Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Visiting Harvard

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Lu Zhou remembered that Qiu Chengtong was the leading person in partial differential equations.

There was no doubt about Old Qius achievements in differential geometry.

Anyone who had read the book Differential Geometry would know that he was the founder of geometric analysis.

What was the geometric analysis?

It was the study of integrating partial differentiation into differential geometry.

Although the Chinese academic community had mixed opinions on this figure, the international academic community still respected this scholar.

This could be seen from his rewards.

There were only two mathematicians who had won the three big prizes: the Wolf Prize, the Fields Medal, and the Crafoord Prize. One of them was Lu Zhous mentor, Deligne, and the other was Qiu Chengtong.

When Lu Zhou won the Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award, he had a brief encounter with Old Qiu. However, because their research areas were different, they hadnt stayed in contact.

NavierStokes equations was a partial differential equation problem. Lu Zhou had no doubt that Old Qiu was the leading expert in partial differential equations.

A Ford Explorer parked itself near the department of mathematics building in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Lu Zhou got off the car and didnt know where to go.

Therefore, he used his intuition and spoke to a person that looked like they study mathematics.

Hello, where is Professor Qius office?

You want to find Professor Qiu? said the guy with glasses as he looked at Lu Zhou. He felt like he had seen Lu Zhou before. He then asked, Why do you want to find Professor Qiu?

Lu Zhou said, I have some questions I want to ask.

Maybe Lu Zhou looked too young because the guy with glasses chuckled and said, Professor Qiu doesnt have time for your simple questions, just ask me.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Oh yeah? Then can you explain to me if theres a backward self-similar solution for the Navier-Stokes equation?

The guy froze.

However, he didnt want to admit defeat. He began thinking about the problem but wasnt able to come up with an answer.

It was obvious that he studied partial differential equations, and he knew about the Navier-Stokes equation.

However, it was also obvious that he hadnt done any in-depth research.

Otherwise, he would know that this problem was actually answered in 1995 by Necas.

Lu Zhou looked at his watch as he asked, Can you take me there now?

Sure, bro. The guy smiled and said, Come with me Old Qiu is a busy person, so he might not want to meet you.

Lu Zhou smiled and didnt say anything as he followed the guy.

They started to talk. Lu Zhou found out that this guy was called Zhao Wei, a Shuimu University graduate. He was now studying mathematics at Harvard.

Youre an undergrad?

Lu Zhou said, Why do you say that?

Zhao Wei smiled and said, Because you have a full head of hair, and you look young.

Lu Zhou: ?


Does this make sense?

Zhao Wei continued to say, You found that problem in a textbook, right? I suggest you focus on the basics first. Only then should you study more in-depth problems.

This guy was very interesting. He didnt have bad intentions; he was just a bit too nosy.

If Zhao Wei became a professor, he would be deeply loved by his students.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Makes sense, noted.

Zhao Wei was happy to pass on his knowledge. He smiled and said, Were all friends here, we should help each other. Come find me if you need any help. You can call me, Brother Zhao!

Lu Zhou said, Okay then.

Brother Zhao is an interesting name.

Zhao Wei smiled and said, You know my name now. Little brother, what is your name?

Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou?

Zhao Wei frowned and couldnt remember where he had heard this name before.

The two finally arrived at Old Qius office.

Although the office door was open, out of politeness, Lu Zhou still knocked on the door.

Old Qiu was writing at his desk when he looked up.

When the old man saw who was at the door, he was stunned. He then frowned before putting on a kind smile.

Oh, guests Old Qiu stood up and smiled as he asked, What brought you here?

Lu Zhou smiled and replied, I ran into a bottleneck in my research, and I want to ask you some partial differential equation problems.

Zhao Wei was confused about why Old Qiu was so nice to Lu Zhou.

Finally, he remembered who Lu Zhou was

He thought about his arrogant conversation with Lu Zhou and wanted to crawl into the ground.

When Old Qiu heard Lu Zhous request, he looked interested.

Partial differential equation? This is my cup of tea, what is the exact problem?

Its related to NavierStokes equations.

Old Qius eyes suddenly lit up; he was even more interested now.

NavierStokes equations? This is interesting Sit down, Ill find my tea set; this will take a while.

Lu Zhou nodded and sat down at the tea table.

Suddenly, Old Qiu noticed that there was someone else at the door.

Who are you?

Zhao Wei said, Im Zhao Wei, Im a student of Professor Steve Nadis!

Oh, Professor Nadis student. Professor Qiu pushed his glasses and said, Then, sit down?

No, its fine. Zhao Wei shook his head and said, Im just bringing Professor Lu here, I wont bother you two.

Listening to these two big names talk would be helpful for Zhao Weis research.

However, Zhao Wei felt like it would be too much pressure for him to sit next to them

Its just learning, no big deal. Old Qiu smiled and said, Come and sit down, and drink some tea before you go.