Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Fruit Flavored garbage?

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[Congratulations, User, for completing the reward mission!

[Mission completion details are as follows: Win the first level State Natural Science Award.

[Mission evaluation: None (reward missions have no evaluation)

[Reward: 100,000 free experience points. One lucky draw ticket. (???)]

Lu Zhou looked at his characteristic panel and thought for a bit. He tapped the information screen and spent all of his experience points on mathematics.

A blue light swept across the screen.

Lu Zhous characteristic panel was soon updated.


A. Mathematics: Level 6 (244,000/600,000)

B. Physics: Level 4 (33,215/200,000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 3 (24,000/100,000)

D. Engineering: Level 2 (0/50,000)

E. Materials science: Level 4 (13,000/200,000)

F. Energy science: Level 2 (0/50,000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (3,000/10,000)

General points: 3,475 (one lucky draw ticket)


100,000 experience points made quite a dent in the 600,000 experience points requirement.

However, Lu Zhou still had a long way to go from Level 6 to Level 7.

Although spending the 100,000 experience points on engineering or energy science would increase their levels, these subjects were useless for Lu Zhou, at least for now.

Also, the more research Lu Zhou did, the more important mathematics was.

If he ignored mathematics because of the level up requirement, then he would never level up.

Lu Zhou finished the experience allocation, and it was time for the exciting prize draw.

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and prayed in his heart. He then pressed the lucky draw button.

The wheel began to spin, and not long after, Lu Zhou pressed stop.

The inertia of the wheel caused it to spin a couple more turns.

Lu Zhou stared at the wheel pointer and felt like something big was about to happen.

He squeezed his fists as he stared at the screen.

Soon after, a line of text appeared on the screen

[Congratulations, User, you have won the Garbage prize.]

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

[Received: Nutrition Juice.]

Lu Zhou:

Oh well, a lottery is a lottery.

Lu Zhou never expected to get rich from this thing.

Speaking of which, he hadnt gotten any garbage in a while.

This was probably a result of the accumulation of his bad luck.

Lu Zhou closed the lucky draw panel and immediately opened the mission panel.

[Mission 1: Resistance

Description: Advanced superconducting technology is crucial for both the controlled nuclear fusion and the Hadron Collider. Therefore, material constraints are not only constraining the frontier of civilization but also the frontiers of civilizational imagination!

Requirements: Discover a carbon nanomaterial that is superconducting at temperatures over 100 Kelvin.

Rewards: 100,000 materials science experience. 50,000 biochemistry experience. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket.]


[Mission 2: Unpredictable fluids

Description: The Navier-Stokes equation refers to a motion equation that describes the conservation of momentum in a viscous incompressible fluid. Whether there is a smooth solution to the three dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes equation is one of the great mathematical problems of the 21st century.

Requirements: Give a logically self-consistent answer to the existence and smoothness of the Navier-Stokes equation.

Rewards: 1-??? experience points. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket.


[Mission 3: Wake up, loners have no future.

Description: This is a gift for loners, dont miss it!

Requirements: Unlimited time to complete the mission. Find a willing spouse and excrete your DNA into her. (Friends with benefits, prostitutes are invalid.)

Rewards: (amount of days single * 10) experience points. 500 General points. Physical strengthening medicine. (7 bottles, 8 hours effect).


Lu Zhou:

F*ck sake!

Whats wrong with being single?

Who cares if Im single?

Lu Zhou felt a sense of maliciousness from the system missions.

Assuming that he had been single for 34 years, that was only 8,760 days, which was less than 90,000 experience points.

The other rewards were also unattractive to him.

Lu Zhou ignored Mission 3 and focused on Missions 1 and 2.

He could tell from the description of the system mission that Mission 1 was special.

This mission was difficult, but it wasnt impossible.

Therefore, the system thought that it was possible to have a superconducting carbon nanomaterial at normal temperatures.

Also, this feasibility was based on his Level 4 materials science and Level 3 biochemistry.

Lu Zhous eyes lit up; he was interested.

As a researcher, being able to confirm the correctness of a research idea was a valuable skill.

But of course, although Lu Zhou was interested in the potential of Mission 1, after some careful consideration, Lu Zhou still chose Mission 2.

First of all, the NavierStokes equation was his focus. Second, this was a good opportunity for him to level up his mathematics.

Compared to Goldbachs conjecture, the existence of a smooth NavierStokes equation solution was more valuable, which was why it was listed as one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems. The influence of the NavierStokes equation had far surpassed the partial differential field and spread to other areas of mathematics.

Therefore, the experience points gained from solving the NavierStokes equation would be undoubtedly higher than Goldbachs conjecture!

But of course, studying superconducting materials was also important. Lu Zhou wouldnt easily forget such an important clue that was revealed by the system.

Although he didnt have time to participate in the superconducting materials project, the Jinling Institute of Computational Materials could carry out the project on his behalf

Once Lu Zhou selected Mission 2, he left the system space.

He then sat on his bed as he looked at the silver bag in his hands.

He originally thought that the nutrition juice would be some kind of powerful thing, and he didnt expect the packaging to be so low-key. It looked like Jell-o from the supermarket.

There was no product information or anything on the packaging.

Lu Zhou unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip.


Fruity flavor?

The taste was quite good, so Lu Zhou drank the whole bottle at once.

What surprised him the most was that his hunger was instantly gone.

This really came from an advanced civilization.

Even eating is so efficient.

Lu Zhou thought about it for a moment before he formed his own opinions.

This thing can be conveniently transported and used in space stations.

But Id go crazy if I had to eat this long term