Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Professor Lazersons Decision

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While Lu Zhou and Professor Green were reaching an agreement, a strange person appeared outside his office at Princeton Institute for Advanced Study.

The person hesitated before knocking and walking into the office.

Is this Professor Lu Zhous office?

Vera stopped writing and said, Yes, why do you want to find Professor Lu?

The old man looked around the office as he said, I need to talk to him Is he taking time off today?

Nope, Vera shook her head and said, but he left in the morning.

The old man asked, Then can you tell me where I can find him?

Hes been doing research at the John von Neumann Center these days, so you can go there if you want to find him.

The old man nodded and said, The supercomputer center? Okay Thank you. He turned around and was about to leave the office.

However, suddenly, the office door was pushed open.

Lu Zhou came back from the John von Neumann Center with the new data.

When he saw Lazerson, he was stunned.

At first, he thought he had misrecognized him.

Ever since the end of last year, Professor Lazerson had been visiting the Germany Wendelstein 7-X laboratory, and the two had been communicating through email.

Lu Zhou didnt know Lazerson was coming back.

Lazerson? My dear friend, you came back from Germany? When did you come back?

Lazerson looked at his watch.

I got off the plane five hours ago

Lu Zhou laughed and said, In any case, welcome back! Actually, I was about to email you a piece of good news. Come, Ill show you a piece of treasure.

When Professor Lazerson saw how excited Lu Zhou was, he hesitated for a moment. However, he still followed Lu Zhou to his computer.

Lu Zhou switched on his laptop and plugged in his USB. He then quickly opened the simulation software.

When Professor Lazerson saw the intersecting green, red, and yellow lines on the computer screen, he had a surprised look on his face.

Unbelievable You actually did it?

Theres still one more step I need to do. I need to use a supercomputer and test the model, and it might take a few days. But the mathematical model is basically finished, Lu Zhou said with a smirk. Isnt it magical?

Yeah Lazerson was hesitant. He coughed and said, Congratulations! This mathematical model alone is worthy of a physics award. Also, the main reason I came back was to tell you something. I hope you wont be too surprised.

Lu Zhou looked at Professor Lazersons serious demeanor and asked, Whats up?

Lazerson: I plan on resigning.

Actually, Lazerson could have said something worse. Still, Lu Zhou didnt expect to hear this.

Lu Zhou looked at Lazerson in disbelief and said, Resign?

Yes. Professor Lazerson nodded and said, The He3 atom probe is a fantastic plasma diagnostic technology. I have a feeling that it might become a staple of every plasma research institute. If every He3 atom probe has to be designed and constructed by my group of engineers, it would be way too cumbersome. So I want to design a standardized device that can be disassembled or installed; the kind that works by plugging it into an electric outlet.

Lu Zhou didnt know how to react.

He went silent for around five seconds before he said, Youre already the head of the project team, and you might become the PPPL director in a few years Is this really the right choice?

Theres nothing right or wrong about this. In my opinion, distributing the He3 probe technology is more important than any position at the PPPL. Not to mention, why would I want to be the PPPL director? I would rather have a few million in funds to do my own research than to manage hundreds of millions and have none of the money.

Lu Zhou: But My dear Professor Lazerson, how many plasma research institutes can afford your equipment? Or how many are willing to order it?

Thats not a problem, and Im not worried about sales. Professor Lazerson smiled and said in a relaxed tone, I know you dont think this is much money. After all, you rejected a million-dollar Millennium Award prize.

Lu Zhou said, I didnt reject it, I only postponed it!

Fine, you postponed it, but thats not the main point. Professor Lazerson said, Back to what we just said, although my company is still in its early stages, weve already signed two 8-figure contracts.

Whether it was in China or America, jumping from academia to business was not an unusual thing.

Especially for technical engineers like Professor Lazerson, they were much better at transforming a piece of technology into a product than normal scientists.

Not just that, but with his academia connections, Lazerson could easily sign contracts with major plasma physics research institutes. As for the people in the plasma physics community, as long as Lazersons prices were reasonable, they were happy to do business with him.

But this wasnt good news for Lu Zhou.

Not because Lu Zhou wouldnt receive any profits.

He never intended to make money on the He3 probe technology, nor did he want to register a patent. The probes main purpose was to facilitate his own research. In fact, he was happy to see other people commercialized the product as it would save him a lot of trouble.

However, he didnt expect Lazerson to be the one to do this.

If Professor Lazerson resigned, Lu Zhou would undoubtedly lose an excellent research partner.

Lu Zhou tried to convince him, Youre already fifty years old, I suggest you think carefully before making decisions.

Professor Lazerson shook his head and said, Fifty years old isnt that old. Plus Ive thought about this for a long time. The reason I came here was to bid you farewell.

Lu Zhou looked at how determined Professor Lazerson was, and he knew he couldnt persuade him.

After a while, Lu Zhou sighed and said, I wish you the best If theres anything I can help, feel free to contact me.

Although this was unfortunate, everyone had to make their own choices.

Professor Lazerson was his research partner, not his employee. He didnt have a right to interfere with Lazersons choices.

Professor Lazersons eyes lit up when he heard Lu Zhou.

Really? Youre willing to help me?

When Lu Zhou saw how delighted Professor Lazerson was, he said, Of course But It depends on what it is.

Oh, heres the deal Although Ive already raised some money, were still lacking in the financing department. Of course, Ive thought about borrowing from the banks, but its not easy for a start-up to secure funding, you know? Professor Lazerson coughed and seemed embarrassed as he said, Are you interested in investing?

Lu Zhou: