Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 402

Chapter 402 You Grew Taller

Chapter 402: You Grew Taller
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Old Tang had been working as a professor for many years. Even though his academic achievements might not be outstanding, but he had taught many talented students. Other than his kids, the people he cared the most about in life were his students.

Lu Zhou left Old Tangs office and pondered about what Old Tang said.

He walked around, and soon, he arrived at Academician Lus office.

Other than Old Tang, Lu Zhou respected Academician Lu more than anyone else in Jin Ling University.

However, when Lu Zhou arrived, the old man wasnt here. There was only a young masters student with glasses sitting there. The student was painfully reading through research documents.

Lu Zhou remembered someone telling him that Academician Lu didnt take on masters students.

But now it seemed that the old man changed his rules and started training some high potential masters students.

Lu Zhou looked at the student who was working hard before he knocked on the door.

The masters student noticed Lu Zhou and asked, Youre looking for Academician Lu, right? Academician Lu isnt in Jinling these days; youre a step too late.

Lu Zhou asked, Where did he go?

Guy with glasses: He went to Daya Bay for a meeting.

Although this was unfortunate, Lu Zhou had expected something like this to happen.

Normally academicians were very busy, especially ones that did theoretical physics. There were countless conferences around the world for them to attend.

I see Then can you tell him that his student came to visit him.

Lu Zhou placed the box of tea on the table.

Okay, I will tell him, but I cant promise you that Academician Lu will accept your gift.

The masters student looked suspiciously of Lu Zhou. Lu Zhou was stunned by the students reaction, and he could tell what the student was thinking of.

Its fine Just tell him that its from the student called Lu Zhou; he will be happy to accept it.

Giving gifts during exam time could be misunderstood. The masters student probably thought that Lu Zhou was an undergraduate student.

Lu Zhou turned around and started to walk out of the office.

Suddenly, the guy in glasses yelled.

Wait a minute!

Lu Zhou stopped, and he turned around before asking, What?

The guy in glasses tried not to sound overly excited, but he still stuttered as he asked, You, youre really God Lu?

Lu Zhou said, Just call me Lu Zhou.

It was fine when people called him God Lu on Weibo but to call him that in real life

It was a bit weird.

The guys eyes lit up.

He quickly opened the drawer and took out a letter. He then walked up to Lu Zhou and said, Before he left, Academician Lu told me to give you this letter!

Lu Zhou took the letter and nodded as he said, Thank you.

Youre welcome The guy smiled and scratched his head while he said, Uh Can I ask you a favor?

Whats up?

Can you sign something? Just sign here on this book.

Oh, thats it?

Lu Zhou smiled and readily agreed.

He took the textbook from the guy and flipped over to the first page. The guys name was written on the page.

Song Xuewen

Not bad, good name.

I wonder why Academician Lu accepted him as his student.

Song Xuewen spoke while Lu Zhou was signing the book.

Um, God Lu

Lu Zhou said, Just call me bro.

Yes, bro! Song Xuewen smiled and said, Then let me ask you something, when you received the first-level State Natural Science Award, what did it feel like?

Lu Zhou stopped writing and looked at his neatly written signature as he began to think.

After a while, he replied, Quite nervous.

Song Xuewen thought Lu Zhou would have a long answer.

Thats it?

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Thats it.

Song Xuewen:

Lu Zhou came out of the laboratory building and wandered around the campus.

He walked around and without knowing it, he was near the Institute of Computational Materials.

He was about to talk toward the research institute when he suddenly heard a voice from behind.


Lu Zhou heard the familiar voice and looked back.

He saw Han Mengqi wearing a white coat, standing ten meters away. She was holding a sample box as she looked at Lu Zhou with surprise.

She had her long black hair tied in a ponytail, and her petite chin was covered in a black scarf. Her tiny nose and small lips perched under her eyes.

The little girl did seem to grow a bit compared to last summer, but she was still petite compared to her sister.

Lu Zhou looked at Meng Qi and asked curiously, What are you doing here? Are you not going home for the winter?

Xiao Tong previously had posted a picture of her hanging out with her friends on her friends news feed.

Han Mengqi looked at Lu Zhou and said, But my home is in Jinling


Shes right.

Lu Zhou realized that he had asked a stupid question, and he quickly looked away. He then changed the topic of conversation while he looked at the sample box in her hand.

What is this?

Han Mengqi said, This is the material sent from the Carbon Nanomaterials Research Institute. The laboratory teacher told me to get it back.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Oh, an experiment sample. Im going the same way, lets go.

Han Mengqi nodded happily.

The Institute of Computational Materials was nearby.

Along the way, Han Mengqi chatted with Lu Zhou about things that were happening at her school.

Lu Zhou could tell that she had had a very fulfilling year and that she had matured a lot since last year.

They were walking on the stairs when Han Mengqi suddenly called out to Lu Zhou in a sad tone.


Lu Zhou: What?

Mengqi gently pulled her scarf and said, Um, long time no see

Lu Zhou said, Yeah.

Do you not have anything to say to me?

When Lu Zhou heard this question, he suddenly became quiet.

He thought for a moment. Meanwhile, Meng Qis cheeks had turned bright red, and she couldnt help but think back to a few years ago when he was teaching her mathematics

Her heart rate increased.

Lu Zhou finally said, Youve grown taller?

Han Mengqi: ???