Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 437

Chapter 437 Coach I Want To Sell Drones

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The meeting started again.

Professor Keriber stepped foot into the conference room and placed a stack of paper on the desk. He made a gesture to his assistant, who was also holding a stack of papers, telling him to pass the theses around the table.

The professors and engineers sitting around the table didnt know what Professor Keriber was doing.

Edor took a copy of the thesis and frowned.

What is this?

Professor Keriber placed his hands on the table before he spoke with a twinkle in his eye.

This is what weve been waiting for!

Edor was somewhat uncomfortable at how excited Keriber was, and he hesitated for a second before asking, Are you sure this thing is reliable?

Professor Keriber spoke in a confident manner, The author of the thesis is Professor Lu from Princeton; this years Fields Medal winner. If his mathematical model isnt reliable, then Im afraid no mathematical model in the world is reliable.

A plasma physicist threw the thesis on the conference table and said, Plasma turbulence turbulence the word turbulence gives me a headache. He pinched his glabella and said, Im a plasma physicist; Im not here to discuss fluid mechanics with you.

Some professors didnt say a word as they were concentrating on the thesis in their hands, trying to comprehend the complicated calculations in the thesis. There were a lot of big names in the Max Planck Institute; there were also visiting scholars from all over the world.

There were bound to be some people who were proficient in mathematics.

However, it didnt matter if someone wasnt proficient.

They were just like Keriber.

Even though Keriber couldnt understand the body of the thesis, but like most people, he could still understand the mathematical model results and conclusion of the thesis.

Keriber stared at Hesinger and said in a serious manner, I know this sounds outrageous since it is well known within the physics community that the turbulence problem is unsolvable. However, if this model is reliable, we can use it to change our fusion control scheme, and reduce the amount of plasma collision on the first wall material.

Professor Hesinger went silent for a long time before he finally made a decision.

Then lets give it a go.

The best way to test the truth was through experiments.

Just like how their phenomenological model was built using the cumulative experience from countless experiments.

Edor looked at Hesinger in disbelief. Are you sure you want to change the control scheme? Just because of this unpublished thesis?

Professor Hesinger looked at him.

Do we have another choice?

Changing the control scheme wasnt an easy task.

However, this type of procedural modification was much easier than a large systematic modification

Once Lu Zhou submitted the thesis, he left it alone.

Interestingly, he posted the thesis onto arXivs website, sharing it with his peers. However, it didnt trigger the system mission completion.

It seemed like the rules for this type of application-based thesis was different than mathematics proof theses. Making the thesis available to the public wasnt the only criteria for mission completion.

Lu Zhou remembered the mission description said he had to establish a mathematical model for the plasma turbulence phenomenon in a stellarator.

Maybe the mission also required at least one stellarator to apply his model?

If that was the case, this mission would be a little more difficult

Even top journals like PRX were unlikely to be adopted by research institutes.

More importantly, there were only a few stellarators in the world

Of course, there could also be a problem with Lu Zhous thesis.

But Lu Zhou felt like the probability of that was very low

After confirming the thesis had entered into the peer review stage, Lu Zhous work had slowed down a little.

From the NavierStokes equation to plasma turbulence, apart from the few days he went to the Brazil conference, he basically hadnt taken a break.

After all, he wasnt a machine; he still needed to rest

A group of undergraduate boys was testing their drone near Lake Carnegie.

The annual autumn competition was about to begin, so this was the most important time for practice.

As their consultant, Lu Zhou would occasionally join them when he wasnt busy.

On the one hand, he would give the boys advice on technical problems. On the other hand, he would also use this opportunity to hang out around the lake and get some sunshine.

The club leader, Jimmy, sat next to Lu Zhou. He grabbed the grass on the ground and suddenly said, Professor, Im graduating next year.

Oh? Maybe I can give you some good advice, like some reliable professors you can study under.

Lu Zhou had a good impression of the boy with freckles.

Although Lu Zhou didnt know a lot of engineering professors, he could still consult some of his professor friends for suggestions.

However, to Lu Zhous surprise, Jimmy shook his head.

I dont want to study anymore, I want to graduate.

Lu Zhou looked at him in surprise.

Graduate? Have you thought of what you want to do?

Drones! Jimmy stared at the little guy flying in the sky and said, I want to open a drone company. Thats my dream.

Lu Zhou said, This sounds interesting. But Jimmy, what do you plan on using drones to do?

Jimmy smiled and said, Theres a lot of things it can do. like delivering packages or pizza.

Package delivery drone?

This word makes me nostalgic

Lu Zhou looked at the drone hovering in the sky and thought back to the first few theses he published in his university days.

He also remembered his Shunfeng offer.

Lu Zhou couldnt help but think. What if he didnt refuse the offer, chose to give up on academia, and went to research drone logistics in a laboratory instead? What would his life be like?

Life really is amazing

Jimmy: Professor?

Lu Zhou said, What?

Jimmy looked at Lu Zhou seriously and said, What do you think of the drone delivery idea?

A good idea. Im optimistic about this project, but I dont have any plans to invest

Jimmy smiled and said, No, youre misunderstanding me, I dont need your investment. My father agreed to lend me five million dollars in venture capital; it should be enough.

Lu Zhou:

Okay, I guess I was over-thinking.

But speaking of which, how come other than my own students, all the students Im friends with are filthy rich

In this case, good luck with your venture. I cant help you with anything else, but I can recommend you some good theses to read However, it only outlines a general framework. It is far from complete. Lu Zhou paused for a second before he said, However, theyre in the General Journal, and Im not sure if the database of Firestone Library has them, so you might have to be a little patient when youre looking for them

That was how the General Journal worked. Even if someone produced a top tier result, it would be treated poorly.

Lu Zhou spent general points in order to complete the mission. Therefore, it was actually the system that wrote the theses.

Objectively speaking, Lu Zhou felt like the quality of those theses were pretty good. Although they were somewhat sub-par, using it as a framework would be pretty decent.

However, Jimmy was keen. His eyes lit up as he immediately said, Please recommend them to me!

Lu Zhou took out a small notebook from his pocket.

He couldnt remember which academic conference he got this notebook from. He mainly used it to record inspirational thoughts. He was the only one that could understand the symbols and calculations written within.

Lu Zhou tore off a blank sheet of paper and wrote down the name of the journal and approximate publication date before he gave it to Jimmy.

Take it.

Thank you!

Jimmy took the piece of paper from Lu Zhou and shoved it in his pocket like it was a piece of treasure.

Although the theses were useless for Lu Zhou, he hoped Jimmy would find them useful.

Suddenly, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

Lu Zhou stood up and patted the grass off his pants. He then walked next to the lake and took out his phone.

Xiao Ai: [Master, you have mail!]

Lu Zhou looked at the notification on his screen and clicked on the link. He instantly logged into his email.

Coincidentally, there were two unread emails in his inbox.

One was from PRX, informing him that the peer review had ended and that the thesis would be published in the latest PRX issue.

The other was from the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics