Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Life Isnt Only About Mathematics There Are Physics And Chemistry As Well

Chapter 407: Life Isnt Only About Mathematics, There Are Physics And Chemistry As Well

This wasnt Lu Zhous first time speaking on stage.

However, this was his first time speaking as a best man at his friends wedding.

Lu Zhou took the microphone, but he remained speechless.

He was a loner that had never had a girlfriend before, what insight could he possibly give?

The guests saw that Lu Zhou wasnt speaking and began to whisper to each other.

Qian Hua looked at Lu Zhou. Shen then looked at her friend and whispered, Does he have stage fright?

Xiao Yunyun smiled and teased.

Hes a big scientist; hes setting the mood.

Qian Hua said, Pfft, who cares about some mathematician. He understands mathematics, but he doesnt understand life.

Okay, okay. Please stop arguing Deng Le interrupted the two and said, Yunyun, how about you go on stage and save him?

Normally, the maid of honor would speak after the best man.

If Professor Lu really couldnt handle speaking at a stage like this, then the wedding host could easily rescue him.

Xiao Yunyun just had to give a beautiful speech and save the day.

Xiao Yunyun said, I dont mind, Ive done my preparation

Just as the host was about to save Lu Zhou, he suddenly spoke.

From the beginning of the universe to the evaporation of the last black hole, we know that the probability of birth is only a billionth of a billionth of a billionth

The wedding venue quieted down.

The young folks stopped chatting while the older folks put down the sunflower seeds.

Even the children stopped screwing around

Everyone focused their attention on stage.

It wasnt because of Lu Zhous opening. It was because they were curious about what this professor from Princeton had to say.

Lu Zhou looked around at the wedding guests, and he felt that he was in the zone.

It was like he was back in a Princeton lecture hall.

He continued in a monotonic voice, As we know, the probability of two lives meeting is less than the square of a billionth of a billionth

He wasnt sure if the guests knew what he was talking about.

He wasnt sure if they understood this astronomically low number.

He had never used sensational words like this.

He was never a dramatic person.

He probably would never be one.

But right now, he wanted to send his blessings to his friend.

From a probability perspective, the greatest miracle in the universe is not the death of stars, the formation of galaxies, or the evaporation of black holes

Rather, its the miracle of two people meeting each other and falling in love on this billion-year timeline.

Maybe because mathematics is too interesting, Im rarely interested in anything other than mathematics. At most, Ill dabble in chemistry or physics But even then, even though I dont understand the meaning of love, I can feel that you two truly love each other.

Lu Zhou paused for a second. He then looked at the groom and bride before he continued, Hence, I sincerely wish you guys the best and that you can love each other like I love mathematics. Cherish this miraculous moment.

The crowd erupted in applause.

The applause was louder than what Lu Zhou had expected.

He never thought that the speech he made up on the spot would resonate with the crowd to this level.

However, he noticed that it wasnt just the crowd that was cheering. Even the groom on stage was feeling quite emotional as well

The handsome man who was in a tux nearly started to cry.


Would it be bad for Shi Shang to cry?

I guess it doesnt matter.

Lu Zhou smiled at Shi Shang and nodded. He then handed the microphone back to the wedding host.

Then, he walked off the stage

Xiao Yunyun watched Lu Zhou walked off stage and said, Wow, even though hes a mathematician hes still good with words.

People used to say that mathematicians were the best at picking up girls.

She didnt believe it before, but she did now.

Deng Le said emotionally, Yeah I thought he was more of the introverted type and that he might have stage fright. I didnt expect him to own the stage.

With a proud expression on her face, Xiao Yunyun looked at Qian Hua.

What do you think, Qian Hua?

Qian Hua pulled herself together.

Ah What?

Xiao Yunyun and Deng Le looked at each other.

Why do I feel like

This chick

Is acting a bit weird?

After Lu Zhou finished his speech, the bridesmaid went on stage and congratulated the newly-wed couple.

The wedding went into its most climatic stage.

Everyone watched as the groom put a ring on the bride.

From that moment, there were two less lonely people in the world

The wedding came to an end.

Most of the relatives and friends that came to the wedding had finished their meals and were beginning to leave the venue.

Lu Zhou went to the bathroom to wash his hands. When he came out, he was stopped by someone.

He looked at the short-haired girl standing in front of him and said, Whats up?

Nothing, Qian Hua said as she shook her head. She then looked down as she continued, I just want to say sorry to you. I stepped over the line.

Lu Zhou was stunned, and when he replied, he spoke in a relaxed tone.

Its fine, I didnt take it to heart.

That was three years ago, Lu Zhou had nearly forgotten about what had happened.

After all, everyone would get overwhelmed by emotions sometimes.

Not to mention, she never did anything to Lu Zhou other than defending her idol.

Lu Zhou wasnt easily offended, which was why he was still good friends with Liu Rui.

If theres nothing else, Ill see you around.

Qian Hua saw that Lu Zhou was leaving, and she quickly said, Wait a second

Lu Zhou stopped and looked back at her.

Anything else?

When this is all over Can I buy you a drink? Qian Hua said while blushing. As a payback.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Some other day then. I have to catch a train later.

Qian Hua: ?

Other than celebrating Chinese New Year, Lu Zhou had important things to do in China.

One was to attend the Science and Technology Award Conference, and the other was to attend Shi Shangs wedding.

Since Shi Shangs wedding was over, all he had to do now was to celebrate the holiday with his family.

This was his only time in the year to relax