Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Superconducting Materials

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It had been a week since Lu Zhou left Germany. October came and so did the cold weather.

Lu Zhou sneezed and put on his favorite trench coat.

Lu Zhou sat in his study room chair. He was drinking coffee while reading the newspaper from across the ocean.

He opened the first page and read the large headline.

[The Application of Computer Science In Cutting-Edge Research and The Trend Of Future Academia Development.]

Everyone Daily used an entire page to publish his letter content.

Of course, the newspaper simplified the content of the letter and explained how supercomputers worked.

Lu Zhou read the entire article and couldnt help but smirk.

However, he was a little worried as well.

Although he was optimistic about supercomputers, he wondered if he had over-promoted it

After all, scientific research funding was limited.

Although computational chemistry had good prospects, it wasnt necessary. Many laboratories were able to produce results without computational chemistry.

Hopefully, the policymakers realize this.

Lu Zhou suddenly felt like it would be better if he commented less on subjects like this.

Even with the help of the system, he couldnt guarantee that he was correct. Scientific research was a process of trial and error. In fact, the number of errors he had made far exceeded the number of success.

However, all of the published articles were about his success.

Lu Zhou shook his head and put the newspaper away as he said, I guess I have to be more cautious, a mistake might come to bite me in the future.

He took his empty coffee cup into the kitchen. When he returned, his phone suddenly rang.

It was from an international caller. However, it wasnt from Jin Ling University, it was from Yang Xu.

Lu Zhou answered the call.

Did you receive the package?

I did.

How does it feel to be on Everyone Daily?

Lu Zhou smiled as he replied, It feels okay.

It wasnt his first time on Everyone Daily.

He had won multiple international awards, so this was nothing special.

Lu Zhou said, If you didnt call me, I wouldve called you. Speaking of which, how is the construction going at the computational materials research institute building?

The foundation has been laid. Ive been there a couple of times but Im not sure. Arent you the CEO of Star Sky Technology? Cant you just ask your manager?

Star Sky Technology had opened a branch in Shanghai, and Lu Zhou had received the construction report, but he was still worried.

The report is only on paper, its not as good as seeing it in person. Remember to take a few photos when you go there next time.

Yang Xu smiled as he said, Its just a big empty construction site with dust everywhere. Itll take two to three years just for the dust to settle.

Lu Zhou replied, Two to three years is too long, Ill move in a few months after its built.

Yang Xu smiled. The chemistry department said we can stay here for as long as we want.

No, no, Lu Zhou smiled and said, were only borrowing it for now, we still have to move out. Were still a private research institute while theyre a public research institute. Its not good to mix the two together.

It was fine staying there for a while, but people would start asking questions if they stayed there for too long.

Like who owned the building?

Could the state transfer assets to private organizations?

There were a series of complicated questions.

Lu Zhou already bought the new building. Anyway, he wasnt lacking money, so he didnt have to borrow anyones building.

Okay, youre right, Yang Xu said. He suddenly slapped his head and said, I nearly forgot, do you have any new research plans this year?

Lu Zhou said, Not right now, but I will tell you if I do. My suggestion is that you should find some interesting research projects to do.

Researchers would get distracted if they didnt do experiments for a long time.

They didnt have a research plan themselves, so it was a good idea for them to cooperate with other research companies. This way, they could gain experience and might even generate some income.

Many companies would love to cooperate with the Jinling Institute of Computational Materials.

Okay, Ill take note, Yang Xu said. As he twisted the pen around his fingers, he asked, Speaking of which, what research have you been up to? Theoretical chemistry again?

Me? Lu Zhou smiled and said, Not really, the Theoretical Model of Electrochemical Interface Structure is already done, and Im not interested in chemistry anymore.

Yang Xu said, So youre doing nothing?

Lu Zhou said, Nope, Im been studying the Navier-Stokes equations recently.

Yang Xus pen flew out of his hand.

The pen flew onto the wall.

Yang Xu was stunned.

The f*ck?

Navier-Stokes equations?!

Although he wasnt familiar with mathematics, he still knew of the Millennium Prize Problems.

Lu Zhou didnt hear a response.

Is there a problem?

F*ck, youre insane! NS equations! Yang Xu sat up from his chair and said, Youre finally taking on the Millennium Prize Problems?

What do you mean finally?

Also, what does this have to do with Millennium Prize Problems?

Lu Zhou coughed and explained.

The Millennium Prize Problem is about the smoothness and existence of the NS equations, Im studying a specific application of the NS equations, on plasma

Lu Zhou suddenly remembered something.

Oh yeah, if youre looking for a collaborative research project, my suggestion is superconducting materials.

Superconducting materials? Yang Xu asked. He then pointed out by saying, But were in the carbon nanomaterials field, we dont have any experience with metals

Im not asking you to change directions, were still doing carbon nanomaterials.

Lu Zhou paused for a second before he continued, Its just my opinion, but I think we dont have to find superconducting materials that are metals. Maybe we can find Cooper pairs in the bonds.