Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 439

Chapter 439 Physics Level 5 And Special Mission Reward Mission?

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Lu Zhou didnt care about the academic communitys reaction; he only cared about the completion of this reward mission.

Compared to the existence of a smooth NavierStokes equation solution, this type of mission was basically free marks.

As Lu Zhou stood in the pure white system space, a light blue line of text appeared in the translucent information screen in front of him.

[Congratulations, User, for completing the reward mission!

[Mission completion details are as follows: Build a mathematical model for the plasma turbulence phenomenon in a stellarator.

[Final mission evaluation: None (Reward missions have no evaluation)

[Mission reward: 100,000 mathematics experience points. 100,000 physics experience points. One lucky draw ticket. (100% special)]

200,000 experience points in total, plus a lucky draw. Although there werent any general points, it was still a decent reward mission.

After looking at the mission rewards, Lu Zhou began to command the system.

System, open my characteristic panel!

A blue light swept across the screen.

Soon, Lu Zhous characteristic panel appeared in front of his eyes.


A. Mathematics: Level 7 (144,000/1.2 million)

B. Physics: Level 4 (33,215/300,000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 3 (24,000/100,000)

D. Engineering: Level 2 (0/50,000)

E. Materials science: Level 4 (13,000/200,000)

F. Energy science: Level 2 (0/50,000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (3,000/10,000)

General points: 3,975 (one lucky draw ticket)


Having finally reached Level 5, physics was right behind mathematics.

As for the 1.2 million experience points requirement

Lu Zhou didnt want to deal with it.

He closed his characteristic panel. Next up was the exciting prize draw.

100% special

Please dont give me an Easter egg again

Lu Zhou took a deep breath. He then prayed to the gods and hoped that he wouldnt get the Easter egg before he clicked the screen.

However, he suddenly realized a problem.

Wait a minute

Other than the Easter egg, theres also a Patronage Appreciated prize?!

However, it was too late to pray again as the second his fingertips touched the screen, a wheel began to spin.

Lu Zhou pressed the button.

The system announced the prize in midst of Lu Zhous nervousness.

[Congratulations, User, for winning the special prize!

[Received special mission card!]

Mission card?

Lu Zhou looked at this gadget and paused for a second. Suddenly, he looked worried.

How do we say this

This isnt as useless as an Easter egg, right?

Its not just a plastic card, right?

Lu Zhou had been screwed over many times by the lucky draw; he didnt trust the system anymore.

I swear if this card is really just a plastic card

Lu Zhou felt a little suspicious, so he opened the mission panel.

Fortunately, the thing he was worried about didnt happen.

[Special mission card: Able to activate before accepting a normal mission. Activate to begin a special mission chain which replaces the normal mission. Special mission chain cannot be stopped unless the user fails the mission.]

Cant be stopped? Does this mean I cant use general points to stop the mission?

Lu Zhou read the description and hesitated for a bit before clicking the golden card icon in his inventory.

[Special mission chain: Fusion Light

[Mission description: The moment the first two nuclei collided, the small fire of civilization was ignited in the sea of stars. However, it is important to know how to maintain this fire

[Objective: Complete the design and construction of the DEMO fusion reactor before 2025.

[Mission rewards: Depends on mission evaluation. Rewards include experience points, general points, samples, blueprints, special items

The mission description was kind of weird, but it was fine. However, when Lu Zhou saw the mission objective, he nearly puked his eyes out.

Before 2025?

Does this sh*tty high tech system use a different calendar?

The DEMO fusion reactor was one of ITERs fifty-year plan projects.

Lu Zhou wasnt familiar with the specific plan. After all, plasma physics wasnt a popular field, and most of his physicist friends were theoretical physicists.

The last time he went to Germany, he remembered Professor Klitzing mentioned something like this to him.

According to the EU Fusion Alliance, around 70% of the funds went to ITER and 30% went to DEMO Something along those lines.

There wasnt a clash between the DEMO and ITER project; they were being conducted at the same time. But anyone with a brain cell knew that if the controllable nuclear fusion problem wasnt solved, there would be no way to build a demonstration nuclear fusion reactor.

Therefore, in order to complete the DEMO project, ITER had to be completed first.

Itd be great if the ITER project could be smoothly completed by 2025.

Of course, for this type of seemingly impossible mission, the system gave Lu Zhou a choice.

There were two buttons below the mission requirements.


Rejecting it means my mission card will be useless, right?

After that, he could choose the best mission from the three randomly generated ones.

Lu Zhou stared at the two buttons and thought for a long time.

Although the number of options decreased from three to two, Lu Zhou felt like the difficulty of the choice had doubled.

He shook his head and tried to clear his mind. He made a decision and placed his hand on the Accept button.

Although it was pretty difficult to complete the mission by 2025, he was never one to step down from a difficult challenge.

Controllable nuclear fusion was a very interesting field; it was also one of the obstacles humanity would have to eventually overcome.

Lu Zhou would continue to do research in this area even without the mission.

It was like the system was celebrating his correct decision. The moment he clicked Accept, a blue wave swept across the holographic information screen.

[Fusion Light mission chain begin!]

The mission panel was refreshed, and the options of choosing three normal missions disappeared and replaced by the Fusion Light mission.

There was a list of mission below the Fusion Light mission chain.

The precursors or subtasks for implementing controllable nuclear fusion were listed below.

There were superconducting material and quantum computers or computers stronger than traditional computers which were part of the main mission. There were also weird side missions like convince China to invest 10 billion, convince a company to invest 10 billion, build a nuclear fusion research center, and score 100 goals in an international football match.

In addition to completing the entire mission chain, he could also get rewards from completing main missions and side missions.

Lu Zhou looked at the long list of missions and felt overwhelmed. However, he still sighed with relief.

He could still receive mission rewards by producing in-progress results.

This way, he didnt have to worry about not receiving anything after years of hard work