Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Probability

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[Congratulations, user, for mission completion!

[Mission completion details are as follows: Guide students to complete the Collatz conjecture.

Students: Vera, Qin Yue, Hardy. Student engagement: 70%. Type of experience: Mathematics.

[Mission final evaluation: S+

[Mission reward: 140,000 mathematics experience points. 500 general points. One chance of a lucky draw. (50% garbage, 25% sample, 15% blueprint, 10% special)]

The academic value of the Collatz conjecture was actually lowered than the twin prime conjecture.

However, the Collatz conjecture was a lot more difficult to solve than the twin prime conjecture.

Of course, that was before the Group Structure Method was invented.

When Lu Zhou was studying the twin prime conjecture, he used a topology large sieve method. He developed the Group Structure Method when he was studying the Polignacs conjecture.

The Group Structure Method theory was already perfected by the time Vera started solving the Collatz conjecture.

Therefore, the difficulty of the Collatz conjecture greatly decreased.

After a mathematical tool was created, using the tool to solve problems was a piece of cake.

Therefore, more and more people would have mastered the Group Structure Method. If Vera didnt solve the Collatz conjecture, it was only a matter of time until someone else did.

Of course, it still wasnt an easy tool to master.

It was better than what 99.99% of people could do.

Lu Zhou looked at the experience reward and opened his translucent information screen.

System, open my characteristic panel!

A light blue light swept across the screen, and his characteristic panel emerged.


A. Mathematics: Level 6 (144,000/600,000)

B. Physics: Level 4 (33,215/200,000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 3 (24,000/100,000)

D. Engineering: Level 2 (0/50,000)

E. Materials science: Level 4 (13,000/200,000)

F. Energy science: Level 2 (0/50,000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (3,000/10,000)

General points: 3,475 (one lucky draw ticket)


140,000 experience points sounded like a lot, but it wasnt that much compared to the 600,000 mathematics level up requirement.

Leveling past Level 6 had gotten extremely difficult, and solving the Millennium Prize Problems might be the only way for Lu Zhou to get to Level 7.

As for beyond Level 7

Lu Zhous only hope right now was that the experience points required wouldnt be too ridiculous.

Lu Zhou closed the characteristic panel and looked at the lottery button.

Next up was the fun and exciting lucky draw.

However, the system would probably screw him over and give him some strange item

Lu Zhou looked at the spinning wheel and pressed the lucky draw button.

If he had a low expectation when he received a can of coke, it wouldnt be as unacceptable?

The roulette wheel began to spin.

Lu Zhou waited for ten seconds or so before he pressed the stop button.

[Congratulations, user, for winning the special prize!]

Lu Zhous eyebrows raised when he saw this line of text.

The f*ck?

Its only a 10% probability, and I got it?

However, Lu Zhou wasnt immediately ecstatic because of the special prize. Instead, his heart was beating through his chest, and he began to say in his heart.

Please dont be Patronage Appreciated, please dont be Patronage Appreciated

[Receive: Inspiration time (Duration of 72 hours. Cannot be paused.)]

Lu Zhou calmed down.

There was a flash of happiness in his eyes.

The f*ck?

This thing is legendary!

Lu Zhou had used inspiration time before; he was well aware of how wonderful it was to enter the inspiration state and how magical the inspiration was for a scholar.

If he had a difficult problem to solve right now, he would begin the inspiration time immediately and enter into the wonderful world.

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and prepared himself.

The lucky draw was over, and the next thing was the mission selection.

Because he received an S+ rating, the next mission was a reward mission. Therefore, it was something he could look forward to.

Lu Zhou tapped his finger on the mission panel.


The reward mission is activated! (Give up at any time without spending general points)]

Description: Learning is an individuals responsibility. Science is a communitys responsibility. Integrating science into civilization is societys responsibility. While receiving recognition in the academic community, the user should also try to spread its influence beyond the academic world.

Requirements: Obtain an honor issued by a national agency.

Reward: 1-??? Free experience points. One lucky draw ticket (???).


Lu Zhou looked at the mission and was stunned. He then smiled and shook his head.

This mission really is a reward mission

The National Science and Technology Award Conference is on January 8th.

This mission was basically tailored for him.

After Lu Zhou received the mission, he exited the system space, and his consciousness returned to the warm fireplace.

He was about to go to sleep when he suddenly noticed that his phone had seven missed calls.


Little Brother Are you busy?

Lu Zhou didnt know why, but he felt like there was a little resentment behind Little Brother.

Lu Zhou didnt want to argue about his nickname, so he coughed and explained, I was at a Christmas party just now, and I just got home. Sorry, I didnt see your calls.

Chen Yushan asked, Were you on a date?

Lu Zhou:

She must be doing this intentionally?

Has to be

Chen Yushan gloated and chuckled. She then diverted the conversation by asking, Then, Little Brother, are you going back for Chinese New Year?

Youre going back?

Yeah, I finally get to have a holiday, Im definitely going back!

Lu Zhou was surprised. Your supervisor didnt ask you to work during the holidays?

Lu Zhou remembered Chen Yushan complaining about her supervisor and saying how her supervisor used her as free labor.

It seems like pigs are starting to fly?

When Chen Yushan heard Lu Zhous surprised tone, she said smugly, This is what you dont understand. My supervisor respects me now; she even let me put my name on a thesis Of course, I was the one that wrote the thesis.

When Lu Zhou heard that his friend was finally free from the evil supervisor, he was sincerely happy for her.

Other than Luo Wenxuan, she was his only real friend in America.

Chen Yushan said, Ah, lets talk about something else. The reason why I called you earlier was to ask if youve bought the plane ticket yet?

Lu Zhou: I bought it ages ago.

Chen Yushan: Which day are you flying?

Lu Zhou said, Let me see.

Lu Zhou pulled out an email from the airline and read the flight information.

AC75 Philadelphia International Airport, flying on the 28th.

When Chen Yushan heard Lu Zhous flight number, her pair of beautiful eyes instantly lit up.

What a coincidence! Im also on this flight! 9 a.m.?


Lu Zhou was astonished at the possibility of this low probability event happening.

Then lets go together?

When Chen Yushan heard Lu Zhous invitation, she replied happily, Yes, yes! Its a deal then, dont back out!

Lu Zhou said, What do you mean back out?

Our flights are in a couple of days Who would change their flights last minute

Lu Zhou wouldnt change his itinerary even if there were an emergency.

Who knows? Anyway, its a deal; Ill see you at the airport!