Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 369

Chapter 369 A Small Goal

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Lu Zhou was on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, so he didnt know that the Hoffman Prize caused so much commotion.

However, he probably wouldnt have cared even if he knew.

Right now, he was at Lake Carnegie. He was celebrating with the guys from the drone club.

Coach, we won! I cant believe it, we beat MIT!

Jimmy was full of excitement as he shoved the trophy into Lu Zhous hand and said, You shouldve been there. It was a magical moment.

The gold-plated trophy was as big as a watermelon; it was quite heavy as well.

Lu Zhou smiled to the guys and said, Nicely done, your trophy is much heavier than mine.

Lu Zhou wanted to encourage these boys.

However, he didnt know why but the guys became quiet.

Lu Zhou asked, What happened?

Jimmy shook his head and said, Nothing, we knew that you would humble brag to us, but we still dont know what to say.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Lu Zhou swore that he wasnt humble bragging. He only wanted to congratulate these boys and encourage them to continue on the scientific path.

Things suddenly became awkward.

Fortunately, Lu Zhou was saved by the bell when he received a phone call.

I have to take this call.

Lu Zhou walked away to take the call. When he found a bench, he sat down as he answered the call.


Lu Zhou, its me!

Principal Xu? Lu Zhous eyes lit up, and he smiled and said, Whats up?

Nothing special, Principal Xu said with a smile. He then added, On behalf of all of the teachers and students of the chemistry department, I want to say thank you!

Lu Zhou was a little embarrassed. Theres no need to thank me, I only wrote a letter and expressed my own opinion.

Your letter was immensely helpful! The higher-ups valued your opinions, and the relevant funds have arrived. The project is underway, and the new supercomputer center will be next to Jin Ling University. Its not just me or the teachers that have to thank you, but everyone else would also have to thank you!

Not only would the hundred million yuan investment help Jin Ling University, but it would also help local research institutes and other universities.

Principal Xu couldnt help but feel emotional.

If it wasnt for Lu Zhous letter, securing this project would have been a lot more difficult.

Principal Xu paused for a second before he asked, Oh yeah, did you pay attention to Everyone Daily?

Everyone Daily? Lu Zhou said, Not really, why?

Principal Xu smiled and said, You didnt? Their latest issue has a part about you, so maybe you want to check it out.

Lu Zhou tried to ask what the content was, but Principal Xu didnt tell him.

After the call ended, Lu Zhou leaned on the park bench and sent a text message to Yang Xu, asking him to mail a copy of the Everyone Daily newspaper.

After sending the text, Lu Zhou put away his phone.

Suddenly, he saw someone.

The person who was jogging along the lake seemed to have noticed him as well, and she slowed down and walked toward Lu Zhou.

Molina was wearing a blue sports outfit. She shook the sweat off her hair before she asked, Thinking about life?

No, just sitting here.

Lu Zhou was distracted by the tight sports outfit, and he wasnt sure where to look. Therefore, he decided to look at the lake.

He then asked, Speaking of which, its been a year now, how is your research project going?

Molina bit her lip and didnt speak.

She remembered that when Lu Zhou first came to Princeton, she recommended her supervisor Morel to him. At that time, she wanted to defeat the Riemanns conjecture together with him.

However, it had been a year since then, Lu Zhou already defeated Goldbachs conjecture and achieved success in chemistry, materials sciences, condensed matter physics, and many other fields.

But she and Morel were still desperately holding on the past.

Not long ago, Lu Zhou was also invited to give a 60-minute report by IMU. Not to mention, there was also his likelihood of winning a Fields Medal.

It was foreseeable that Lu Zhou would break the record held by Princeton mathematics professor, Charles Fefferman.

With the highly-rated contestant, German God Peter Schultz, the Fields Medal next year would be highly competitive.

However, Molina and her supervisor didnt make any significant progress on Riemanns conjecture.

It was without a doubt that her supervisor wouldnt be able to win the Fields Medal.

Molina was as jealous as one could get.

Although Molina didnt reply, Lu Zhou guessed what was going on.

He smiled and changed the subject.

It seems that I shouldnt have asked the question, pretend like I didnt say anything.

Molina looked at Lu Zhou and asked, How did you do it?

Before challenging a difficult goal, I often find a smaller, easier to accomplish goal first, Lu Zhou said. He looked at the drone flying over the lake as he continued, Even I wouldnt be able to tackle the Goldbachs conjecture immediately.

Lu Zhou was right; his Group Structure Method was perfected by the Polignacs conjecture, and he used the large sieve method to solve the twin prime conjecture.

The tower of Goldbachs conjecture wasnt built in a day.

Molina started to think, and after a while, she asked, And your small goal was?

Lu Zhou smiled as he replied, Twin prime conjecture.


This is a small goal?!

Suddenly, she had the urge to toss this guy into the lake.