Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Letter From Germany

Chapter 404: Letter From Germany

For scientific researchers, having experiments to do alone was a fortunate thing. However, they still ultimately craved for a higher quality of life.

Lu Zhou didnt want mindless researchers. He wanted a team of researchers that was efficient, experienced, and teamwork-oriented.

While experience could be gained from working on research projects, compensation was what retained talents.

Lu Zhou felt like because he had earned more money than he could ever spend, he might as well give his fellow researchers some welfare.

After all, scientific research couldnt be done by one person. Especially when it came to the creation of the HCS-2 material, his research team was of great help.

Lu Zhou planned to take out 20 million RMB as a bonus for the Jinling Institute of Computational Materials. The compensation for each person would depend on their contribution to the theses.

It wasnt just the Jinling Institute of Computational Materials; Lu Zhou would also take out a few million USD for the Sarrot Laboratory.

Once Lu Zhou left the Institute of Computational Materials, he had dinner with Wang Peng. After that, they found a hotel nearby and booked two rooms.

Lu Zhou finished unpacking his luggage. After that, he turned on his computer and sent Star Sky Technology manager, White Sheridan, an email.

He was about to turn off his computer when he received an email.

The email was from Professor Lazerson in Germany.

[ Dear Professor Lu, I have to tell you a piece of exciting news. Our He3 atom probe technology was successfully deployed on Wendelstein 7-X! The results from the first experiment were quite satisfying, and the He-3 particles emitted under the constrained electromagnetic field successfully pierced through the plasma and successfully hit the target material.

[At first, Keriber had doubts about our equipment as he believed that the high-temperature plasma would produce unpredictable consequences. But it turned out that his worries were redundant!

[We have successfully collected important parameter information such as the plasma temperature, density, etc. This information is more accurate than any information obtained by previous plasma observation techniques. If only you were here in person, you would have experienced the excitement behind what I just described!

[I have attached the relevant data in the email. If you can wrangle the data and find useful things, please contact me. I look forward to you bringing us an even bigger surprise. But if you cant, thats fine as well since weve already made huge progress on our technology.

[Regarding the He3-probe-technology thesis, my suggestion is to submit it during the ITER conference. If you have any suggestions, please reply to me ASAP]

When Lu Zhou read the email, he smiled.

This worrying research project finally made some progress. The ability to accurately collect information on high-temperature plasma would help drive the progress of the entire international controlled nuclear fusion field.

However, for Lu Zhou, this was only the beginning of the plasma turbulence research project

[I agree with your proposal.]

The ITER conference was an open exchange meeting that involved plasma physics experts from all over the world. It was equivalent to the CERN of theoretical physics.

There didnt seem to be a better place to submit the thesis than at this conference.

Lu Zhou typed up a reply and pressed Send. He then reopened the email from Professor Lazerson.

Once he downloaded and unzipped the attached data, he couldnt wait to open the various graphs and pictures.

Half an hour passed by.

Lu Zhou finally finished reading the data in its entirety. He then lay back in his chair and stretched.


Very difficult!

This was a thousand or even ten thousand times more complicated than any previous mathematical model that he had built before. The difficulty increased exponentially.

Even with his Level 6 mathematics and Level 4 physics, he could feel the difficulty.

Should I use inspiration hours?

Lu Zhou looked at the computer screen for around five minutes. In the end, he shook his head and gave up the idea.

The systems system inspiration hours couldnt be paused.

The NavierStokes equation was a higher priority for Lu Zhou than the plasma turbulence phenomenon problem. He couldnt use his secret weapon on the less important task.

Lu Zhou closed his laptop.

Suddenly, he remembered that he had an unread letter from Academician Lu.

He took out the letter and ripped open the envelope. He then discovered that it wasnt an ordinary letter paper, but rather a folded piece of red square paper.

He unfolded the paper and saw two lines of words.

[Discard fame and fortune, obtain a higher ideal of life.]

Lu Zhou looked at the two lines and smirked.

Good advice.

Lu Zhou didnt expect the old man to be proficient in both theoretical physics and poetry.

Lu Zhou didnt know anything about poetry.

Even then, the old man was able to charm Lu Zhou with the power of poetry.

Ill hang this up for Chinese New Year.

It was getting late. Lu Zhou folded the letter and stuffed it back into the envelope. He then pulled out some clean clothes from his suitcase before he went into the bathroom.

The next morning at the Institute of Computational Materials.

Although there were still a few weeks until the Chinese New Year, the research institute already had a festive atmosphere.

Because today was bonus day.

The team had spent a month looking forward to this.

Qian Zhongming looked sluggish, while Liu Bo was excited when he asked, How much was your bonus?

It wasnt appropriate to ask about other peoples bonuses in the workplace, but they were close friends and there was no rule against it. Not to mention, this was a laboratory where some people were even willing to work for free. Therefore, usual workplace rules didnt apply.

Qian Zhongming looked at his text message quietly as he murmured, I got 880,000 Its not a mistake, right?

F*ck? Eight

Liu Bo was shocked by his number; his entire body was frozen.

After a while, he received a text message as well.

He looked at his phone screen as he replied, I can confidently say that its not a mistake.

Qian Zhongming then asked, How much did you get?

Liu Bo gulped.

I got 660,000.

Qian Zhongming:

Liu Hong, who was sitting in the corner of the office, looked at his 100,000 RMB bonus and nearly started to cry.

He had never even seen this much money when he was working for Wang Haifeng.

He could finally rent a better place now.

Yang Xu was undoubtedly the quietest person in the office.

His bonus was undoubtedly the highest.

1.5 million RMB

His hands started to shake when he saw this figure.

His original plan was to save for two years and buy a house in Jinling, but now, it seemed that he didnt have to wait for two years.

This bonus was too scary!

Especially for the material science field

Yang Xu remembered what Lu Zhou said to him, and suddenly, he felt like the burden on his shoulder had just become heavier