Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 392

Chapter 392 What Is With You Two?

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An announcement was made through the plane speakers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to arrive at Beijing International Airport. Please return to your seat and fasten your seat belt. Please put away your table trays. The outside temperature is 2 degrees Celsius. Thank you for flying with us. We wish you a pleasant journey!

After more than ten hours of flying, the plane finally landed on the runway of Beijing International Airport.

The man sitting next to Lu Zhou got up and walked away quickly.

Lu Zhou smiled and shook his head.

He didnt know how the middle-aged man who was working in sales didnt go bankrupt.

Lets go.


The pair followed the other passengers as they walked toward the exit.

However, the people in front of them were moving slowly.

Lu Zhou finally got to the door. However, just as he was about to walk down the airstair, he was stunned by what he saw.

There was a group of people standing in suits waiting for him at the bottom of the airstair.

Although Lu Zhou knew that someone would pick him up at the airport, he didnt expect so many people to be here

Chen Yushan, who was standing next to him, was also stunned.

However, the reason why she was stunned was different from Lu Zhous reason.

She didnt expect that her father, who claimed to be too busy to pick her up from the airport, was standing less than ten meters away from her.

The father and daughter locked eyes silently

Academician Xiang Huanan watched as Lu Zhou walked down the airstair. He then reached out his right hand enthusiastically.

Professor Lu, long time no see!

Lu Zhou looked at the old man in surprise.

Academician Xiang?

Haha, it seems that you still remember me.

How could I forget you? Lu Zhou smiled and shook the old mans hand as he asked, How are you doing?

Good! Academician Xiang Huanan said with a hearty smile. He then continued, I heard you won the Hoffman Prize in Germany. Your achievements have brought honor to the Chinese academic community on the international stage!

Lu Zhou replied humbly, Thats just publicity, dont need to talk about it.

Academician Xiang waved his hand and said, Dont need to be humble. The Chinese Academy of Science specifically held a meeting for your Theoretical Model of the Electrochemical Interface Structure, and several old professors at the Institute of Chemistry had looked at your model. They think that it will make an impact on polymer materials!

Lu Zhou smiled and didnt know what to say.

Suddenly, another old man smiled at him.

Professor Lu, welcome home!

Lu Zhou had never seen this man before, and so, he asked, You are?

Academician Xiang smiled and said, This is the leader of the Ministry of Talents, Ma Gaoyang.

Ministry of Talents?

Lu Zhou didnt really know what this ministry was for, neither did he know the ranking of the ministry. However, he vaguely remembered that the Thousand People Initiative was led by them

In short, their ranking was high.

What leader Ma Gaoyang waved his hand and smiled at Lu Zhou as he said, If you dont mind, just call me Mr. Ma.

Lu Zhou went with the flow and said, Nice to meet you, Mr. Ma.

Ma Gaoyang nodded. You must be tired after the long flight; we can talk more in the car.

While Lu Zhou was talking with the academician and Ma Gaoyang, the people getting out of the plane began talking among themselves.

Whos that?

I think its that mathematics professor.

Mathematics professor? What kind of mathematics professor would be this famous? Its not like hes an actor.

Suddenly, someone couldnt help but say, Hes not a normal mathematics professor, and hes way nuttier than some actors.

Who is that?

Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou? Who the hell is that?

The person that solved Goldbachs conjecture, Professor Lu!

Most people didnt know about the Hoffman Prize and Crafoord Prize, nor did they pay attention to the latest academic community news

But when it came to the Goldbachs conjecture

Even primary school students were familiar with the conjecture.

Fuck me?! Thats him?!

Lu Zhou began chatting with Xiang Huanan in the car.

What have you been researching lately?

NavierStokes equation.

NavierStokes equation? Amazed, Academician Xiang looked at him and asked, Is it the Millennium Prize Problems from the Clay Institute?

Yes. Lu Zhou nodded.

You young people really are energetic, Academician Xiang Huanan said with a smile. He then added, It would be meritorious if you could solve the problem.

Academician Xiang paused for a second before he continued, I know a bit about number theory, but the partial differential equations are far beyond my scope of research. I dont have much to talk to you about. However, there are many doctoral holders at the Chinese Academy of Sciences who are doing research in this area. Are you interested in talking to them?


Although Lu Zhou was interested, he needed to rest.

Of course not now. Academician Xiang smiled and said, Ill take you to your hotel first! You were just on a long a*s flight, you have to rest for a few days.

On another car.

The father and daughter looked at each other for a long time and didnt speak.

At last, it was Chen Yushan who broke the silence.



Didnt you tell me that you had a meeting today?

Chen Baohua coughed and said, The company told me I had to come in, and I was only notified of what I would be doing during the meeting at noon.

Chen Yushan:

Chen Baohua then asked in a fatherly concern, You know him?

Although Chen Yushan wasnt happy with her fathers tone, she still answered truthfully.


Chen Baohua asked in a stern voice, How do you know him?

Chen Yushan replied carefully, From school.

Chen Baohua then asked, Why didnt you tell me?

Chen Yushan didnt know what to say, and so, she said, Dad, you didnt ask me You cant expect me to tell you everything about everyone I know.

Chen Baohua realized his stupid question and awkwardly tried to change the topic of conversation.

Do you know what he does?

Professor of mathematics at Princeton Dad, did he break the law? Chen Yushan asked in a nervous tone.

She hadnt seen Lu Zhou once ever since she stepped foot into the car.

Honestly, Chen Yushan was worried, but she couldnt find a good opportunity to ask.

Of course not, Chen Baohua coughed and said, it wouldnt be us picking him up then.

Chen Yushan relaxed.

Thank god he didnt break the law.

Chen Baohua didnt want to let his daughter off the hook just yet. He asked in a serious tone, Whats with you two?

Chen Yushan replied, We were classmates

Chen Baohua: