Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 455

Chapter 455 Good Opportunity For Validation

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With White Sheridans help, the patent number was obtained quickly. This was even faster than Lu Zhous previous lawyer team in China.

Sheridan was the former director of the intellectual property department at Verizon. Just this alone was worth half of Sheridans salary.

After receiving the patent number, everything else sailed smoothly.

With a group of strong and expensive lawyers as a backup, the approval process was a walk in the park.

Actually, for more popular patents, authorizing the patent to outside sources during the patent filing stage wasnt anything unusual.

However, even though the field of superconducting materials was a popular academia topic, it wasnt very attractive to the market.

This was obvious in Pablo Jarillo Herreros research team.

Before receiving the US$10 million fund from Lu Zhou, the team of superconducting materials researchers led by Herrero was funded by the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation and the National Science Foundation; they didnt receive funding from any market companies.

In short, with Connies help, Lu Zhou completed the entire thesis by mid-November.

Lu Zhou gathered the other two main authors of the thesis. They then went to the coffee shop that was exclusive to members of the Ivy Club and held a short meeting.

The thesis is complete, and Ive communicated with Professor Herrero through email. They are very interested in the theoretical interpretation of the superlattice bandwidth under the new angle, and they will continue to do research in this area.

Lu Zhou paused for a second and looked at his two partners before he said, If everything goes well, after this thesis, our cooperation and research agreement with Professor Herrero will come to an end.

Because they were in a coffee shop, the three decided not to clap and instead gently tapped their coffee cups together.

Once the research on graphene superconductivity had begun, Lu Zhous two research institutes would definitely conduct research on the application aspects, like improving the SG-1 material or increasing its superconductivity transition temperature.

As for Professor Herrero, he seemed to be more interested in researching the theoretical aspects.

Therefore, even though their research would be centered around the same direction, their research content would be wildly different.

Of course, even though their cooperation was over, Lu Zhous US$10 million research fund would still continue to support Professor Herreros research.

After all, Professor Herreros research team had contributed greatly to the SG-1 superconductivity research project.

Lu Zhou also hoped that Professor Herreros research team could discover more interesting theoretical research results even though these things might not be profitable.

Theoretical research was the basis of applied research, and these seemingly useless things could one day play a crucial role.

Lu Zhou explained the basic situation to his two partners. He then paused for a second before he looked at Connie and said, As I said earlier, Professor Herrero will focus on theoretical research. Youve been at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a year, so you should know more about their research process than I do.

I want to hear your future plans.

Computational materials science was a tool whether it was the computational materials redefined by Lu Zhou or the first principle widely accepted by the computational chemistry community.

This tool could be used for both application and theoretical research. However, Connie seemed to have determined his future research direction.

Connie hesitated for a long time before he finally said confidently, I want to do applied research.

When Lu Zhou heard his response, he nodded.

Ill write a letter of recommendation for you in a few days. Take that to Sarrot Laboratory in Silicon Valley and Professor Sarrot will arrange work for you. You will also have your own research team which will be mainly responsible for computational chemistry and superconducting materials research Of course, the choice is yours. If you want to work at some university, I can write another letter of recommendation for you.

Since there werent any computational chemistry methods that Lu Zhou could teach him, this letter of recommendation meant that Connie could finally graduate as a post-doc.

Lu Zhou welcomed Connie to work under him. However, if Connie had other plans, Lu Zhou would also respect his decision.

Connie scratched his head and smiled as he said, Id rather work in your laboratory obviously.

Doing research at some university? No thanks. Id rather work under a Nobel Prize laureate.

Not to mention, according to Lu Zhou, Connie would become a mini-boss. This meant he would be well funded and have people working for him. If he wanted to earn this position on his own, he would be 40 years old before he achieved his goal.

Although Connie had the body of a gorilla, he wasnt stupid at all.

When Lu Zhou heard Connies answer, he smiled. He then reached out his right hand and said, Welcome to the team.

Connie shook hands with him and continued to talk about research.

He put on a serious face and said, Oh yeah, Professor Lu, since the thesis is already written, what next? Should we submit it to a journal or an academic conference?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and said, Submit it to a conference. If we hurry up, we might be able to submit it to this years MRS Autumn Conference.

Although it was past the deadline stated on the official website, a Nobel Prize laureate had special privileges whether it was for the channel of submission or the amount of attention the report would receive.

Professor Chirik asked, Do you plan on going to this years MRS Autumn Conference?

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, I have to go to Stockholm in August, so Im afraid I dont have time for it.

The MRS Autumn Conference had always been held the day after Black Friday, ranging from the end of November to the beginning of December. The duration depended on the size of the conference.

Theoretically, Lu Zhou could attend. However, he would have a very tight schedule.

When Professor Chirik heard that Lu Zhou wasnt planning on attending, he smiled and said, Since you dont have time, Ill attend the MRS Autumn Conference for you.

This is a good chance to brag Oh, I mean validate myself in the industry.

With his achievements, Lu Zhou didnt need to validate himself. However, this was a good opportunity for Chirik.

Lu Zhou smiled and shook his head at how eager Professor Chirik was.

Then youll do the report Connie, go with Professor Chirik. You can be his report assistant.

Connie excitedly nodded.

Okay, Professor!