Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Long Time Reunion

Chapter 405: Long Time Reunion

Lu Zhou had been hanging around Jin Ling University over the past few days.

Hed either visit his old professor friends or study the NavierStokes equation in his hotel room.

He had many social events to attend in China. Therefore, he didnt have much time to work on mathematics problems.

But now, he finally had some time to continue focusing on his math problem.

Other than studying the math problem in his hotel room, Lu Zhou would go to the library at Jin Ling University and feel what it was like to be a student.

That feeling gave him a mindset to tackle problems from a different perspective; it often gave him an unexpected inspiration.

A week quickly passed by, and it was soon January 18th.

His friends from Dorm 201 decided to gather together two days before the wedding.

The gathering spot was obviously the fish restaurant.

They ordered a pot of grilled fish and some beer.

The boys began to brag while drinking beers.

Zhou, let me give you a toast Liu Rui tapped glasses with Lu Zhou and said, I saw you on the news a few days ago, and I bragged to a chick and said we slept together before. She didnt believe me until I showed her a photo. Congratulations on winning another national-level award, also thank you for letting me brag in front of a hot chick.

Lu Zhou nearly choked on the beer. Youre welcome, next time dont make it sound so weird.

Lu Zhou had to admit that Liu Ruis mentality matured after graduating from Yan University.

If it was before and Liu Rui saw Lu Zhou on the news, he would have turned off the TV.

But now, he could calmly read the news without being bothered by it.

In the beginning, Liu Rui didnt know what Lu Zhou was researching, but now, he didnt even know what prize Lu Zhou was receiving. The difference between the two was becoming bigger and bigger.

Of course, was Liu Riu jealous?

Of course he was!

Lu Zhou said, Oh yeah, who is your supervisor at Yan University?

Liu Rui said, Academician Wang Yuping. Im studying partial differential equations under him.

Wang Yuping? Hes also studying partial differential equations?

Lu Zhou didnt expect to know Liu Ruis supervisor.

Liu Rui nodded and said, Thats right, but his research is more applied than pure mathematics. You havent been studying number theory recently. Are you studying partial differential equations as well?

Lu Zhou: You could say so.

Interested, Liu Rui asked, Oh, what research project?

Lu Zhou smiled. Lets not talk about that.

Liu Rui waved his hand and said, Its fine, my mental health is strong now, just tell me.

Lu Zhou replied, NavierStokes equation.

Liu Rui went silent for a while. He then said, The existence of a smooth NavierStokes equation solution?

Lu Zhou nodded. Yes.

Liu Rui:

F*ck sake!

Millennium Prize Problem

Why is the difference between us so big?

Huang Guangming saw that Liu Rui was feeling down, and so, he quickly said, Lets talk about something else.

Shi Shang nodded. Agreed.

The four bros didnt talk about academics for the rest of the night.

After all, they had different development paths in life, and so, they had nothing similar to talk about.

Huang Guangming didnt change much. The only change he had was that he gave a douchey vibe even when he wasnt laughing.

Liu Rui looked more tanned and well-built than before. According to him, that was from playing basketball. When he was an undergrad student, he never played basketball. However, he started playing it after he went to Yan University.

As for Shi Shang, he changed the most among the squad. He went from a boy to a man and looked a lot more mature now.

According to Huang Guangming, Shi Shang could grow a beard and become a director, put on a pair of glasses and become an insurance broker.

Shi Shang had an eventful year.

His life after graduation didnt go as expected. Rather, it completely deviated from his original plan.

He planned on working to save some money. After that, he wanted to open a little business, and then, to get married and buy a house. By then, Wang Jingya would have finished her masters degree, and they could seal the deal.

However, less than a year after he graduated, something big happened.

The fetus inside of Jingyas body completely changed Shi Shangs plans.

Not only that, but he wasnt able to save up enough money to open a small business in Jinling.

But fortunately, he was able to buy a house in the city.

However, that was with his parents money

I dont want to say anything else, I just want to say one thing to my bro. If you have a girlfriend, make sure to take safety measures. Dont make the same mistake I did.

Shi Shang lamented to his buddies.

However, Lu Zhou, Huang Guangming, and Liu Rui looked weird.

Huang Guangming was the first to speak.

Shi Shang.

Shi Shang burped and said, What?

Huang Guangming: Why do I feel like

Liu Rui ended it for him. Youre humble bragging.

Lu Zhou quietly nodded.

Shi Shang rubbed his nose and smiled.

What do you mean humble brag Im not Lu Zhou, does it look like I would humble brag?

Huang Guangming:

Liu Rui:

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

They finished eating dinner at 8 p.m.

There was still a lot of food left but the alcohol was gone.

The three originally planned to get Shi Shang wasted. However, they had Liu Rui with them.

As usual, Liu Rui was the first to get wasted.

Like before, he slammed his head on the table and didnt move.

Huang Guangming and Liu Rui came here in Shi Shangs car, but obviously, no one could drive in this state.

Lu Zhou had to call Wang Peng and ask him to drive Shi Shang to the Purple Mountain Hotel.

Liu Rui and Huang Guangming had been living at the hotel for the few days prior to the wedding.

Before Shi Shang got in the car, he patted Lu Zhous shoulder.

The wedding is the day after tomorrow, thank you in advance!

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Dont worry, I wont let you down!

Shi Shang said, Im talking about the best man.

Lu Zhou: ?

Of course?

What else could you be talking about