Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 423

Chapter 423 System Easter Egg?

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After an afternoon of fighting, the report was finally over at 5 p.m.

Normally speaking, for a major conjecture like this, in order to remember the moment, the organizers of the conference would arrange a dinner party to celebrate.

However, everyone was very tired. Not to mention, there was an opening ceremony tomorrow. They could only wait until tomorrow to taste the champagne of victory.

After Lu Zhou ate his dinner, he finally returned to his hotel room. He went straight to bed.

The report was finally over.

From the reaction of the audience, it seemed like the academic community accepted his thesis.

As for the Clay Institute, they were probably still researching his thesis, but it wouldnt take long for them to accept the thesis as well.

In any case, the NavierStokes equation research project finally came to an end. The knot in Lu Zhous heart was finally untied.

Although Lu Zhou was completely exhausted, when he thought about his report, he couldnt help but smile.

Lu Zhou suddenly remembered he hadnt posted on Weibo in a while.

I cant do this to my fans.

Lu Zhou smiled and rolled over. He then took out his phone from his pocket.

Joyful things should be shared with others.

Lu Zhou opened his phone and typed out a post. He then clicked Send and shared his happiness with his fans.

[After half a year of hard work, its finally done!]

Replies immediately came in.

[Wow, why is God Lu up so early?]

[Dumbass, its night time for him.]

[I wonder what God Lu is doing at night? (smirk) (smirk)]

[Wow, this time God Lu didnt humblebrag!!!]

Lu Zhou:

What are you talking about!

What do you mean humblebrag?

Am I that kind of person?!

Lu Zhou read a few comments in the comments section. He then turned off his phone and placed his phone on the bedside table.

It was just after sunset here in Rio de Janeiro, which meant it was probably quite early in the morning back in China. Not a lot of people would see his Weibo post.

Comments were like pickles; the longer you waited, the better they would taste.

Lu Zhou lay in bed and closed his eyes.

Before going to sleep, he had an important thing to do.

He whispered, System.

Soon, his consciousness entered the pure white space

[Congratulations user for mission completion!

[Mission completion details are as follows: Give a logically consistent answer to the existence of a smooth Navier-Stokes equation.

[Mission final evaluation: S+

[Mission reward: 400,000 mathematics experience points. 100,000 physics experience points. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket.]

After all, it is a Millennium Prize Problem.

The 400,000 mathematics experience points is double the experience points for Goldbachs conjecture.

The 100,000 physics experience points also surprised Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou didnt waste a second, and he immediately said, System, open my characteristic panel!

A blue light swept across the translucent holographic screen; Lu Zhous updated characteristic panel quickly appeared in front of him.


A. Mathematics: Level 7 (44,000/1.2 million)

B. Physics: Level 4 (133,215/200,000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 3 (24,000/100,000)

D. Engineering: Level 2 (0/50,000)

E. Materials science: Level 4 (13,000/200,000)

F. Energy science: Level 2( 0/50,000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (3,000/10,000)

General points: 3,975 (one lucky draw ticket)


I leveled up in mathematics!

Lu Zhou looked at the 44,000 mathematics experience points and felt ecstatic. Thank god he allocated all of the last missions free experience points into mathematics.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have leveled up.

However, his joyfulness didnt last long.

Lu Zhou looked at the experience limit and couldnt help but feel despair.

1.2 million experience points!

What kind of mission would give me that many points

Lu Zhou took a deep breath and decided to think about this problem later.

He then reached out a finger and selected the lucky draw.

The probability rates werent known, so Lu Zhou had no idea what he could get.

The second he touched the translucent screen, a circular roulette wheel began to spin.

Lu Zhou closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He then suddenly opened them.


He pressed his index finger on the stop button.

The wheels inertia caused it to spin a couple more rounds before it finally stopped.

A line of words appeared on the center of the translucent information screen.

[Congratulations, User, for winning the special prize.

[Received, Easter egg.]

Lu Zhou: ?!

What the hell is an Easter egg?

Lu Zhou couldnt wait to receive the prize. He was wondering what exactly a systems Easter egg was. Suddenly, a rainbow-colored egg appeared in his hand.

He fiddled with the egg for a long time and couldnt find out what it was.

The only thing he knew was that it was an Easter egg.

Lu Zhou:

F*ck sake!

Is it really just a colorful egg!

Does this thing not have special features?

Lu Zhou remembered the first time he got the special prize and it turned out to be a Patronage Appreciated. Lu Zhou was so over this systems jokes.

If he didnt receive the inspiration hours, he would have suspected that the special rewards were the exact same as garbage and that the system was just playing a cruel joke on him.

Lu Zhou put the egg back into his inventory. He then saw that he had a lot of items in his inventory which were collecting dust.

Like that nitrogen shield, or that Debris No.2 that looked like a Rubiks cube. He hadnt had time to study the Debris yet, so he had no idea what it was.

If only he had a scanner gun.

Lu Zhou sighed and closed his inventory tab.

He had passed the mission and received the mission reward, and now, it was time to receive his new mission.

Lu Zhou looked at the shiny S+ mission panel evaluation and clicked his mission panel.

Soon, the updated mission panel appeared in front of his eyes.

[Reward mission is activated (Give up at any time without spending general points)

[Explanation: Due to users deep understanding of the NavierStokes equation and users ability to solve partial differential equations by using differential geometry methods, new ideas paths have been opened for the field of fluid mechanics. The L Manifold and topology tools will also revolutionize the research in hydrodynamic turbulence phenomenon!

[Requirements: Establish a mathematical model for the plasma turbulence phenomenon in the stellarator.

[Reward: 1~??? subject experience. One lucky draw ticket. (100% special).]

Lu Zhou had high expectations for this mission.

If this reward mission was like last time where all he had to do was to receive a national reward, then it would be amazing.

Unfortunately, the system didnt let him off the hook so easily.

Not just that, but this reward mission was actually quite difficult.

The turbulence phenomenon was the most difficult part of fluid mechanics, and so far, physicists had only created approximate models on this phenomenon.

And the turbulence phenomenon of plasma was even more complicated than other fluids.

However, although this was a difficult task, Lu Zhou was confident he could solve this problem.

He had already defeated the NavierStokes equation, is there anything else that he couldnt do in the field of fluid mechanics?

Not to mention, applied mathematics was his forte.

He exited the system space and returned to reality.

Lu Zhou felt a gentle twitch in his cerebral cortex before his entire consciousness felt numb.

Lu Zhou secretly enjoyed this feeling of being upgraded, and soon, he yawned and fell asleep.

Lu Zhou didnt know that the news of him solving the NavierStokes equation had already hit China and that many CCTV mathematics reporters stayed up all night because of his report