Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Most Beautiful Day In The Life Of Shi Shang

Chapter 406: Most Beautiful Day In The Life Of Shi Shang

The day before the wedding, Shi Shang invited the best man and bridesmaids to come out and eat together. It was also for them to become familiar with each other before the wedding.

There were three best men and three bridesmaids. Coincidentally, the bridesmaids were also the brides university roommates. Although everyone went their own ways after graduation, they all gathered here for the wedding.

A long time ago, when Lu Zhou was still doing his undergrad, Shi Shang arranged a group date between the two dorms.

Although the people in the two dorms werent close friends, they knew each others names.

The elegant looking girl with round glasses was called Deng Le, the gorgeous girl with long black hair was Xiao Yunyun, and the girl with short hair was called Qian Hua.

Even after so many years, the girls of Dorm 406 still looked prettier than ever.

Wow, God Lu is here! Deng Le stared at Lu Zhou for a while and couldnt believe her eyes. She then said, Jingya told us you were a best man as well, and we all didnt believe her.

Xiao Yunyun, who was sitting next to her, smiled and said, Yeah, we didnt expect you to come.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Shi Shang is my good bro, how could I miss his wedding?

Curious, Deng Le asked, Oh yeah, God Lu, we always wanted to ask you. What is it like being a Princeton professor?

Lu Zhou said, Boring life, hard work.

Xiao Yunyun smiled as she said flirtatiously, Thats because you dont have a girlfriend.


Lu Zhou looked away and tried to change the topic of conversation.

In general, the squad had a good time.

Even though there was no alcohol to spice up the atmosphere, the conversation was flowing smoothly.

Other than Qian Hua, because of what happened with Wu Yan, she had a little beef with Lu Zhou.

However, that was so long ago, and she wasnt the innocent and childish girl anymore. Still, the tension between her and Lu Zhou was inevitably awkward.

The two only chatted briefly.

Once the squad finished eating, they went to karaoke.

However, because they had a big thing planned for tomorrow, no one stayed out late. The squad dispersed at 9 p.m.

When Lu Zhou left the karaoke place, he called his driver, Wang Peng. Lu Zhou told Wang Peng to go home as he had booked a room at the Purple Mountain Hotel with his friends.

Wedding day.

Lu Zhou was awakened by a knocking sound that came from the door. He then quickly put on his suit and styled his handsome hair in front of the mirror. He then went outside the hotel to meet up with the group.

The group got in the car and first went to Shi Shangs house in the city. After that, they went to the brides house. Finally, they returned to the Purple Mountain Hotel.

Shi Shang didnt say anything during the car ride. However, he would look at the squad in the rearview mirror and smile from time to time.

This was probably the happiest day of his life.

Although they said that the best man had a lot to do, it actually wasnt the case. All they had to do was act as a backup when picking up the bride. They also had to help the groom with drinking alcohol during the wedding.

The newlyweds were both from Jinling, which saved a lot of trouble.

Before the wedding began, Liu Rui placed his hands on Shi Shangs shoulder and patted.

Shi Shang, are you nervous?

Shi Shang took a deep breath and adjusted his tie.

Nervous! Ive never been more nervous in my life!

Huang Guangming smiled and said, Then Shi Shang, are you still going through with the wedding?

Shi Shang stared at him.

No sh*t!

How can I back up now

Huang Guangmings joke took away Shi Shangs nervousness.

Shi Shang was called away by the wedding staff. He joined the bride and went on stage.

The wedding was in motion, and the best man squad had nothing to do.

Normally, they would help to deal with the guests. But nowadays, the guests were handled by the wedding staff.

Lu Zhou tried to help a few times but didnt want to cause any trouble. In the end, he sat in the corner of the venue while eating sunflower seeds and bantering with his friends.

Lu Zhou had to catch the high-speed train after the wedding.

He didnt know when they would meet again.

Time quickly passed by. Liu Rui was talking about his experience studying at Yan University when suddenly a staff member came over.

Which one is Lu Zhou?

Lu Zhou spit out the sunflower seed and raised his hand.

Me, why?

The staff members eyes lit up and smiled.

Ive been looking for you. The best man squads representative will have to speak on stage.

Hearing that, Lu Zhou was stunned. Speak about what?

What the hell is the best man squads representative?

He had never heard Shi Shang mentioned this before.

The staff member smiled and said, Your good friend is about to get married, dont you want to say anything to him? Just represent your dorm room and say something. You dont have to make it long; one sentence is enough.

Huang Guangming was gloating as he said, Zhou, just represent us and say a couple of lines. Just say something.

Lu Zhou was muddled, and he asked, Why me?

Liu Rui said, Were both masters students while youre a PhD holder and a professor. You are the most cultured one among us.

Huang Guangming said, F*ck off! Why do you make it sound like Im uncultured?

Liu Rui looked at him and asked, Do you want to speak?

Huang Guangming instantly smiled and said, Never mind, Im not good at speaking. I might offend someone, and I dont want to screw up Shi Shangs big day Lets just let Zhou do it.

The host of the wedding was speaking into a microphone on stage.

Next up, let us welcome the grooms university roommate who came all the way from America Professor Lu! Professor Lu will represent the best men and say a couple of lines of blessings!

The wedding venue erupted in applause.

Some people had heard of Lu Zhou before, and they excitedly looked around the venue as they attempted to find the legendary Crafoord Prize winner.

Some people had never heard of Lu Zhou before, but they knew that it was a nutty thing to be a professor in America.

Since the host of the wedding made the announcement, Lu Zhou had to speak on stage.

He patted the sunflower seeds off his body before he stood up from his chair. He then adjusted his tie before he walked through the crowd and onto the stage.

He stood in front of the guests and calmly took over the microphone.

Lu Zhou looked at the newlyweds and began to think.

Lu Zhou never got stage fright.

But what should he say?