Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 466

Chapter 466 France Is On The Way

Chapter 466: France Is On The Way
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The Nobel Prize award ceremony ended.

All good things had to come to an end. The scholars gathered in Stockholm boarded their return flights and left this city.

Lu Zhou stood at the airport entrance while looking at his family. Xiao Tong, who was standing behind her parents, spoke with a sad expression on her face.

Brother, are you not going back with us?

Lu Zhou: I still have to go to France before I go back. Ill probably be back next week.

Old Lu: Another award?

Lu Zhou: Yeah, I guess so.

After all, he promised he would accept this award.

Before going home, he planned on going to Institut de France to receive the award from the Clay Institute.

Old Lu: What award is this?

Lu Zhou: Its about the Millennium Prize Problems.

Old Lu didnt know what the Millennium Prize Problems were. He thought for a moment and decided to ask about the prize money.

How much is it?

Lu Zhou thought for a bit and said, Around a million.



Old Lu went silent for a while before he suddenly said, Look at all of you mathematics people winning all these awards. Its enough to buy a house in a big city.

Lu Zhou coughed and said, You cant put it that way, its not the same for everyone.

In terms of making money, science lost to engineering. Therefore, it was normal that there would be more funding in science, which meant there would be more awards.

However, only a minority of people in science won awards.

Most scholars that were in the theoretical fields were having a hard time.

The Nobel Prize in December was of great significance to the science community.

The creation of a 24-year-old Nobel Prize winner almost refreshed peoples acknowledgment of this award. It also refreshed many peoples acknowledgment of science in general.

This month was equally significant for the mathematics community.

After the dust from the NavierStokes equation finally settled, the Clay Institute finally fulfilled its promise of one million dollars and held a grand award ceremony at the Institut de France At least, that was how most people looked at it.

Because very few people knew that Professor Carlson, the chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Clay Institute, actually spent numerous attempts in trying to convince this stubborn Fields Medal winner to accept this award.

At the award ceremony venue

Most of the guests attending the ceremony were mathematics academicians from the French Academy of Sciences 1 and important members from the European Mathematical Society.

Professor Carlson stood on stage and spoke in a solemn and dignified voice.

From the rippling small boats that produce waves to the high-speed turbulence jets. Although the NavierStokes equation has been proposed in the 19th century, we have very little understanding of its deep meaning. In the millennium year 2000, at this historical hall, we proposed a challenge to scientists around the world, to change the mathematics history and uncover the mysteries of the NavierStokes equation

And now, the study of the existence of a smooth NavierStokes equation has finally be solved and settled. We have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge and benefit from this breakthrough.

Professor Carlson paused for a moment before he said, History will remember this moment. It will also remember everyone that took part.

There was a round of applause in the auditorium.

In the midst of the applause, Professor Carlson handed Lu Zhou the certificate and medal.

The study on the nature of the NavierStokes equation had finally come to a conclusion.

Congratulations, Professor Lu Zhou, Professor Carlson said as he reached out his right hand and firmly shook Lu Zhous hand. At this sincere moment, he smiled and even jokingly said, Also, congratulations to myself as Ive finally accomplished my wish.

Lu Zhou: Wish?

Yes. Professor Carlson smirked and said, Weve prepared certificates, ceremonies, and even special medals for the Millennium Prize Problems. I was involved in all of this preparation but this is the first time Ive seen it being implemented.

Originally, in my retirement plan, I planned on at least issuing one medal before I retire. However, when I stepped down from the director of the Clay Institute and went to serve as a chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, I still didnt get to fulfill my wish That was until now So thank you for completing my wish.

Professor Carlson suddenly looked a little exhausted.

He had put in a lot of effort for the future of mathematics.

Now, he could finally put this responsibility aside and enjoy his years on earth

After he received the Millennium Prize Problem medal and million-dollar check, Lu Zhou didnt stay in Paris for long. Instead, he quickly got on a flight back to China.

Originally, he planned on directly landing at Jinling Airport. However, because of Ambassador Zhangs invitation, he decided to get on a flight to Beijing.

After the plane landed, just like last time, he was warmly welcomed at the airstair.

Lu Zhou gave his luggage to his driver and security guard, Wang Peng. He then sat in a black car with a red flag and went to a mysterious place

Lu Zhou followed the guards as he passed through layers of security.

When Lu Zhou sat inside an antique government compound, he met the old president, who gave him the award.

Also, sitting next to the old man was a white-haired academician.

Lu Zhou knew who he was because of the lithium-sulfur battery meeting. Academician Wu Shigang also participated in major scientific research projects such as the 863 Program. Therefore, Lu Zhou remembered him.

The reason why Academician Wu was sitting here was probably to be an academic translator. He was responsible for simplifying Lu Zhous words so that it would be able to be understood by non-professionals.

The prestigious old man looked on as Lu Zhou walked into the room. He gave a kind smile and nodded.

We meet again.

He reached out his right hand and said, Please take a seat.

Lu Zhou sat across the old man with his back straight.

After a while, the old man introduced Lu Zhou to the scholar sitting next to him.

This is Academician Wu Shigang.

Hello, Professor Lu. Academician Wu smiled and reached out his right hand.


The two shook hands and didnt waste any more time on small talk.

After all, everyone who sat here was busy people. It was just that they were busy in their own ways.

Lu Zhou couldnt complete the controllable nuclear fusion DEMO project on his own. He needed support from the national level.

Fortunately, because of the Nobel Prize, Lu Zhou was given this chance.

Even though his main research field was mathematics, there wasnt anyone that doubted his opinion in the energy field.

After all, his breakthrough in the field of the lithium-sulfur battery had benefited the entire country, and there was nothing more persuasive than facts.

Energy, materials, and information technology are the three pillars of modern social development. Energy is the foundation of power and the lifeblood of the industry. Looking at the past three industrial revolutions, energy as well as energy production is inseparable from technological breakthroughs.

Academician Wu looked at Lu Zhou with a serious expression. On behalf of the old man, he asked cautiously, Then what project do you think is suitable for us?

Lu Zhou only spoke three words.

However, the three short words shocked everyone in the room.

Controllable nuclear fusion!