Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 387

Chapter 387 The Most Beautiful Snowstorm

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Things suddenly got a bit awkward.

The telephone line went silent.

In the end, it was Shi Shang who broke this silence.

This is an international call, the fees are very expensive.


Then lets talk a bit longer.

Lu Zhou was speechless, he decided to stay silent.

F*ck sake!

Im spending Christmas alone, and now this asshole is shoving it in my face!


Shi Shang was anxious; he spoke in a worried tone.

Zhou, say something! Are you still here?

Lu Zhou listened to Shi Shang screaming for a while. He then sighed and said, Im here, my phone lagged Have you guys gotten the certificate?

Shi Shang replied, We have.

Lu Zhou asked, With who?

Shi Shang: Ya Jing No shit, who else could it be?

Lu Zhou said, Ya Jing? Shes the same year as you, right? Shes still doing her masters?

They were the class of 2013, although many people left the school in March and April, they only officially graduate in July.

Therefore, Wang Jingya was only a first-year masters student.

Marrying in your first year of masters study, is that good?

When Shi Shang heard this question, he felt a bit awkward. He then coughed and said, This Theres a bit of a situation.

The moment Lu Zhou heard his hesitant voice, he instantly knew what was going on.

I guess he wasnt being safe when doing naughty things

Lu Zhou didnt know why but he felt like gloating.

Shi Shang didnt notice how Lu Zhou felt, and he continued, Zhou, honestly, sometimes I think fate is a magical thing. When I was with her, I never thought we would make it to this day But now, I found out that when the moment came, I Sorry, I dont know how to describe this feeling.

Shi Shang, who was usually the most articulate, was at a loss for words.

Lu Zhou went silent for a while before he sighed and said, It seems like you really love her.

Yes, I love her more than I love myself. Shi Shang blew his nose and suddenly had a serious demeanor as he said, Weddings on January 20th at the Jinling Purple Mountain Hotel. Your bros missing a best man, are you coming?

Lu Zhou laughed.

No shit, Im coming!

There was no point in asking this question.

Lu Zhou would be back in China in January; even if he wasnt, he would fly back.

Even though he would be insanely jealous at the wedding, he would still be going.


Shi Shang was moved by Lu Zhous answer.

However, Shi Shang had a problem. Whenever he was moved, he would get too philosophical.

Oh yeah, Zhou, no offense, but hurry up and find a girlfriend. I know mathematics is your life, but you should know that theres more to the world than mathematics. Tagore once said, love is when the soul starts to sing and


I accidentally hung up the phone!

Lu Zhou pretended as if nothing had happened and threw his phone on the sofa. He continued to read his thesis.

Since all of his phone calls tonight were cursed, he didnt want to pick up another call!

The Princeton Institute for Advanced Study was jolly festive on Christmas day.

Most people here were considered geniuses, but they were still people. Professors or doctors They were just their academic qualifications.

Actually, because they were geniuses, they knew how to party and have fun better than normal people.

Dean Goddard was usually a serious person, but today, he was wearing a red hat and a fake white beard, dressing up as Santa Claus. He stood around and handed out small booklets to people while everyone responded with a hesitant smile.

Under his orders, the chefs in the dining area on the first floor were wearing festive costumes and were serving Christmas special meals.

Not only that, but the No. 1 lecture hall was also emptied for a live-action Star Wars play.

Star Wars was basically American culture in a nutshell.

The script for this live-action play was adapted by the professors in the School of Social Sciences and the School of History. Therefore, it had a classic European historical influence.

However, Lu Zhou was more interested in the lecture hall than Star Wars.

Because it was in this lecture hall that he announced the Goldbachs proof to the mathematics world.

A year later, he was standing here again.

But he wasnt here as a report presenter, but rather a guest star on the live stage. He played the part of a soldier who was killed by a lightsaber; his only line was Ah!.

And his opponent was Molina.

