Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 459

Chapter 459 What Do We Call Her?

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Xiao Tong shook Lu Zhous arm and smiled cheekily as she asked, Brother, do you miss me?

Lu Zhou gently patted Xiao Tongs hair and said with a smile, I did. Of course I miss you, I miss you to death.

Lu Zhou looked at his parents walking over and said, Dad, Mum, when did you guys get here?

Fang Mei looked at her son and said with a smile, We arrived in the morning. Thankfully, your friends came to pick us up. Otherwise, we wouldnt know how to get here. Make sure you thank them.

Old Lu said, Definitely thank them.

Lu Zhou immediately looked at Chen Yushan, who was standing nearby. She was looking at Lu Zhou with a smug smile.

Although she didnt say anything, Lu Zhou could almost read the expression on her face. It was something along the lines of Look, am I not amazing?.

Lu Zhou: How did you guys meet up?

Xiao Tong looked at her curious brother and waved the phone in her hand as she said, Its because of me.

Lu Zhou suddenly remembered that when Xiao Tong came to America to visit him, she became friends with Chen Yushan and Han Mengqi.

They probably exchanged WeChat details back then.

Chen Yushan looked at Lu Zhou who was reuniting with his family and walked over with a smile.

Little Brother, long time no see, do you miss me?

Feeling a little embarrassed, Lu Zhou smiled and said, It hasnt been that long. Didnt we see each other last month?

Xiao Tong said, Bro, a month is a long time!

Chen Yushan looked at Xiao Tong supporting her and sighed. She then said, Its fine, Im used to it.

Lu Zhou: ?

After having some small talk at the hotel entrance, the group went inside the hotel.

Lu Zhou and the rest of his family stayed in the rooms on the fourth floor while everyone else stayed in the rooms on the third floor.

Coincidentally, Qin Yue and the boys rooms were at the right end of the corridor, while Chen Yushan and Veras rooms were at the left end of the corridor.

The group walked out of the third-floor elevator and walked in opposite directions. Wei Wen seemed to be thinking about something while walking toward his room. He then asked, Chen Yushans little brother is Lu Zhou, should we call her older sister?

Qin Yue thought for a moment before he spoke in a serious tone, We should call her auntie.

Wei Wen: Where did you get that from?

Qin Yue said: Didnt you read martial art light novels?

Wei Wen:

Because the two were speaking Mandarin, Hardy was completely confused. However, when he saw the two talking in such a serious manner, he couldnt help but ask, What are you guys talking about?

Qin Yue said in a serious tone, Were talking about how to call Chen Yushan.

Hardy was even more perplexed. Then did you guys come to a conclusion?

Wei Wen nodded and said, We did, you can call

Wei Wen suddenly stopped.

He made eye contact with Qin Yue, and they both looked baffled.

How do we say this in English?

On the other hand, Chen Yushan and Vera were quietly walking toward their respective rooms.

The two didnt talk much. However, Vera would, from time to time, secretly glanced at Chen Yushan.

She had to admit, Chen Yushan was really beautiful both in terms of her looks and her figure.

Especially Chen Yushans big chest

Vera couldnt help but feel frustrated every time she accidentally glanced at her.

She inherited the classic Slavic pale skin and blonde hair. However, there were two genes she didnt inherit.

One was the tall gene, and the other was the gene responsible for bigger breasts

Chen Yushan noticed that Vera would occasionally look at her, so she tilted her head and smiled at Vera.

Whats up?

No, nothing. Vera accidentally made eye contact with Chen Yushan and panicked. She then quickly looked away.

Chen Yushan had to admit, Vera was very cute.

She looked at the frightened little girl and smiled as she said, Im Chen Yushan, can you tell me your name?

Im Im Vera Pulyuy, Vera said after a moment of hesitation.

Vera Pulyuy? Thats a good name. Nice to meet you, Chen Yushan said with a smile.

Vera: Nice to meet you too.

Although Vera wasnt good at communicating with extroverted people, she had a good impression of Chen Yushan.

She felt weird. Chen Yushan should be somewhat confrontational and aggressive. However, she didnt do that.

Does this mean that she doesnt see me as a threat at all?

Vera couldnt help but feel depressed.

After putting his luggage in the hotel room, Lu Zhou took his friends and family to eat dinner with Academician Staffan.

After they finished their dinner, he received a call from Old Tang.

When Lu Zhou heard that they just got off the plane, he immediately sent him the address of the hotel.

Soon after, a taxi was parked at the hotel entrance.

When Academician Lu gracefully got off the taxi, he saw Lu Zhou standing at the hotel entrance. He then waved hello and walked over.

Lu Zhou, meeting you isnt easy.

When Lu Zhou heard Academician Lus words, he smiled.

Professor, its not that I dont want to see you, but every time I go to Jin Ling University, youre not there.

Speaking of which, this really was unlucky.

There were always countless theoretical physics conferences around the world. Academician Lu was one of the BESIII representatives; therefore, he represented the entire Chinese theoretical physics community. He couldnt just act like Lu Zhou, who would reject many conference invitations.

It was no exaggeration to say that every year, hed spend an entire month either on a plane or at an airport.

Lu Zhou went to visit Jin Ling University a couple of times before. During those times, he managed to visit Old Tang, but he never got the chance to see Academician Lu. It wasnt because the old man didnt want to see him, but because he physically couldnt.

Old Tang laughed when he heard Lu Zhou.

I can testify. Every time Lu Zhou came to Jin Ling University, he would pay a visit to your office.

When Academician Lu heard Old Tang, he felt a little embarrassed, so he gently coughed.

Its cold outside, lets talk inside.

The group walked into the Stockholm Grand Hotel.

As Professor Li Rongen looked at the grand hotel, he couldnt help but say, I cant believe a mathematician became the first-ever Chinese to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. How are you feeling now? Are you nervous?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Im okay. The Crafoord Prize award ceremony is similar to the Nobel Prize award ceremony.

Academician Lu smiled and shook his head. Theres definitely a difference. Even the people attending are different

Old Tang looked at his former student for a long time. Suddenly, he broke into a smile.

Im honestly both surprised and honored at your achievements. Ive been a professor for so many years, and even then, I never thought that one day, I would teach a future Fields Medal and Nobel Prize laureate. Furthermore, theyre the same person.

Old Tang paused for a second before he continued, The award ceremony is in a few days. By then, not only will you be representing yourself, but you will also be representing the entire Chinese academic community. I dont have much else to say since I cant help you much either. But we will be cheering for you in the crowd, so do your best!

Knowing that Old Tang spoke from the bottom of his heart, Lu Zhou nodded solemnly.

Yes, I will!