Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Most Crowded Dinner In The World

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A bit.

But I dont feel anything anymore.


Of course.

This was the highest scientific glory, also the greatest honor a scholar can receive from the academic community.

What the Nobel Prize can bring is far beyond the value of the nine million kronor prize money.

Even the Fields Medal is inferior in this aspect.

Lu Zhou walked steadily on stage in the midst of the thunderous applause.

He made brief eye contact with the chemistry committee; Academician Claes smiled at him; Academician Olof nodded; Ms. Linse was expressionless; Academician Brzezinski seemed to be a little unhappy?

Obviously, even now, there were conflicts between the members of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry.

But in any case, this thing was a done deal.

With the crowd and media watching from all over the world, Lu Zhou received the gold medal and award certificate from the hands of King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Carl XVI Gustaf shook hands with Lu Zhou and smiled.

Congratulations, young scholar, Ive given out many Nobel Prizes, but you are the youngest one.

Lu Zhou nodded politely and said, Thank you. I promise, there will be younger people in the future.

Carl XVI Gustaf smiled and said, Haha, I hope so, I hope science is always youthful!

The audience stood up and paid tribute.

The applause echoed throughout Stockholm Concert Hall.

It lasted for a long time

After the award ceremony.

By convention, all of the winners and guests would move to the Blue Hall at the Stockholm City Hall for the famous Nobel Banquet.

Lu Zhou looked at the red brick building located next to the lake. He walked up to the stairs and suddenly said, Actually, I wanted to ask something the last time I was here.

Academician Staffan said, What do you want to ask? Maybe I can answer for you.

Lu Zhou looked around and said, Why is it called the Blue Hall? I didnt notice anything thats blue.

When Academician Staffan heard this, he smiled and said with a funny tone, A lot of people have asked me this question. Apparently, the designer of the City Hall intended to paint this blue in order to match with Lake Mlaren. However, after it was built, everyone thought the red brick looked more solemn.

Lu Zhou said, Which is saying the construction of the Blue Hall isnt finished yet?

Academician Staffan smiled as he replied, From an architectural perspective, yes.

Regardless of whether or not it was finished, the Nobel Prize had been held there for more than a century. Not only were people in the academic community interested in this ancient ritual, but the people outside of academia were also interested.

Every year, there would be tens of thousands of people that wrote to the Nobel Prize Foundation, asking to attend the banquet. However, the probability of being chosen was no different than winning the lottery.

Lu Zhou sat down inside the Blue Hall and looked around.

He saw people sitting between the long row of tables; it was even more crowded than an academic report seminar.

If there was one difference between this and the Crafoord Prize ceremony, it was the size of the crowd.

1,300 people would be eating at the same time. After all of the guests were seated, each person was basically seated shoulder to shoulder. Apparently, the dining space per person was only 40 cm.

However, Lu Zhou felt like it was even worse than he had imagined.

Soon after, the first dish arrived. It was a bottle of unlabeled champagne.

The bottle cork was opened, and a line of dense air bubbles formed from the bottom to the top of the bottle. It seemed to take forever for the bubbles to disappear. Other than the elegant floral and fruity aromas of the wine, it also carried a scent of burning oak barrels.

Staffan poured some into his and Lu Zhous goblet. He smiled and said, Fourny, special French farmer champagne. It has a special sweet, sugary taste. In order to meet the demands of more than a thousand people, the Nobel Foundation had to reserve an entire farm.

Lu Zhou looked at the clear liquid and smiled. You guys really know how to enjoy life.

Its not just enjoyment, its also to pay respects. Academician Staffan raised his glass and said, Cheers.

Lu Zhou tapped his cup. Cheers!

Like what Academician Staffan had said, the liquid tasted exceptionally sweet in the mouth, leaving a strong aftertaste.

Perhaps, this was the taste of victory?

The atmosphere inside the Blue Hall was animated, and the same was reflected outside the Blue Hall.

Even though the Northern European sun had already gown down, it was far from bedtime.

Many local citizens of Stockholm would walk around Lake Mlaren and look at the red brick building.

The local Chinese students did the same.

If there was anyone happier than Lu Zhou and his family, it would undoubtedly be the local Chinese community.

Other than some extreme examples, there wasnt anyone else that could empathize more strongly with Lu Zhous achievements.

As early as October, when the Nobel Committee for Chemistry announced the list of chemistry winners, the entire Chinese community in Stockholm held a celebration.

However, now, it seemed that their celebration was only a preview of today.

Because there were a lot more people gathered here today.

They were holding red lanterns in their hands as they stood outside Stockholm City Hall, completely filling the streets.

Some local citizens were curious and joined in.

It looked like a parade or some type of festival.

This all was obviously captured by the reporters.

With the camera pointed at the crowd gathered outside Stockholm City Hall, the female CTV reporter faced the camera and spoke enthusiastically.

Its the Nobel Prize night, and the locals, overseas Chinese, and Chinese students are gathered outside Stockholm City Hall. Theyre holding red lanterns in their hands, hoping to use a special way to give the warmest, most sincere blessings to Scholar Lu Zhou.

Let us interview them and see what theyre thinking!

She stopped a young Chinese pedestrian and asked in a pleasant voice, Hello sir, are you a student here?

The guy with a puffer jacket nodded and said, Yes.

Is it always this lively on December 10th?

Guy: It depends, Stockholm City Hall is always lively this time of year, but this year is particularly lively.

The reporter smiled and asked, What do you think about Lu Zhou winning the Nobel Prize?

The guy smiled heartily and said, Well, after seeing Professor Lu, I finally understood the difference between me and a Nobel Prize winner.

The reporter had a polite smile on her face.

No shit?

The reporter mocked the guy in her head.

The guy coughed. He then changed his facial expression and continued, Of course, other than that, what affects me the most is that I can see the progress and development of the Chinese academic community from him.

The new era of talents is growing, and maybe there are still some shortcomings. However, I believe that one day, Professor Lu wont be the only Chinese scholar to walk on the international academic stage, mark my words!