Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 386

Chapter 386 You Dont Realize Learning Is Fun

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The experiment report was due after the experiment.

On the day before Christmas, with the help of several plasma PhD students, Lu Zhou complied the He3 project team experiment report and sent it to the Wendelstein 7-X laboratory.

Mr. Keriber, the head of the Wendelstein 7-X laboratory, was responsible for reviewing this report.

He expressed great interest after he read the experiment report.

Although he still doubted if the He3 project team could really successfully use the electromagnetic wave data to analyze the plasma turbulence phenomenon, he still respected the He3 atom probe technology.

After all, this observation method had a higher sensitivity than any other observation method; it was also more accurate both on the macro and micro scale.

He was an expert in the field of controlled nuclear fusion engineering, and he immediately saw the sophistication in the technology. He even sent an invitation to the He3 project team for collaboration.

The second Professor Lazerson received the reply, he purchased a ticket to Berlin. He didnt have time to spend the holidays as he had already started to prepare for his trip to Germany.

Professor Lazerson was inside the laboratory and had finished packing for his trip. He looked at Lu Zhou, who was analyzing the data of the experiment on the computer, and he couldnt help but ask, You sure you dont want to go with me? We plan on testing our equipment on the Wendelstein 7-X, a real controllable nuclear fusion machine!

Lu Zhou shook his head.

I have to attend a conference after New Years.

Professor Lazerson said, Conference? Academic conference? If its not an important conference, I suggest you call it off.


I dont think I can call it off.

Lu Zhou coughed and said, Its not an academic conference, and theres no way I can call it off. Plus Ive been working for an entire year, I need a break to relax. Youll have to collaborate with the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics by yourself.

Professor Lazerson said, Thats unfortunate.

Its not unfortunate, I dont have to be there in person to witness history. Lu Zhou smiled and said in a relaxing tone, Remember to take a few photos for me. Also, contact me by email.

Although communicating by email was slightly more cumbersome, it didnt affect Lu Zhous work progress. With a computer and draft paper, he could do theoretical research anywhere.

The day before Christmas.

Professor Lazerson flew to Berlin with two engineers from the project team.

It was around noon when it began to snow. Soon, the town of Princeton was covered in white.

Although it wasnt dark yet, there was barely anyone to be seen on the streets. Even the popular Palmer Square street was deserted with many of the shops closed.

Everyone was more willing to stay indoors with family and friends than outside in the blistering cold. They would roast a turkey and eat an apple pie around the table as they wished everyone a happy new year.

However, Lu Zhou wasnt as immersed in the holiday spirit.

After all, Chinese New Year was his real New Years.

Christmas Eve was just another normal day for him.

Lu Zhou sat next to the warm fireplace with his Macbook. He worked with the data collected by the He3 project team and compared it with the plasma theses he got from the Firestone Library.

Without a plasma turbulence phenomenon, analyzing the data was crucial.

Suddenly, his phone on the table began to ring.

Lu Zhou picked up the phone and leaned back on his sofa.

Before he could speak, an excited voice came from the other end of the phone.

Bro, Ive finished my exams!

When Lu Zhou heard the energetic voice, he said, Already?

He thought that the mathematics majors began their holiday in late January or even February.

This years exams are early, so the holidays are earlier as well. Ah, I heard next semester will be more difficult, Xiao Tong said before she sighed. She then asked, Oh yeah, bro, are you not coming back for Chinese New Year?

Lu Zhou said, Of course Im coming back, why?

Nothing, dad told me to ask you Xiao Tong suddenly remembered something and smiled mischievously as she asked, Oh yeah, bro, tomorrow is Christmas, right?

Lu Zhou said, Yeah.

Xiao Tong: Merry Christmas!

Lu Zhou: Merry Christmas

Is she implying that she got me a present?

Lu Zhou was a little confused at the sudden holiday blessings; he didnt know what his sister was up to.

Xiao Tong said, Then, it should be Christmas Eve at your place, right?

Lu Zhou: Yep

Xiao Tong immediately asked curiously, Then, which girl are you going to celebrate it with?

Lu Zhou almost didnt realize Xiao Tongs intentions.

When he realized how dirty Xiao Tong was, he said, Why are you thinking about these things?

Xiao Tong said, Bro, youre not young anymore, youre 24 years old! You should think about your major life choices!

Lu Zhou asked, Is 24 years old considered old?

The other end of the phone went silent.

Xiao Tong frowned as she replied, I guess not.

Lu Zhou sighed.

If only he could convince his parents this easily.

He would probably be interrogated by his parents on this matter when he went back for Chinese New Year.

Study hard, and dont think about your brothers potential partner all day. Im too busy these days. If I want to, I could easily find one.

Xiao Tong wasnt thrilled. Im already a university student, not a kid anymore, why are you still telling me to study all day

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Who told you that you dont have to study at university? If you dont study now, all youll get to do when you grow up is press like on other peoples Weibo photos.

Xiao Tong was bored, and she asked, Then what if I study well?

Lu Zhou said, Then people will like your photos.

Xiao Tong said, Who cares about likes?

Lu Zhou was amused. I dont care about likes, youre the one that does.

Xiao Tong:

Lu Zhou had some small talk with Xiao Tong before he ended the call.

He walked up to his kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee. He then sat back down on the sofa next to the fireplace to continue reading his theses.

However, before he could begin reading, his phone rang again.

Lu Zhou was surprised at the callers name.

Shi Shang?

This doesnt make sense.

Shi Shang celebrates Christmas like its Valentines Why is he calling me?

Lu Zhou had a weird expression on his face as he picked up the phone.

A familiar voice came from the other end of the phone.

Shi Shang: Zhou.

Lu Zhou: What?

Shi Shang: I

When Lu Zhou heard his voice, he could already guess roughly what had happened. He sighed.

Stop being a beta. Just tell me your troubles, I can help you.

Shi Shang coughed and said, No, I dont need your help.

Lu Zhou said, Im not good enough to help you?

Im getting married next month.

Lu Zhou: ?