Lu Zhou highly suspected that this woman deliberately arranged the script to be this way so as to make it an opportunity for revenge.

All of the actors were having a good time and so was the audience.

What was interesting was that the two mathematics professors sitting in the front row were having a serious discussion on the science behind Star Wars.

Professor Deligne stared at the dazzling lightsaber and said, This is not realistic at all, theyre clearly in the Space Age, but theyre still using swords.

Professor Fefferman smiled as he retorted, No one knows what physics is like outside of the solar system, we only know what it should look like.

Witten, who was a diehard Star Wars fan, wouldve loved to join in on the conversation.

However, at this moment, he was acting on stage.

After the live-action ended, people began to enjoy the festival in their own way.

For example, chess.

Or dancing to the music.

Regardless, everyone was exchanging Christmas presents.

Oh, why is it a football again? Ive already gotten five footballs, Hardy said while holding the football. He then asked, Do you think that all Brazilians like football?

Qin Yue smiled. I dont know what else to give you.

Its fine, I dont mind having another football, thank you for your gift, Hardy smiled, showing his bright teeth. He gave Qin Yue a nicely wrapped gift box and said, This is my gift to you.

Qin Yue shook the box and couldnt guess what it is. He then asked, What is this thing?

Hardy smiled. Table tennis ball.

Qin Yue:

Hardy didnt care about Qin Yues reaction. He had a box of chocolates in his hand as he looked around.

Speaking of which, where is Vera? I havent seen her.

Qin Yue sighed and said, Did you forget? We planned on telling the professor about the thing.

Hardy was suddenly unhappy.

Wait a minute, didnt we say wed tell him together?

Hardy was looking forward to Professor Lus reaction. Now that his friend was the one giving the news, his victory was stolen.

Qin Yue suddenly looked a bit weird.

The situation has changed, I think its best if Vera tells the professor herself.

Although Qin Yue was introverted, that didnt mean he wasnt observant. He could tell from how Vera looked at Professor Lu, and he knew that it wasnt just admiration.

Oh, shes getting the entire spotlight then, Hardy complained. We contributed as well, but how come shes the only one thatll get a compliment from the professor

Qin Yue:

What the hell is a compliment?!

Youre not in primary school anymore

Qin Yue always knew that his friend was slightly brain-damaged, but now it seemed that it wasnt just his brain, his soul was also damaged.

Qin Yue coughed and explained it briefly.

Ok, stop complaining, 70% of the work is done by her. I dont care if you like it or not, she has the right to do this.

Hardy looked dissatisfied.

Do you support her?

Qin Yue shrugged and said, I always support Professor Lu.

While the two were talking, Lu Zhou, who finished his act on stage, walked out of the backstage room.

He bumped into Vera.

The little girl looked like she had something to say so Lu Zhou spoke first.

Is there something you want to say?

Vera nodded and said quietly, Can you come with me?

Lu Zhou said, Christmas present?

Vera nervously nodded. Yes!

Lu Zhou looked at the nervous girl and smiled.

Then please lead the way.

Lu Zhou followed Vera and walked down the corridor.

They walked for a while, and Lu Zhou couldnt help but ask curiously.

What secret gift is this?

Vera shook her head and didnt say anything.

Finally, the two arrived in an empty classroom.

Lu Zhou looked at the closed door and felt a bit strange.

Can I go in?


Vera nodded.

Lu Zhou reached down for the doorknob.

However, the second he stepped into the classroom, he was shocked.

There were ten blackboards in front of him.

Lines upon lines of neatly written formula occupied the blackboard; its mathematical beauty attracted Lu Zhous eyes.

Time slowly passed by.

The snow fluttered outside the windows, cruising in the cold, blistering wind.

It was like the white snow was landing on the blackboards.

Lu Zhou stared at the blackboards for more than half an hour.

He suddenly burst into a smile.

Thank you.

This is definitely the most beautiful thing Ive seen this year.