

Quite embarrassing became talented, doesnt look at the whole situation became scientific researcher who take risks

All of the negative comments said by Professor Wang were changed into positive ones.

Did Professor Wang have opinions?

He didnt.

He couldnt.

Just like what Chief Editor Cai said, when Professor Wang saw this report, he wasnt pissed off. Instead, he felt relaxed as the knot in his heart could finally be untied.

In the beginning, he really thought that the caged carbon molecules by Professor Stanley would solve the lithium-sulfur batteries problem. He never would have expected the industry to reject Professor Stanleys plan and accept Lu Zhous invention instead.

After Lu Zhou won the Hoffman Prize, his face turned blue.

China wanted to use this politically significant medal to promote friendship with Germany.

It would be suicide if he tried to criticize Lu Zhou now.

He thought about calling Science Report to ask them to remove his interview. However, he was too embarrassed.

Still, even though Wang Haifeng got lucky, he still felt a little distasteful after seeing this report.

But he couldnt do anything other than whine.

After all, he had no ground to criticize a Hoffman Prize winner.

Wang Haifeng looked at the Science Report journal, and he scoffed, Possible Nobel Prize winner?

He sneered and ripped the newspaper in half.

It was like he didnt learn his lesson; he started to criticize Lu Zhou again.

Try staying in your own lane.

The PhD student sitting next to his desk shook his head.

He couldnt criticize his supervisors opinions.

However, he could taste the salt from here