Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 463

Chapter 463 I Promise Its More Interesting Than Lithium Batteries

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What would happen when two rookies dance?

Lu Zhou, who accepted Veras invitation to a dance, didnt think about this problem.

But now, he finally had a deep and painful understanding of this problem.

Move your feet to the right, around 3cm Yes Dont be so close to me, move more naturally. Yes, okay

Lu Zhous toes were stepped on, and even though the little girl was very light, he was still in pain.

Vera noticed Lu Zhous reaction and retracted her feet. She then panicked and apologized profusely.

Sorry, sorry.

Lu Zhou pretended to stay calm as he said, Its fine, it doesnt hurt.

He finally realized how difficult it was for Madeleine to maintain a smile and avoid the awkwardness after being stepped on

Vera was blushing after the song ended. She lifted her dress and gave Lu Zhou a slight bow. She then turned around and quickly ran away.

After Lu Zhou was finally freed from this ritual, he sighed in relief and walked off the dance floor.

Suddenly, he saw an acquaintance.

This was none other than the director of the Max Planck Institute for Physical Chemistry, Professor Gerhard Ertl.

When Professor Ertl noticed Lu Zhou, he smiled and said, Long time no see.

Long time no see. Lu Zhou looked at Professor Ertl and said solemnly, Also, thank you for the nomination letter.

Dont thank me. Actually, Im not the only one that recommended you to the Nobel Committee for Chemistry. Professor Ertl smiled as he continued, However, I am surprised by their decision. I didnt think Academician Claes would make this decision. When I saw the news, I was so surprised that I dropped my sandwich on the table.

Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly. This I dont know what to say.

Its fine, the sandwich still ended up in my stomach, Ertl laughed and said. In any case, congratulations!

Lu Zhou didnt step foot on the dance floor for the second half of the dance.

He followed the other guests and left the Gold Hall. Just like the other Nobel Prize laureates, he walked toward his designated car. However, he was ambushed and surrounded by the reporters who were waiting outside.

It was too dark and they were noisy; he couldnt see which media outlets there were.

However, as long as the question was serious, he would give a simple answer.

CNN reporter: Professor Lu Zhou, how do you plan on spending the nine million kronor prize money?

Lu Zhou smiled as he replied, I havent thought about that yet. Maybe Ill use it to improve my life, maybe Ill fund more research projects or maybe Ill just put it in the bank.

CNN reporter: May I ask what your next research project is?

A lot of people cared about this question.

Or rather, most people that cared about him, also cared about this question.

When Lu Zhou heard the reporters question, he didnt give a clear answer.

Its an interesting research project thats difficult to achieve, but if its feasible, it will change everyones lives.

The reporters eyes lit up; she immediately began to follow up on the question.

More interesting than lithium-sulfur batteries?

It wasnt just Tesla cars, BYD batteries, DJI drones, and Apple phones Ever since the lithium-sulfur battery technology breakthrough, high energy density batteries had been integrated into every aspect of society.

Two years ago, it was normal to watch videos while charging your phone. Now, people were used to charging their phones once every three to five days.

Not everyone knew the person behind all this, but the academic community would never forget that person.

Lu Zhou laughed at the reporters question, and he replied, I promise this research project is much more interesting than lithium-sulfur batteries!

After that, even though all of the reporters used up all their tricks, Lu Zhou didnt reveal anything.

He finally escaped the reporters

Lu Zhou got into his designated car and went back to the hotel.

In the hotel lobby, he saw Chen Yushan, who already changed out of her evening gown and into casual wear.

Chen Yushan saw Lu Zhou as well, and her eyes lit up before she immediately walked over.

Where did you go? I tried looking for you.

The seats at the banquet were separated. The Nobel Prize laureates, royal members, and political figures sat at the main table. Everyone else was scattered at various corners of the venue.

The banquet was crowded, and not everyone was interested in dancing. Therefore, some people might have accidentally followed the crowd and left the venue.

Lu Zhou: Didnt you go to the Gold Hall?

Chen Yushan: Gold Hall?

Lu Zhou nodded.

Theres a dance after the dinner at the Gold Hall thats next to the Blue Hall

When Chen Yushan realized she had missed the last part of the banquet, her expression was like she just lost her wallet. Ah, why didnt you tell me!

Lu Zhou was speechless. I thought you knew.

This is common sense, right?


I think it is.

Chen Yushan: Then Did you dance?

Lu Zhou nodded, Yes.

Chen Yushan asked, With who?

Lu Zhou: Princess Madeleine.

Chen Yushans eyes lit up. Princess? Is she pretty?

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Kind of

Chen Yushan looked regretful, and she sighed before she said, Ah, Im jealous, I want to go as well.

Lu Zhou looked at her silently.

Its just a dance with the princess, what is there to be jealous about?

Chen Yushan suddenly looked at him with hope reflected in her eyes.

Is there another chance in the future?

Lu Zhou looked at her hopeful eyes and blurted, This is the Nobel Prize, you want to come here again?!

Chen Yushan asked, Cant you win it again? I dont remember there being a rule against winning it more than one time.

Lu Zhou sighed and said, Its theoretically possible, but its insanely difficult.

There had been people in history that won two Nobel Prizes, but one could count them on a hand.

Their ability was unquestionable, but luck played a big factor in whether or not they would win the prize.

This also applied to the medal inside Lu Zhous pocket.

If at the final voting stage, Academician Claes had some doubts about Lu Zhous age, he would have to wait another year for a chance of winning the prize.

Lu Zhou was well aware of how difficult winning the Nobel Prize was.

Chen Yushan said, But it is possible, right?

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, Its astronomically unlikely.

Chen Yushan laughed and said, Its a done deal then. If you win it again, you have to take me here!

Lu Zhou smiled nonchalantly and jokingly replied, Sure, if there is a next time, not only will I invite you to the banquet, Ill give you whatever you ask for.

Lu Zhou didnt usually make promises.

But he was confident at his slim chances of winning the Nobel Prize again.