Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Back To Stockholm

Chapter 458: Back To Stockholm
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After the report was finished, the mission chain submission regarding superconducting materials was also completed.

Once Lu Zhou hung up the call with Professor Chirik, he lay down on his bed. He closed his eyes and whispered, System.

Shortly after, his consciousness entered the pure white system space.

He walked in front of the information screen and clicked on the mission panel.

[Fusion Light mission chain

[Optional branch mission: Research and develop a carbon-based superconducting material that has a superconductivity transition temperature of over 100K. (Completed)

[Mission rewards: 100,000 materials science experience points, 100,000 biochemistry experience points. (Available for collection)]

Lu Zhou was speechless when he saw this mission reward.

The branch mission alone had an experience award of over 200,000 points. He wondered what kind of bountiful rewards he would receive after completing the entire mission chain.

After he received the mission rewards, his characteristic panel was updated. His biochemistry went from Level 3 to Level 4. It was now at the same level as his materials science.

On the other hand, after the completion of this branch mission, the mission panel was refreshed.

The branch mission regarding superconducting materials didnt disappear. Rather, it was replaced by a new mission.

Which was to research and develop a carbon-based superconducting material that had a superconductivity transition temperature of over 200K.

The mission rewards also increased by a substantial amount.

Is it even possible to create a material that has superconductivity at a high temperature like 200K?

After Lu Zhou read the mission description, he had a thoughtful expression on his face.

For something like scientific research, knowing whether it was feasible or theoretically possible was a very important piece of information.

Just like how after the Manhattan Project ended, many other countries also completed their nuclear experiments.

Prior to that, Einstein heavily advocated for the development of nuclear weapons. Even then, in his letter to Roosevelt, he was uncertain about whether or not this type of weapon would produce the expected power output.

However, optional missions were still optional, and Lu Zhou didnt have to complete them. The so-called controllable nuclear fusion was only a concept, and there was no correct solution to the project.

According to the systems requirements and Lu Zhous own estimates, building the DEMO power station didnt necessarily require something as high tech as a 200K temperature superconducting material.

Just like quantum computing technology, itd be great if he could solve it. However, it was fine if he couldnt as he could just substitute it with a powerful supercomputer.

After double-checking the mission panel and having a general idea of the direction of his next research project, Lu Zhou exited from the system space.

The days quickly passed by. It was getting closer and closer to the award ceremony date.

The Nobel Prize award ceremony actually began on the 10th of December. However, there was a press conference waiting for Lu Zhou on the 7th. In order to avoid a tight schedule, most Nobel Prize laureates would often arrive half a week or even a week earlier.

The first Thursday in December.

Lu Zhou drove his five students to New York JFK International Airport, and they all boarded a flight to Sweden.

After a long flight, the airplane landed steadily on the runway of Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

With help from the airport staff, they walked through the VIP passenger channel. Lu Zhou met with the Permanent Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Vice President of the Nobel Foundation, Academician Staffan Normark.

This was Lu Zhous second time in this town.

This was also his second time meeting Academician Staffan.

Academician Staffan opened his arms and gave Lu Zhou a warm hug. He then shook Lu Zhous hand and said, Welcome, Professor Lu! Its been two years since we last met. I didnt expect to see you so soon.

Actually, its two years and seven months, Lu Zhou said as he shook Academician Staffans hand. He then added, Long time no see.

The last time they met was for the Crafoord Prize, and at that time, Academician Staffan was also responsible for welcoming Lu Zhou to Stockholm.

Lu Zhou hadnt seen Staffan in a long time. He didnt expect this old Viking man to be so tough.

Of course, Academician Staffan was the one that was more surprised.

After you became the youngest winner of the Crafoord Prize, I didnt expect you to become the youngest Nobel Prize winner as well, Academician Staffan said as he looked at Lu Zhou. He then smiled and continued, Honestly, after the Nobel Committee listed your name for the chemistry prize, the Royal Academy spent half a month arguing about you.

Lu Zhou then asked jokingly, Is it because of my age or my identity as a mathematician?

Academician Staffan smiled as he replied, A bit of both.

After some small talk, Academician Staffan looked at the people standing behind Lu Zhou.

These are?

Lu Zhou said, They are my students. Theyre attending the banquet with me.

Academician Staffan smiled and said, Then lets not waste everybodys time. Lets get in the car. We can continue to chat in the hotel.

Lu Zhou smiled. Sounds great.

There were two Volvo cars parked outside the airport VIP exit.

According to Academician Staffan, a Swedish Royal Guard was driving the car.

Interestingly, even though the Royal Guards existed, the Swedish Royal Family still drove themselves during their daily commutes. Even the king did so.

No wonder Old Carl was willing to give up the throne when he pursued Kristel.

A stingy throne like that was pretty worthless.

After getting in the car, the group went straight to the Stockholm Grand Hotel.

It was a convention for the Nobel Prize winner and their friends to live here. The last time Lu Zhou came to Stockholm to attend the Crafoord Prize award ceremony, he also lived hereeven his hotel room number was similar.

Xiao Tong arrived at the hotel first. When she saw her brother at the hotel entrance, she excitedly ran over to him and grabbed his arm.

Although she was only grabbing his arm, this movement made Vera extremely anxious.

Hardy poked Qin Yues arm and whispered, Hey, do you know who this girl is?

Qin Yue knew what Hardy was thinking, so he sighed and said, Its probably the professors sister.

When Hardy heard it was Lu Zhous sister, he suddenly looked bored.

Professor Lus love life was just like his research retreat method; it was one of the legends at Princeton.

Compared to the Nobel Prize, Hardy was more interested in Lu Zhous love life.

Wei Wen, who hadnt said a word, suddenly asked, Youve seen her before?

Qin Yue shook his head and said, Nope.

Wei Wen: Then how did you know?

Qin Yue was speechless. Isnt it obvious? Standing next to their parents, around the same age, what else could it be? His girlfriend?

Wei Wen looked at the tall girl and asked, What about her?

Qin Yue went silent for a while before he spoke in an uncertain tone.


Wei Wen shook his head.

Doesnt seem like it.