Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Another Year Of Awards

Chapter 478: Another Year Of Awards
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Just like the previous years, the award ceremony was held to celebrate outstanding student achievements in areas such as academic research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural construction.

Other than the Annual Person Award certificate, the winners would also receive a special Jin Ling University scholarship.

Even though the amount wasnt large, it was only 15,000 yuan, but the ability to stand out from tens of thousands of students was far more valuable than the money.

After all, this was a one-of-a-kind reward. Furthermore, this was in a top C9 university. The students selected this year were stronger than ever.

Physics was the trump card of Jin Ling University, so the first to appear on stage was a physics genius student.

After the host shouted the guys name, Lu Zhou saw a tall boy, who was wearing a suit and square glasses, walking toward the stage. He then stepped on the podium in the midst of a round of applause.

When this physics genius student received the award certificate from Lu Zhou, he held his hand with excitement as he said, God Lu!

Lu Zhou: Just call me Lu Zhou or Professor Lu.

It wasnt too weird to see it on Weibo, but when he was called God Lu in real life, he felt a little shameful.

Besides, there were so many people here.

Hu Tiancheng nodded excitedly. He then asked, Um, God Professor Lu, can you give me your signature?

Lu Zhou: Sure Do you have a pen?

I do! Im carrying it, Student Hu said. Obviously, he came prepared as he quickly took out a notebook and pen from his inner suit pocket.

The notebook was huge; Lu Zhou didnt know how he managed to stuff it in his pocket.

Lu Zhou took the pen and paper and flipped through the notebook. As he looked at the densely written calculations, he couldnt find an empty space to sign.

Where should I sign?

Hu Tiancheng replied excitedly, Just sign the cover!

Lu Zhou didnt say anything else as he put his signature on the front cover of the notebook.

When Hu Tiancheng saw Lu Zhou writing, he then awkwardly asked, Umm Can you give me your email address as well?

No problem.

Lu Zhou replied cheerfully and wrote a string of letters and numbers next to the signature.

Hu Tiancheng looked at the email address and opened his mouth again. Umm

Lu Zhou: Anything else?

Hu Tiancheng awkwardly scratched the back of his head and said, Can I add you on WeChat?

Lu Zhou:

The physics genius student got off stage. The next student walking on stage in the midst of the applause was a mathematics genius student.

This year, the normally weak mathematics department exploded again. They didnt expect after Lu Zhous departure, there would be another outstanding genius student.

The curtain behind the podium presented his achievements.

Full marks for all of his 12 core subjects and the rest of the subjects were 99. Ranked first in the school for his core subject marks and miles ahead of second place.

However, it wasnt just his grades that were nutty. Even his extracurricular activities were decent as well.

The guy won three gold medalsthe Qiu Chengtong Award from the Qiu Chengtong College Students Mathematics Competition, the geometric topology Shiing-Shen Chern Mathematics Award, and the Zhou Weiliang Award. Other than that, he was also the first author on two SCI theses, and according to the Chinese Academy of Science, the theses were considered top-ranking.

Even though in the minds of Jin Ling University students, his status was quite a bit below that of God Lus, but for a normal university student, his achievements were exceptionally outstanding.

As a result, Lu Zhou even had an idea of taking him in as a student.

The person receiving the award on stage was an awkward-looking male of average height.

When he shook hands with Lu Zhou, it was like he met his celebrity crush. He then shouted with excitement, God Lu!

Lu Zhou was so embarrassed by the enthusiasm of this kid that he even forgot to tell him not to call him God Lu.

Uh, hello

Wu Kais face was bright red because he was so nervous. He even stuttered slightly while talking.

I I grew up listening to your story!

Lu Zhou nearly vomited when he heard this.

What the hell do you mean grew up listening to my story?

Also, youre an adult male, why on earth are you blushing

Lu Zhou awkwardly smiled as he said euphemistically, Im only 24 years old.

Wu Kai paused for a second. His face then turned red again, and he quickly explained, Oh, sorry, I meant when I was doing the college entrance examinations

No, its fine, everyone gets nervous sometimes. Lu Zhou smiled and said, However, you should be more confident. Youve accomplished a lot for your age. I hope you continue to work hard; the future is yours.

Thanks, thank you! Wu Kai stood up straight; his face blushed again.

Lu Zhou:

Why are you red again?

And, can you let go of my hand now?

Oh, sorry!

Wu Kai quickly retracted his hand. While holding the certificate, he bowed at Lu Zhou again before he wandered off stage.

Environmental engineering was after mathematics, and even though the engineering department at Jin Ling University wasnt as good as those universities up north, they were still quite good at materials science and natural environment.

Of course, compared to those science geniuses, engineering geniuses were another type of excellence.

However, the most basic thing they had in common was that whether they were studying theoretical or applied sciences, their academic grades were superb.

Lu Zhou was happy at how brilliant these young students were as it meant that his alma mater was getting stronger and stronger.

However, the only downside was that all of the people shaking his hand on stage were fanboys; he didnt even meet a single fangirl.

Most of the genius students in the liberal arts department were male; this made him very worried about the unbalanced gender ratio of his alma mater.

Finally, it was the business school award.

When the host announced the winner, Lu Zhou looked at the little girl walking toward the stage and was instantly shocked.

Xiao Tong?

The achievements of the winner were displayed on the projector screen behind them.

Full marks for ten core subjects and ranked first in the entire grade.

In addition to the straight As that she received for her summer exchange program that was offered by Oxford University, she also completed one SCI thesis during her exchange and won the national first-level prize for the mathematics modeling competition

With these achievements, she definitely deserved this honor.

However, Lu Zhou just didnt expect his little sister to suddenly become so powerful.

Especially the Oxford University summer exchange program She didnt even mention it to him.

Xiao Tong stood in front of Lu Zhou. When she saw how surprised he was, she had a smug smile on her face. Haha, what do you think? Are you surprised?

Quite surprised, Lu Zhou replied honestly. He nodded and said, I didnt expect you to be a genius student.

Xiao Tong grabbed the certificate from her brother grumpily. What do you mean I dont want to humiliate you, so Ive been working very hard, okay?

When Lu Zhou heard his sister, he was speechless.

What do you mean by you dont want to humiliate me You should study for yourself.

Xiao Tong was still happily holding the award certificate. She wanted to take this opportunity and speak to the Nobel Prize laureate, so she spoke with a tinge of gloat in her voice.

Bro, so Do you think I can catch up to you?

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Youre not quite there yet. Make sure you keep working hard.

Facing away from the crowd, Xiao Tong glared and said, Cant you just compliment me for once?

I dont want you to get cocky, Lu Zhou said as he patted his sisters shoulder. He then paused for a second. With a sincere smile on his face, he said, However, I have to say Well done!

When Xiao Tong finally heard her long-awaited praise, the small amount of disappointment in her heart suddenly vanished.

Xiao Tong was grinning from ear to ear as she held her award certificate tightly and walked off stage with satisfaction written on her face.

Finally, it was time to give the last Annual Person Award.

Lu Zhou was a bit tired from standing on stage. He took the winners certificate from the student unions representative and was about to wish for the award ceremony to end so that he could rest backstage.

However, while he was taking the certificate, the host announced the name of the final winner.

The second Lu Zhou heard that name, he froze.

The last Annual Person Award goes to

Han Mengqi from Class One, applied chemistry!