Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 444

Chapter 444 I Just Want To Buy You Food

Chapter 444: I Just Want To Buy You Food
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Wharton student apartments, University of Pennsylvania. Chen Yushan was woken up by her cell phone ringing.

It was midnight.

She wondered who would call at such a time.

Her pale hand reached out from under her blanket and picked up her phone on the bedside table. She then answered the call and placed the phone next to her ear.


When Chen Baohua heard his daughters voice that sounded like she had just woke up, he hesitated for a bit.

Youve slept?

Chen Yushan yawned and couldnt help but complain.

Dad, check the time difference next time you call Its already midnight here.

Chen Baohua coughed and said, I thought it was night time, I didnt realize it was that late

Its fine, what do you want? If its not important, Ill sleep Chen Yushan couldnt help but yawn again.

She was used to her father being careless. She had no idea how he was able to marry her mother.

She had been writing her graduation thesis recently, doing a ton of work every day. Therefore, she was always very sleepy at night.

However, she was much more fortunate compared to those graduate students who were being used as free laborers.

Honestly, Ms. Michelles persistent care made her a little worried.

There was a sayingNo good deed goes unpunished.

Although this wasnt totally accurate, there was still some truth in it.

Every time Chen Yushan looked at her, she could see something weird in her eyes. It was almost like Chen Yushans supervisor was trying to go beyond the friendship of teacher and students

In short, for her own integritys sake, she made up her mind on trying to finish her graduation thesis as soon as possible and get the hell out of this place.

When Chen Baohua heard his daughter yawning, he felt distressed.

Therefore, he didnt beat around the bush and cut straight to the point.

The reason I called is to ask you about something.

Chen Yushan: Yeah.

Chen Baohua spoke in a serious manner, Tell dad, what exactly is the relationship between you and Lu Zhou?

Chen Yushan, who was still under her blanket, nearly coughed out loud.

Just friends, what else. Didnt I tell you that last time?

Chen Baohua asked in disbelief, Just friends?

Chen Yushan said, Dad, what is it? Just tell me.

Chen Baohua heard his daughter and felt a bit awkward.

Honestly, he didnt want to undergo the mission of capturing Lu Zhou. He would be worried about his daughter if someone else was conducting this mission.

However, this wasnt Old He. This was the leader of the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China.

After all, even though he understood the importance of talents like Lu Zhou to the country, this was still his daughter, and he only had one daughter.

If the two clicked, then this thing would be over. But now, it seemed that wasnt the case

Nothing, I just wanted to ask.

Chen Baohua contemplated for a bit, but in the end, he decided he couldnt do that to his daughter.

Hed rather fly to America himself. As for getting Lu Zhou to return to China, he would talk to him directly.

Im going to America in a few days, regarding Lu Contact Professor Lu for me. I have some things I want to talk to him.

Chen Yushan didnt think much of this. She yawned and said, Okay then, just talk to him face to face. If thats all, Im going to sleep

Chen Baohua nodded and said: Okay, goodnight.


Chen Yushan placed her phone on the bedside table and went under the blanket to go back to sleep.

However, she suddenly realized something. Her cheeks under the blanket began to warm up, forming two red circles.

She didnt think this through at all.

What should I say?

Should I say My dad wants to meet you?

Or say I want to you to meet my dad?

This is insane!

Chen Yushan, who was half-asleep, couldnt help but bury her head into the blanket. She almost wanted to kill herself.

Sh*t, what do I do now?

In the morning, Lu Zhou arrived at the laboratory on time and began the experiment.

With Connies help, he performed N-type and P-type doping on graphene. He then filtered and labeled the small angle-twisted bilayer graphene samples. After that, they placed the samples under an SEM and observed the sample microstructure.

They needed to find two energy bands with a zero dispersion band structure.

The location of the two energy bands position was theoretically determined; it should be at the intersection of two linear bands that was also known as the Dirac point.

However, it was actually very difficult to apply the theory.

Finding this would bring enormous benefits to the entire superconducting material industry.

Not only was Connie in the laboratory, but Professor Chirik was here as well.

In order to complete the data collection and superconducting material research as soon as possible, Lu Zhou recruited this organic chemistry expert.

Although Professor Chirik mainly studied graphene, he showed great interest after hearing about Lu Zhous research project.

Especially when he heard the project funding was in the eight-figure USD range, he immediately suspended his own project and came here with his research team.

Professor Chirik stood next to Lu Zhou, and suddenly, he said, Its already October.

Lu Zhou was fiddling with the electron microscope, and he murmured, Yeah.

Chirik: Your reaction is just yeah?

Lu Zhou stopped fiddling with the microscope and asked, What, is there something going on in October?

Professor Chirik was confused, and he asked, Are you not paying attention to this years Nobel Prize?

Lu Zhou sighed and said, My dear Mr. Chirik, if I pay attention to the Nobel Prizes now, I wouldnt be able to get a good nights sleep for the rest of my life.

Chirik shrugged and made a helpless expression.

Okay then, its boring to talk about this with you. I thought youd be excited. After all, that theoretical model you made last year was really good.

Lu Zhou: Time will tell. Besides, Im not in academia just for the Nobel Prize.

While the two were speaking, Lu Zhous phone in his pocket began to vibrate.

When Professor Chirik heard the vibration sound, he had a strange expression.

Lu Zhou immediately knew what Professor Chirik was thinking about, so he sighed and said, I know what youre thinking about, but its impossible Ill take this call outside.

Professor Chirik joked, How about you just take the call in here? What if its from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences?

Wake up! Its only the 1st of October!

It obviously wasnt the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Normally, the calls to Nobel Prize winners would happen moments before the announcement.

And the announcement of the winners name for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry would be on the fourth.

Not to mention, Lu Zhou was well aware of the probability of him winning a Nobel Prize.

Lu Zhou picked up the call and put the phone next to his ear.


Little Brother

When Lu Zhou heard how unnatural her tone was, he asked, What?

Chen Yushan asked cautiously, Are you free this weekend?

Lu Zhou was confused. I am Why?

Nothing. Chen Yushan smiled awkwardly as she said, I havent seen you in a long time I just want to treat you to a meal.