Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Another Grinding Session

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The tea was ready.

A fine mist floated out of the teapot.

The old man picked up his cup and had a sip of tea before he started to talk.

Out of all of the partial differential equations, the Navier-Stokes equations is probably the most difficult one. We cannot directly apply the partial differential equation theorems on the Navier Stokes equations, we can only get an approximation.

From what I know, the Clay Institute has been researching the turbulence phenomenon. Although they have produced some results, they were nothing impressive.

The plasma turbulence that you want to study is even more difficult. First of all, there isnt a computer that can handle that kind of calculation. Secondly, we cant obtain accurate observation data. We can only rely on inaccurate data.

Lu Zhou asked, Why?

Old Qiu smiled and said, Because we dont have a method to observe high-temperature plasma ions. For example, if we take a nano-probe and poke it into the gas to collect molecules, the movement will perturb the gas and disrupt the data.

We can use electrostatic probes and magnetic probes for lower temperature plasma. However, for any high-temperature plasma, any slight disturbance can cause the whole system to collapse. It is impossible to constrain the plasma.

Therefore, we can only obtain the model by using the electromagnetic waves emitted by the plasma itself. However, the spectrum of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the plasma is wide, the amount of information is large, but the information contained is quite messy. The established model would only be accurate for a certain range.

Lu Zhou said, Is there a solution?

Nope. Old Qiu put down the teacup and said in a joking tone, If you can design an experiment to observe high-temperature plasma, then your contribution to the physics world would be akin to what the contribution cryogenic electron microscopy did to the biology world.

Lu Zhou smiled; he didnt know what to say.

Although the high tech system had information on engineering, Lu Zhous energy was limited. He had barely studied engineering.

He was fine at designing experiments.

But designing the experiment instrument was beyond his capabilities.

My personal suggestion is that since the experiment problem cant be solved, why dont you perfect the theoretical tools first? The old man looked at Lu Zhou and said, Mathematics is your strength, right?

Lu Zhou was stunned, and he suddenly had a thought.


Mathematics is my strong suit.

If I cant create a piece of experiment equipment, why dont I create a theoretical tool first?

For example, the NavierStokes equations are used as a tool to study more complex problems. Just like how I was studying additive number theory, I needed to create other tools before I could tackle the Goldbachs conjecture.

Lu Zhou thoughts gradually became clear.

The rest of their conversation was centered around mathematics.

Old Qiu was very experienced in partial differentials.

Although he had never studied NavierStokes equations before, his opinions were still helpful for Lu Zhou.

Just like this, two hours had passed by.

The mist on top of the teapot disappeared, and the tea gradually became cold.

Zhao Wei sat next to them as he anxiously listening to their conversation.

He was a PhD student; he had nothing to add to the conversation.

This was a painful thing for him.

It wasnt just mental pain, it was physical pain as well.

Because he drank too much tea

After three hours, the conversation between the two finally ended.

Lu Zhou said bye to Old Qiu, and Zhao Wei was finally set free.

Zhao Wei quickly went downstairs, and he rushed to the toilet to relieve himself. When he came out, he quickly caught up to Lu Zhou.

Hey, Lu Zhou, what did you guys talk about?

Lu Zhou was in a good mood, and he replied, Some interesting things.

Zhao Wei said, I heard something about nuclear fusion, is that thing real?

It would be amazing if it is real.

Lu Zhou didnt answer the question. Instead, he asked, What do you mean by real?

Zhao Wei was stunned by the question, and he said, Like, if it is achievable.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, The basis of science is to achieve things that cannot be achieved. If the problem is already solved, what is the point of researching it? Youre a PhD student, why are you asking these outsider questions?

Zhao Wei blushed as he scratched his head and smiled.

I want to buy you dinner, do you have time?

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Okay.

Anyway, it was dinner time.

He would never refuse a free meal.

Lu Zhou was inspired by his conversation with Old Qiu.

As per what the old man said, the most important thing was to create the tools to solve the problem.

Which meant that he had to get himself a ladder before he could climb the wall.

Before he could get a ladder, all he could do was to walk around the infinitely long wall.

Lu Zhou returned from Harvard to his Princeton house. He re-examined the problem from a different perspective and felt like every single cell in his body was bursting with inspiration.

He sat in his study room and twisted a pen in his hand while he talked to himself.

Building a theoretical model for the plasma requires accurate observations.

However, since I cant create an experiment tool, I can only start with the part I can solve!

Lu Zhou stretched his neck, picked up the pen, and wrote a line on a piece of blank paper.

[The Existence of Smooth Solutions of 3D Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations with Specific Initial Values]

He looked at this title and felt full of motivation.

It was time to grind again!